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It seems like a good day to open up the Twitter bag and answer some questions and to offer some Monday Night Raw thoughts. So, with that said, let's #sauceit!

  Raw from Anaheim had some stellar moments headlined by the Austin-esque promo by CM Punk directed at the interim Raw GM. The words of @cmpunk felt organic and genuine which always resonate better with the live audience and the TV viewer.

It is promos like these that helps a talent emotionally connect with the fan whether they be fan favorite or villain. It's too bad that more talents don't fully grasp the importance of 'owning' their promos.  

Dolph Ziggler also had a meaningful promo at the beginning of RAW and continue to elevate his TV persona. It could be argued that Ziggler is only a significant match or two away from taking his game definitively to the next level specifically if those high level bouts have the time to mature and tell a compelling story.

That may be what we get at the Royal Rumble in St. Louis between WWE Champ Punk and challenger Ziggler. I look for these two to tear down the house in St Louis which is nearing sellout status.

The Kane-Cena issue is beginning to progress and Cena's physical and emotional outburst vs new, US Champion Jack Swagger was eye opening and provided more questions than answers which is always a good formula. Many fans are clamoring for Cena to become a full fledged villain which I don't agree with at all. Many fans already pay good money to attend WWE events to see Cena get beaten. That's a viable component of what a great, wrestling villain is.    

Count me in as a fan of the Brodus Clay presentation. I appreciate the sizzle of his entrance, I like the pleasing element the two ladies provide (when do they get a name?), as the entrance emotionally engages the live audience while Brodus seems to take care of business once the bell rings. I sure saw some classic, Dusty Rhodes elements in the Clay presentation which I find just fine. For critics who say that copying another wrestler's work is seemingly a mortal sin, I say that it's been going on for years and should be looked at as more complimentary than exploitive. Should Ed 'Stranger' Lewis be upset when other wrestlers use a headlock? Should the Freebirds be angry that other wrestlers use entrance music? Who cares if Clay's music is repurposed?  

Brodus using elements of another performer's material, music, attire, etc is much to do about nothing from where I sit. 

"Will @JoeyStyles and JR ever call a match together?" Likely not on weekly TV but perhaps we might get to do something together on the WWE Network. We've discussed working together at some point when the platform and the time is right.

"Thoughts on Evan Bourne's 2nd Wellness Suspension from WWE?" Obviously unfortunate for the talent. Two strikes are never good but I want to make it clear that I know zero details and only what I have read on regarding this matter. Nonetheless, this matter is being taken seriously as it should be and is terribly perplexing why a talent would travel the same road again.   

"Next Greatest Rivalry DVD?" Again...I don't know but I can say that the idea that MANY have submitted for there to be one between Rock and Austin seems to top many fans list. That one may be hard to pull off based on both men's schedules but it would be a top seller one would assume. I could see others being produced before Austin/Rock simply because of the talents's logistics.  

Love this one..."Is Undertaker retiring?" No. One would assume that most fans, at least those of above average intelligence, would realize that IF Undertaker was retired or retiring that it would be somewhat HUGE news in WWE. The Streak will be at stake at WM28, in my opinion, against a quality opponent to be named. Simply stay tuned. 

"Do you make a wing sauce?" No but many foodies use JR's HOT BBQ sauce on their chicken wings. To see our page at simply use this link,/Category/JimRoss.

"Will Chris Jericho ever speak?" Of course...when he is ready and when it fits his personal agenda and enhances his TV persona. IF...Jericho wins the Royal Rumble you can count on Jericho having a great deal to say.

"Do I worry about Mick Foley's health by returning to a WWE ring as an active wrestler?" Absolutely. However, I don't think that Mick will return as a fulltime or likely not even a part time wrestler. If we saw Mrs Foley's baby boy once or twice a year in his wrestling gear,  I'd suggest that would be enough. There are so many positive things that Mick can do for WWE other than just wrestle. However, I understand his motivation for wanting to have another outing specifically at the Royal Rumble and perhaps even at WM28.  

"Does college football at the D1 level need a playoff?" To some degree, absolutely. Perhaps it's a plus one but something is needed. The BCS system enhances the regular season but it also perpetuates that a season's end can end with unhappy fans and in non productive controversy. 

