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BTW saw Jerry Brisco in Tampa and he looked great...about 190 pounds. Jerry's had a heck of a tough year having had three strokes and losing his legendary brother and best friend Jack Brisco.

Sunday was a challenging day as we closed J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman....for good. 

Sunday night we closed J.R.'s Family BBQ Restaurant in Norman. We had a fun, almost three year run in a volatile business that saw us make many new friends, serve up some awesome food, launch our on line business, which is growing exponentially, and see our products on the shelves of grocery stores. 

The Q&A section of the site has been updated as of Sunday. 

Also, Federal Express is telling us that orders shipped after December 17 might not arrive by December 24 which is the last day Fed X delivers before Christmas. We cannot guarantee your deliveries particularly if orders are not shipped by  December 17 even though depending on where one lives they might take only 2-4 business days to arrive. 

The first three people I saw when I walked down the hall in the locker room area of the Pepsi Arena Monday afternoon were three Mid South Wrestling alumni, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, Ted DiBiase, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, having a friendly conversation. In their prime, each of these men brought something different, but special to the table. Doc was a natural, as far as the physicality goes in the wrestling business, and started working for Bill Watts between Doc's junior and senior year in college at Oklahoma.

I would like to tell you about my week, which started Sunday by flying to Detroit then to Tampa on Tuesday then to OKC on Wednesday and doing Monday Night Raw media Thursday and Friday in OKC before catching another flight Saturday to Omaha to prepare for Sunday's Judgment Day PPV and then driving the 180 miles from Nebraska to Kansas City on Monday for Raw...but, I won't because it would come off as "poor me" (Gosh, I miss "The Sopranos") and, quite frankly, I'm healthy and having a great week. I actually like staying busy because, as my Dad used to say, it sure as hell beats picking up rocks and digging post holes.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw yours truly spend a whirlwind couple of days in Florida visiting Florida Championship Wrestling's new facility and observing the WWE Developmental talents wrestle on Tuesday night and do ring work on Wednesday. Both days were positive experiences and the facility in Tampa on Dale Mabry Blvd is going to be state of the art once the construction is completed. In my personal opinion, I don't think the WWE has any aspect of their business that is MORE important than the development of new stars. Problem is, stars don't grow on trees. Athletes either have "it" or they don't and "it" can't be manufactured. As time goes on, we will all see how many of these hard working young kids discover if they have "it" or not. Nonetheless, the WWE has some exciting, young people working diligently to learn their craft in hopes of some day being the main event at Wrestlemania. That's how I look at this process. If one is wanting to make it to the Promised Land of one of the three rosters, with the opportunity to earn big cash, appear on weekly TV and their goal is NOT to want to headline 'Mania, then they need to update their resumes.

The Bottom Line...thanks Stone I like what I saw.

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes looked to be "reborn" since I last saw him on the road and is a tremendous asset to the men and women who aspire to become stars in FCW. Dusty particularly has an eye for "sizzle" which, when added to a fundamentally sound competitor, can become a magical combination.

On Wednesday afternoon I had a great meal with my pal Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio fame at Lee Roy Selmon's BBQ near the airport in Tampa. Great service, super food, and some awesome memorabilia was enjoyed by all. I like eating at the bar in a place like Lee Roy's and watching multiple TVs all with sports on them while eating good "Q" with a cold beverage. If you like sports talk radio check out Todd's show as he is one of the very best in the business and, like us, a wrestling fan.

Since it has been discussed on the Internet in recent days and to make myself clear, The Funks deserve to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as much as any one who currently has that distinction. Dory, Sr was a helluva hand and ran a successful territory out of Amarillo for years. Junior was a wrestling machine and even though he was not blessed with brother Terry's charisma Dory, Jr. was still one of the most prolific and consistent NWA Champions ever. Junior's bouts with the great Jack Brisco are a text book as to how it is done. Terry Funk was one of my all time favorite performers and if I had to list a "dream roster" Terry Funk would damn sure be on it. The Funk Family certainly seems to fit WM25 in Houston when Hall of Fame time rolls around.

Great to see Jeff Hardy, or is it Harvey, back on Monday Night Raw. Arguably, Jeff got as loud and as enthusiastic reception from the Raw fans in Detroit as any one who appeared on the broadcast from where I was sitting. Jeff is a major star waiting to happen and let's hope all the stars are aligned properly to where that story can be told. Many factors go into this evolution to get to the very top of the food chain but none more important than the talent himself. That's not a Jeff Hardy exclusive, but goes for everyone.

