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Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a superb weekend. I'm heading to Shawnee, Oklahoma tonight for a big, indy wrestling event promoted by Imperial Wrestling Federation at the Firelake Grand Arena which is a new venue in Shawnee. WWE Hall of Famers including Jerry Lawler, Jim Duggan, Scott Hall, and yours truly plus Scott Steiner, James Storm, EC3, Matt Sydal,  MVP, Mickie James and Sean Waltman, among others, that will be in action tonight at 7 pm. Tickets are still available at the box office at the Firelake Grand Arena.

Twitter was abuzz Friday wth the rumors that I had signed a contract to become the new play by play voice of AXSTV's New Japan Pro Wrestling broadcast that airs every Friday night on AXSTV. Mauro Ranallo has filled that seat along side of Josh Barnett quite well since the network began airing NJPW events. Mauro has since moved on to become the Smackdown play by play voice and, by the way, has done doing a stellar job the first two weeks of his tenure on the USA Network for WWE. Mauro has recorded NJPW commentary along with Josh Barnett  through February.  

The bottom line is my camp and AXSTV have had talks over the last couple of months and there is a mutual interest to do business together but we have yet to finalize our agreement. As of Saturday morning, I was told that the "lawyers are reviewing the revised points on the contract." If we can all get on the same page, of which I am optimistic that we can, then we can get every thing signed and move forward to another exciting chapter of my broadcasting career. To be able to get back in the game is something that excites me and to be able to call such a fundamentally sound, athletic presentation like NJPW motivates me.   

I think that within the business itself that the news of AXS and our side talking didn't come as a surprise but at the end of the day  the story that made the rounds on Friday simply isn't accurate.

Steve Austin has kicked ample ass this week on the Ross Report podcast on and iTunes. Steve answered a ton of your Twitter questions including his own plan to be in Texas for Wrestlemania.

Next week following such stellar guests as Jeremy Borash, Ariel Helwani, and Steve Austin my guest will be Lex Luger on a compelling, new show that drops, as usual, at 9 pm ET on Tuesday night. This show will be talked about by many I can assure you. Give it a listen. If you subscribe for FREE to the Ross Report at iTunes then your show will be downloaded into the device of your choosing automatically. is restocked with JR's products and will promptly ship your UK, Ireland and European orders  at once from Manchester, England. is offering a 25% off offer this weekend so head over there and save on JR's!  Fast, home delivery.

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WWE has a major opportunity to do some bold, outside the box booking for the Royal Rumble and  essentially hit the reset button in many areas of their roster. Fans like 'new' and they also like surprises but the glow goes away soon if the glow isn't organic and plausible. The key term here is 'bold' but great wrestling storylines over the years have largely been considered as being 'bold' at the time. Calculated risks are a part of the promotion business on any level. 

As long as one doesn't lose the most powerful weapon in the wrestling business, the eraser, virtually all creative issues can be efficiently addressed if they do go awry. 

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