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Thanks for joining us. Tonight at 9 ET on The Ross Report Podcast I will be joined by Impact Wrestling's Abyss in a fascination conversation about his career adn his commitment to TNA to the degree that he once turned down an offer to work with Undertaker at a WrestleMania. Good stuff tonight on podcastone.com, iTunes where subscribing is FREE, and here on the homepage of the site.

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RAW Manchester Feedback:

I like the fact that this is a 16 man tournament but still single elimination IE a sudden death type format inasmuch that the winners advance and the losers take a seat. That part I like.

Thought the promo involving @TripleH and was good. Less is more in today's short attention span world. Cut to the chase and tell me what time it is instead of how to make the watch is the way to go.

Good close with the Brothers of Destruction making their return felt and perhaps to the degree that the heel's (Wyatt's) heat has been beaten largely off of them. Nonetheless I think it's a good way to extend the shelf  life of both Taker and Kane by putting them in tags.

Thought Sheamus and Cesaro brought the needed physicality considering what's at stake in the tournament. Surprised that Cesaro won and I hope that he keeps winning.

Owens vs Titus was solid. Owens tenure in this tournament has me intrigued. Can you see The Authority 'cleaning him up' and making KO their new, "boy."

Divas, not a great term IMO, need to not be booked like Divas but like the men and given enough time to tell a compelling story or why are they on TV? Just to get TV exposure doesn't seem to work any longer.

Miz vs Ziggler was more physical than I expected ane it helped make their match solid.

Good promotion for Smackdown thanks to the tournament format that is episodic in nature and presents the opportunity to create new rivalries within the 16 men who are involved in it.

The presentation of the WWE Title Tournament did not feel special to me. I was let down by how it was presented which affects how it is going to be perceived. What's more important in WWE than the WWE Heavyweight Title? NOTHING!! 

The tournament has some unique entrants that likely would have not have been there if not for injures and the number of stars that work part time or have to be protected as it relates to being entered  in the tournament. I'd hae thought that every healthy body would have wanted to throw their name in the tourney hat.

Why did Paige lose in England to Becky Lynch, an Irish lass, when Paige is likely going to be facing Charlotte at Survivor Series for the title?

Enjoyed what I perceived as to be a heightened sense of urgency by the participants in the tournament.

Anxious to see how many 'upsets' will be utilized during the tournament.  Creating upsets is a must in my view.

Still feel the next WWE Champion should be a disciple of The Authority which gives that heel much needed resources in a variety of ways to help establish taking unfair advantages and having a crutch to lean on while navigating the road to WrestleMania where I'd suggest
Brock Lesnar will be waiting. Still of the mindset that Reigns is the guy to put in that position. Lots of great heat can be derived between November to April along with roadblocks for Lesnar and Heyman.

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Odds are Reigns will come out of Survivor Series with the title. I just wish the tournament has more legitimate superstars in it. Round 1 winners were obvious, I hope the remaining matches bring some unpredictability.