John Cena seems to be really pleased to be back full time after completing the filming of his latest movie. John is still a huge fan of the biz and I think he always will be even though he deals with many fans who love to boo the hell out of Cena. I have my standard philosophy on this one, the paying customers should exercise their first amendment rights, as the only thing that matters is that there is an arse every 18 inches. Doing double duty, as Cena did, wrestling and carrying the lead role in an ambitious, action adventure film is something most men could not do or would attempt to do.

I hear that Jake Roberts has been doing well the past few weeks, after completing a treatment program, which is great news. I have known Jake for years, since he was a really young man, and his mind for wrestling and wrestling psychology specifically is a gift. Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder what sort of wrestling manager Jake would make in he were in the right environment with the right talent?

Is it any surprise that most fans I talk to are telling me that the "sleeper match" at Judgment Day is going to be HBK vs. Y2J? I don't consider the match a sleeper at all as these two performers will do all they physically can to steal the show from their peers and that should come as no surprise to any one. Judgment Day, following Backlash just 3 weeks, is challenging. Getting fans excited about "the next PPV" is tough especially when they have received their cable or satellite bill for 'Mania. I do think that Judgment Day has the chance to be a better, pure wrestling PPV than perhaps some think. I am excited about the matches that The King and I will be calling and the competitive nature of having three announce teams at ringside.

My good friend, Phil Savage of the Cleveland Browns, who is arguably the best General Manager in the National Football League, is a huge fan of Monday Night Raw. Phil rarely misses a broadcast and the King and I had a great visit with the Browns' deal maker the last time we were in Cleveland. When J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q #2 opens in about a month in Moore, Oklahoma, there will be some authentic Cleveland Browns' swag on display in the form of an autographed game jersey from current Brown DB and former Sooner Brodney Pool. Keep your eye on Cleveland this year as their team has been upgraded significantly over the past couple of seasons and the drafting of a potentially great tight end in Martin Rucker out of Mizzou might send a message to "potential" all world TE Kellen Winslow, Jr who can be a difference maker. The Browns will score points this year as the onus is on their defense to step up and assert themselves in their division.

For those of you that might want to check out my "Ron Burgundy" outing Friday afternoon log on to The nice folks at News Channel 4's 4:30 broadcast will never be the same and, yes, I know I shouldn't quit my day jobs.

Be well and count your blessings. Thanks for checking out our site. Our business in our store has been growing by the week and we thank you for that. Sauce is good...Bar-B-Q Sauce that is....and so is the Chipotle Ketchup and remember that our Jerky is 97% fat free.

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After reading what some people have said regarding the three primary United States Presidential Candidates appearing on last Monday's Raw and the fact that now these eligible voters now are NOT voting is incredulous to me.

The price that our forefathers paid to insure that all Americans had the right to vote was a steep one and to declare that one isn't voting because the candidates briefly appeared on Monday Night Raw is "box of rocks" stupid. That's akin to the outrageous Howard Stern saying he would never vote for an individual for President of the United States who watches wrestling. I have heard other "reasons" as to why some candidates won't get some folk's votes including, "I would never vote for a woman"...."I would never vote for a person of color (or variations thereof of that ignorant statement)...or "I would never vote for a person who is 72 years of age".

When I hear this logic employed, the old cliche of "Pet Coon Goofy" becomes applicable. Please vote if you are eligible and don't be adumbass.

I have seen on various wrestling websites that polls and columns have been written about who is Ric Flair's greatest opponent or "Naitch's" greatest match. I have read some really entertaining and informative material on this subject, many of which brought back some great memories. After looking at many of the bouts up for nomination as Flair's greatest opponent or Ric's greatest matches it's humbling to realize that I have had the honor of broadcasting more than my fair share of these classics.

In my opinion, Ric's greatest opponent, as far as match quality and continuing to raise the bar each and every time they competed, has to be Ricky Steamboat. I know Ric feels this way too. There is no doubt that the greats of the game like Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes,Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, etc, among many others, deserve "props," but Steamboat truly brought out the best in Ric and visa versa.

Flair and Steamboat had many classics over the years and some of their stuff in the late 70s was awe inspiring, but their rivalry in and round 1989 was the stuff that most fans will remember and be best familiar with, as it was during the days of PPV and live, cable TV specials. I do not recall in my 30+ years in the business a better and more compelling, dramatically athletic story being told in the ring than between these two artisans in '89 while we were all atWCW working for Ted Turner. These two were silky smooth, but don't think for one second that these two men were not overtly physical with each other, because they me on that one.