"Do I watch the Presidential debates?" Hell, no. I am so 'turned off' of politics that it's going to be hard for a candidate to get me to emotionally invest in what is, arguably, one of the most important rights that American's have. I sense too many personal/professional agendas from most politicos. Not a fan of politics and will not discuss them, quite likely, here again. It's all about trust and obviously I do not trust the system. I'll leave that sort of analysis to my friend @JCLayfield. 

"Am I looking forward to watching 'Legends House' the new WWE produced reality show that is apparently going to air in 2012 on the WWE Network?"  Without question and when several grumpy, older, alpha males becoming house mates,  long time advocates of a wrestler's union will see why a wrestler's union will never, ever happen. I see 'train wreck' written all over this show especially when one considers the fact that the people chosen will be in the same house, isolated apparently from their loved ones, for likely 4-6 weeks. Being a reality show fan, I see amazing potential in this concept. 

"Does JR's Cookbook only contain BBQ or Grilling recipes?" No..there are MANY more other recipes than 'Q' or grilling items even though those are plentiful. MOST of the recipes are traditional family fare from my Mom and my wife Jan's kitchen. We made this cookbook easy to navigate for any cook especially those who are just getting started cooking. I think JR's Cookbook is great for young guys who are away from home for the first time or who are just moving into their own place. The cookbook book can be shipped any where without exception and are personally signed by me. Just check out

Happy birthday to Muhammad Ali who turns 70 today. We once shared a suite at the Hyatt across from the Super Dome in New Orleans while doing media for a Mid South Event.  We had a common living room and kitchen and spent approximately three days with each other. It was one of the best 72 hours of my life and the opportunity to spend ample one on one time with 'The Champ' was a lifetime memory. If I ever write a book, I'm somewhat certain that time with Muhammad Ali will be included. What a smart guy who 'got it' and had the philosophy that he could make more money in his early boxing career by being a villain and having fans pay to see someone shut Ali up. Where have we heard that concept before?

Enjoy your day and check out our page at if time allows. Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Thanks.

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I've had a hard time posting anything on here over the last couple of days.  It keeps saying that the spam filter will not allow my comment to be submitted.  Hopefully this time will work...

Thank goodness, I can post again...  Anyway, what I tried to tell you yesterday is that I am glad you made the connection between Brodus Clay and Dusty Rhodes.  You are spot on with that.  Clay is definitely taking a big page out of Dusty's book with his new in-ring persona, and so far he has pulled it off quite well.  I can't wait to see Clay in some longer matches with actual storylines behind them.  He should do well in the Rumble. 

I also just wanted to comment that it really sucks that Evan Bourne has been suspended.  He is such an entertaining guy to watch in the ring, and I hope that he doesn't screw around and get let go.

And finally, I agree with everything you said about Punk and Ziggler.  They both had great promos on RAW, and Ziggler's look and attitutde reminds me of Mr. Perfect.  These two guys should have a great title match that will hopefully elevate them to another level.

I have read your blogs since you first started posting them at I recently applied for an On-Air Announcer postion at WWE's corporate website. Thank you for inspiring me, and always writing honest and inciteful blogs.

I am a teacher, and lifelong fan. If its not completely inapropriate I would like to send you a link to my audition tape. You have shared so much with me over your career, so I thought I would share something with you. Enjoy!

In the middle of this video I attempt to "own" a promo. i think I was pretty close. Thanks again for everything.

I've been reading your blogs since you first started posting them at I recently applied for an On-Air Announcer postion at WWE's corporate website. Thank you for inspiring me, and always writing honest and inciteful blogs.

I am a teacher, and lifelong fan. If its not completely inapropriate I would like to send you a link to my audition tape. You have shared so much with me over your career, so I thought I would share something with you. Enjoy!

In the middle of this video I attempt to "own" a promo. I think I was pretty close. Thanks again for everything.

If you're compelled to check out this video search youtube for the Ed Minger Audition tape by Yell O'Foote Productions.

Thanks again JR,



I was wondering if you ever miss any of the wrestler or manager that pass away I always think about them and go to youtube and relive the great moments they gave us all just wanted to say that they will never be forgoting at least not by me.

Take care Jr

Eddie Kingston cut a awesome promo from the heart that what wrestlers now needs to do!

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