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Finally Fall is in the air in Oklahoma and we appreciate you taking the time to drop by and pay us a visit. The fire's hot so let's cook.....

To the best of my knowledge, Steve Austin has not been officially scheduled to appear on an upcoming Raw as has been reported elsewhere. Steve is preparing to film another movie in Vancouver soon that will take him into December. At that time I assume he will head to his Texas ranch for some R&R and to celebrate the holidays. Jan and I hope to visit Steve and his crew at the Broken Skull Ranch in late December or early January. BTW Steve's latest movie 'Hunt to Kill' is out next week on DVD and it's a cool, kick ass movie that I really enjoyed. I think that you will too especially if you like to see Stone Cold kick the bad guy's butt. Good storyline/script that makes for some stout action/adventure. 

Enjoyed seeing Lita make her cameo on Raw Monday night. She was one of the all time great Divas in WWE and I can still vividly remember her job interview in my WWE office many years ago. I assume she will not come back to WWE full time but, as a fan of her work, it would be nice to see her back for a short run. I think that the team of Trish & Lita vs. Lay Cool, for example, would be a really nice attraction type bout at WM27. Just an idea. 

Many thanks for the awesome suggestions re: our book concept. I'm pitching an idea of writing about the 25 most intriguing/interesting people that I've worked with and known in wrestling since breaking in the biz in 1974. Take a look at the Q&A section at some of the suggestions folks have provided. BTW we can't get too many good ideas.

Mick Foley has written yet another entertaining book, 'Countdown to Lockdown.' It's available now and I really enjoyed it. I thought Mick really overachieved on his latest literary efforts based on what I perceived the book to be about before reading it. Mick is a genius at engaging his audience and I have actually read 'Countdown' twice. It will be fun to see Mick on HLN Friday night with the talented and funny Joy Behar. Some day it would be great to possibly have Mick as a panelist on the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussions.

Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV video report of Bruno Sammartino returning to his home town in Italy was really an amazing piece of journalism. Great story for sure and a must see. It's all over the 'net and I encourage you to check it out. Bruno is a class act and considered by many, especially those who have lived in the Northeast most of their lives, to be the greatest,  pro wrestler of all time. Certainly Bruno's main event longevity, productivity and tenure in a demanding territory will never be forgotten or likely surpassed. Cowboy Bill Watts raves about Bruno, the man, and Watts doesn't dish out compliments for the hell of it.

Idea....take Campbell's Chunky Vegetable Beef soup, or the soup of your choice, and while warming it up in a sauce pan add, to taste, some of our Chipotle Ketchup. It will do you well in your future eating endeavors. Same goes for canned or homemade chili. I use the Chipotle Ketchup in canned Turkey Chili and it's of the main event level. 

Speaking of great tasting stuff, our new, JR's Main Event Mustard will be available in a few weeks. It is a delicious, Honey Mustard with a hint of Jalapeño that has NO fat, NO cholesterol, and 1 gram of carbs. I just had some on a turkey wrap and it rocked. Watch for it here in our website store.

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Another foodie idea, this week I mixed some of our Original BBQ Sauce with our Hot BBQ Sauce and brushed the mix on some grilled chicken breasts, of the Dolly Parton variety, and WOW! It was like having a 3rd BBQ Sauce. It's never too cold to grill at our house but our sauces can be used in the oven via broiling or baking and as mentioned in dishes prepared on the stove top. Remember this tip....if you brush our sauce on chicken breasts, for example, first warm the sauce up in a sauce pan as it will enhance the flavor and make your chicken in this case much, much better.  Warm sauce usually tastes better than cold sauce.

One of the book suggestions that I have received most frequently are from folks wanting me to write about Owen Hart. He will likely make the proverbial 'cut.' I have many, many wonderful memories of Owen. Indeed he left us all way too early. I wonder how many prank phone calls Owen's made to God up in Heaven?

An emailer asked me if Jim Cornette was 'acting' on a recent video rant that, for the record,  I have not seen. My educated guess regarding JC's video rant is that he was not acting but simply being his uniquely bombastic self. Corney has strong opinions on many subjects but none more passionate than his thoughts about the wrestling biz. Jim Cornette was one of my favorite all time, broadcast partners but the two of us would be WAY too Southern for any wrestling promotion to pair up today. Plus, neither of us are what one might consider 'hip' and everyone knows that being 'hip' is where it's at.  

Head over to and look under WWE News for the latest Ross Report. 