For any young wrestler or wrestling wanna be, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with Flair vs. Steamboat in any form you can access it and truly study the chemistry these two had and the philosophy as to why their matches created magic.

Steamboat, for my money, is a WWE Hall of Famer to be, and it would be great to see Ric Flair induct arguably "Naitch's" greatest opponent.

Great effort by Bernard Hopkins against the talented and tough Joe Calzaghe a few days ago in what was an entertaining "prize fight" as my late dad would say. I loved the between rounds banter between Calzaghe's trainer/father and his son, the fighter, which had me wanting to put on the trunks....well, sort of.

The documentary film "Beyond the Mat" is making its rounds again I see. This documentary which was originally scheduled for limited released as an "art film" or so I was told, has to have done well in a financial sense for the producers. Especially considering that I don't think the producers had much money invested in paying those of us who took our time and appeared on the film and contributed to the production of it. I know I was never paid a dime for my contributions on it, which used to bother me more then than it does now. Nonetheless, for those that haven't seen it, "Beyond the Mat" provides a unique and somewhat one dimensional look at the dark side of the business in what some would describe as an exploitative manner. I also can't deny that it is at times a compelling production. I just wish I had not been mislead and could have earned a fair payday from it.

I see on the media dirt Internet sites that TV personality Star Jones, the former panelist on ABC's "The View," who lost a ton of weight, is, reportedly and unfortunately, getting a divorce. Years ago at a WWE function in New York City at WWE New York, as I recall, a then single and somewhat heavier Star Jones was introduced to the then single Jonathan Coachman and many on lookers thought that Ms. Jones, by the gleam in her eye, had just found the man of her dreams. She was apparently enamored by "The Coach" but the Smackdown talker used his basketball skills to "avoid contact" and Ms. Jones' "full court press". Just think, what if....

Let me be the first to suggest that the broadcasting tag team of Mike Adamle and The Tazz broadcast the 12 Diva Tag Team bout this Sunday in The Baltimore at Backlash, which is sold out, for the record. I'm not sure theMamajuna-fueled Jerry Lawler could handle to speak. I am looking to see how Natalia "Nattie" Neidhart represents herself and her famous Hart family on her first WWE PPV. I expect it will be well indeed. I have high expectations for young, Ms.Neidhart.

I read a story recently that reminded me of the first telephone conversation I ever had with Vince McMahon. It was the late 80s and I was inBixby, Oklahoma working for Bill Watts' UWF . McMahon wanted to hire Missy Hyatt to come to work for the WWE to host a TV segment called "Missy's Manor". Bill Watts had Missy under contract and did not want to even speak with McMahon OR want to release Hyatt from his employee even though the large Cowboy did not particularly care for Missy or really for any other lady in the biz for that matter. Bottom line, the talent was not being utilized to their fullest potential for Watts, McMahon was wiling to provide the talent with an career opportunity, so why in the hell should the talent not be allowed to move on? I was assigned to handle the matter and did with no compensation from McMahon (what was I supposed to get a future "draft choice"?) which did not enamor me for a few days with Bombastic Bill.

Reportedly the WWE European Tour grossed approximately $14.5M in ticket sales alone and the total revenue number will be even more staggering when the merchandise dollar figure is added to the mix. In my opinion, the most significant future growth within the WWE is going to be on an International basis and as I have said before I can see Monday Night Raw being produced several times a year outside the USA as time goes on.

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Yes, this Bar-B-Q site was established to help us sell our products from our on line store and to promote our restaurant business. This obvious information is for those of you that can't get enough 'rasslin dirt and get P.O.'ed when I mentioned food in these blogs. Get over it or don't visit the site...that's your call.

For those of you that do stop by on a regular basis, your patronage is sincerely appreciated. We are growing by leaps and bounds here on this site and are anxious to open our second eatery in mid June. Indeed we have much to be thankful for.

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The KOR Tourney Monday night in Greenville, S.C. certainly had its moments that featured a strong first half of the bracket and a perplexing second half of the tournament bracket. KOR winner William Regal is arguably one of the more underutilized talents in the biz and even though Regal can definitely talk, which all General Managers must obviously be able to do, he adds a valuable element of experience and expertise to any bout in which he is involved. In the immediate future one has to wonder if Regal is likely to continue to be the Raw G.M. or will Regal focus more on his wrestling career now that the U.K. native from Blackpool, England is the reigning King of the Ring?

Howard Stern says he would not vote for a President of the United States that watches wrestling. Seems like a strange thing for Stern to say. Apparently, Stern has a very low opinion of the wrestling business. Now that's irony coming from Stern, who is one of the last guys I thought would have an antiquated, wrestling bias.

I mentioned here last week that I thought it was a sound, promotional idea for the American Presidential candidates to appear on Monday Night Raw in some form, but I will admit that I was shocked when Clinton,Obama , and McCain all recorded messages specifically for the Raw audience. On the eve of the all important Pennsylvania primary, the Democratic hopefuls got the opportunity to be "regular Joe's" as did McCain who looks to have the Republican nomination for President locked up. None of them should quit their day jobs and look for work in 'rasslin, but they all seemed to be good sports in their recorded, cliche laden spiels.

Some wrestling pundits really slammed the "match" between the impersonators posing as Hillary and Barack. I am not sure what folks expectations were for this "contest," but it was, plain and simple, nothing more than a publicity stunt that did garner a great deal of pub the week of a WWE pay per view. The WWE made air on media outlets that would never mention the WWE unless there was a tragedy or a scandal. While the "match" was not my personal cup of tea, it did not last long enough to offend me and I sort of got a kick out of the ovationUmaga received when he came to the ring to put an end to the frivolity.

The added stipulation to the Fatal 4 Way WWE Title bout at Backlash, making it "Elimination Rules," is a good thing in my view. I like the fact that there could technically be three, separate eliminations before one man is left to claim the WWE Title.

If you don't think HBK won't do all he can to "steal the show" Sunday night in Baltimore you might want to think again. The Michaels vs. Batista match has evolved nicely since WM24 and is arguably the most talked about match at Sunday's PPV. Following this one won't be easy.

Joey Styles told me Monday in catering, no jokes please, that he was really enjoying his new gig at Joey seemed to be the most relaxed and comfortable that I have seen him since coming to work at the WWE. Joey has already instituted several changes to the WWE website with plenty more on their way. Joe said he was now a "retired announcer" and budding corporate executive. Styles is looking forward to the OKC RAW on June 30, as he considers himself a connoisseur of "Q" after living in Atlanta, and Joey knows his sacue...J.R.'s Bar-B-Q Sauce that is....and is planning on eating at one of our restaurants while he is in town.

J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q got a really nice write up in this month's "Oklahoma Monthly" magazine that featured Oklahoma's best Bar-B-Q joints and we made the list. I write this for two reasons....1. Because I am proud of our Bar-B-Q team and am excited about the direction of our fledgling business and 2. To give those "wrestling fans" who like to bash us for talking about our Bar-B-Q business more cannon fodder.

It is extremely admirable, the effort that the WWE athletes put forth Monday night, especially considering that the vast majority of them just returned Sunday night from their near 2 week, respective international tours and were worn out and suffering from jet lag. I never saw one individual lying on their ass Monday night phoning in their performance. The wrestlers seemed to be the most pleased to eat some American, food as sometimes international catering can be a crap to speak.

Speaking of food, and I often do as a rookie restaurateur, Sunday night I had some really nice BBQ in Greenville at "Sticky Fingers" BBQ Restaurant just a couple of blocks from the Hyatt in downtown Greenville. I recommend "Sticky Fingers" BBQ, if they are all as good as my downtown Greenville experience. I appreciate the hospitality that was extended to me there Sunday night.

One of my Oklahoma, redneck buddies saw WWE developmental wrestler Jake Hager's Florida Heavyweight Championship title belt recently, when Jake made a trip back to Norman for a wedding of a mutual friend of ours and my buddy told me he was proud of Jake being the "Florida Highway Champion". Seems as if the title belt must have read, "FloridaHvwt Champion" or something to that affect. Jake is a helluva athlete who came to Oklahoma as a two sport star, a defensive tackle on the football team and a heavyweight wrestler. Jake is from the legendary Danny Hodge's home town, where Dan still lives as a matter of fact, Perry, Oklahoma. Jake has unlimited potential, but as has been discussed here before, potential won't buy the groceries over the long haul. However if the 6'5"-270pounder continues to improve he will provide himself the opportunity to become a prime time player one day. With Dusty Rhodes now in Tampa coaching up these young people especially as it comes to their charisma and personalities those that have "it" will be recognized and facilitated to the WWE when the time is right and hopefully not when said talents are still too green for prime time.

Just for the record....Danny Hodge is the greatest, living wrestler in the world....especially on this website.

Being a part of Fox News really got JBL thrown under Keith Olbermann's MSNBC bus this week. The ongoing issues between MSNBC and Fox news is comparable to the Raw vs. Nitro Monday night wars, with each side taking cheap verbal shots at the other. Ah, the good, old days.