We've had a solid week of business here on the website with packages starting at under $10 plus shipping and handling. Our new JR's Beef Jerky has more product now than the old packaging and now comes in resealable zip lock bags. It's 97% Fat Free too which makes for a great snack. 

Bottom line is that I hope that you will consider us for some of your holiday shopping as the holidays will be upon us imminently. 

To address several emails that I have received on the matter, as best that I know I will not be a part of the three, hour Raw coming up on November 15 that will have an old timer, legends theme. I wasn't a part of Raw in 1993 and I'm not even sure when I made my first announcing appearance on the Monday night cable staple. Nonetheless I am more than happy to watch this show from home and hope that all the Legends who do appear have fun and enjoy themselves. I assure you that many of the 'stars of today' can learn a great deal from the Legends. Hopefully, the young wannabes will be paying attention. 

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Big sports weekend for yours truly....heading to Texas A&M and traveling with the Sooner team on Friday for Saturday night's Big 12 showdown with the Aggies on Fox Sports Southwest at 6 p.m. central. Then Sunday we're attending the OKC Thunder-Boston  Celtic NBA game at the OKC Arena formerly known as the Ford Center. My pal Sean Grande is the radio voice of the Celitcs...this generations 'Johnny Most' who was one of the most amazing radio voices in all of sports back in the day for the Celts. Just so you will know, I will be doing the play by play for both live events that  I will attend this weekend, in my head, and for my listening pleasure only. Taking the broadcaster out of the game is one thing but taking the game out of the broadcaster is another story.  

Keep those orders coming and always remember how much we appreciate your support of our website. Business has picked up! Thanks.

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Hey there JR, I was listening to the general election/voting news yesterday and I heard your homestate come up.  Did I hear correctly though?  Oklahoma voters actually passed a law prohibiting judges from ruling by Islamic Sharia law?  I wasn't even aware that that was a problem.  I've heard of alot of strange and silly laws throughout the country, and a few old laws still on the books 100+ years after they stopped being relevant, but this is definitely one of the wierder.  I can't even see how it'd be possible for a US judge to rule by anything other than US law without being thrown off the bench within a day.

Something else I'm wondering about, this one's more wrestling related.  Concerning Micks new book, I've been watching Jerry and Cole and the others pitching it for the last few weeks and I'm wondering why.  Since he's in TNA now, with no indication of wanting to switch back, why is the WWE promoting it?

Hi JR:

I think you are the only blog I actually read. Probably because you make one of the few fun to read blogs. Can't wait to see a book of yours, and once it's available for pre-order on Amazon I'll be there lating my money down. Oh nad expect an order soon, especially now that you have mustard, which happens to be my most favorite condiment. Many say to perhaps an obsession because I put mustard on a lot of things. For example, and a good food idea, if you have chinese take out, and it comes with fried rice, and thats all you seem to have left is fried rice because you ate everything else, I take and heat up a small bowl full of it and stir in some mustard. It adds a kick and takes some of the blandness away of just eating pure rice. Plus if the rice has little hunks or pork in it (pork fried rice) it goes very well with it. Now, onto the Celtcis game in OK, glad that Grande got a mention by the great JR because he is an amazing announcer. It is funny too because the local sports radio station, Sports Radio WEEI 850am 105.5 FM (I Live in Western MA) there is a running gag with the hosts and Celtics players making it like they don't know him or they can't get his name right. His before game soliloquies about the past games and the significance of that nights game make the game that much more exciting. But, as always, there has to be a color commentator and that's where the former Celtic Cedric Maxwell comes in. With his King like lines when something big happens like "Quackity Quack Quack Quack, someone hand me a towel I am drooling here" to laughing in a slightly giddy evil way when a big score comes. As you know, a great play by play has to come with a great color commentator. Thanks for the heads up to loacl Boston talent and enjoy the game. Oh and I hope you are enjoying your extra free time and hope your business flourishes to be featured in stores across the nation. Can't waitto order!!!

I've probably said it before in a comment on one of your blogs, but you and Jim Cornette are one of my all-time favorite broadcast pairings.  The passion & knowledge from both of you were obvious and Cornette's rants with more words than any other human being could possibly fit into the same number of seconds were hilariously entertaining to me - and still are.

Jim C is a highlight of the Ring of Honor iPPV's.  Look up "passion for the business" in a dictionary (I know - it's probably not really in one) and you'll probably see Jim Cornette's face looking back at you.

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