As many of you know, I am a major fan of American, tackle football and this Saturday/Sunday is the Annual NFL Player Draft on ESPN and the NFL Network. I will be traveling Saturday to Baltimore for Backlash, but I will definitely keep up with the proceedings of one of my favorite TV sports events of the entire year. For some reason, I think that there will be some significant trades the first day of this draft, even though the #1 pick which the Miami Dolphins have, looks to be Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long. There could well be plenty ofwheelin' and dealin ' after the first pick of the draft. It is a unique year for the draft, especially with an offensive tackle apparently being the first pick.

The King and I have our travel plans mapped out for this weekend's "run". I arrive in Baltimore the night before the PPV, as usual, while Jerry arrives, as usual, the day of the event. The King is the "wheel man" and we will drive on Monday the 194 miles from Baltimore to East Rutherford, N.J. for a sold out Monday Night Raw. Not that we were invited or offered but....we don't need no stinkinglimos or private planes! This trip is "old school," except for the fact that we aren't driving the entire way Sunday night after Backlash. Our night vision isn't what is used to be and I-95 isn't the place to take any unnecessary risks and that includes stopping at any Roy Rogers eateries, one of the many locales along the way. In the old days, specifically when Ric Flair was running wide open, we would take over an upstairs room atSabatino's Italian Restaurant in Little Italy in Baltimore after Backlash. With no "Naitch " on the road, for yours truly, it will likely be room service and Sports Center on ESPN Sunday night so I can properly be prepared to ride "shotgun" for driver "Jerry Bobby" (Shake and Bake!) for the long car trip to Jersey Monday morning.

Please take a moment to check out our Beef Jerky specials and great deals on all of our sauces in our store. Plus, it looks as if the improvements to our site are near completion and we will soon be able to begin receiving your feedback and questions for our popular Q&As. We appreciate your patience. Be well and another fresh blog is just hours away.

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The WWE begins a run of 20 events, including producing Monday Night Raw, ECW, and Smackdown Thursday night throughout the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland (that's what we used to call Oklahoma back in the Barry Switzer days) and Portugal among other stops.

This Monday and Tuesday the gross ticket sales for the TV events are both close to $1.2M each night in ticket sales. Merchandise sales will likely be stout, as in serious money stout, for the 20 shows.

I would be willing to wager that the mere mention of John Cena, who, as best I know, will only be on the Monday Night Raw show in London in between filming a movie in New Orleans for the WWE, will flood arenas with boos, but at the end of the day Cena will still sell more merchandise than any other WWE Superstar who is on the tour in its entirety.

Yours truly exchanged emails this week with Larry Hamel, a big time sports writer for the powerful Chicago Sun Times about Ric Flair. Larry wrote a nice blurb in the Sunday Sun Times that I picked up while passing thru Chicago's O'Hare Airport Sunday on my way to Albany, N.Y. Larry grew up listening to Gordon Solie while he lived in Florida as a young man and thinks Flair's most lasting legacy might prove to be that Ric was able to transition so successfully when actual wrestling turned to mostly punching and kicking and at the same time became so much more physical.

Speaking of Ric, during the Flair-Terry Funk run, one Saturday Ric was nursing injuries he sustained in a recent match with the west Texas wildman so Terry had the run of the Saturday night TBS show pretty much to himself. I remember Terry dressing up the late Ron Ames, who worked in marketing, in a Flair-like robe, a Barbara Bush as George W.'s mama's wig, and prompted Ron to do Ron's very best "scared" Deputy Barney Fife routine. No one knew what Terry had up his sleeve and all I know is that I had about a 5-10 minute segment scheduled with Terry that was listed as "Funk interview about Flair" on my TV run sheet. Terry called Ric every name in the book, even said that Ric looked like Mrs. Barbara Bush in drag, intimidated for real, Ron Ames, who was having trouble maintaining his bodily functions to which I can attest, and Terry even threatened me with my life every time I tried to wrap up the debacle that lasted just short of "Gone with the Wind". The promo actually worked as virtually every one got angry.....the director who lost control of his show....the wrestlers who were waiting to wrestle, but either had to cut their match time in half or were simply not able to wrestle at all that week...the fans in attendance who loved Ric and hated Terry...and Ric himself who thought Terry was being too entertaining for where the two of them were in their issues' development. Legend has it that Naitch was throwing expensive things and breaking them in his big home in Charlotte while watching Terry Funk interview a skinny, Don Knotts lookalike who was reluctantly impersonating the incomparable Ric Flair, while breaking "significant wind" on SuperStation TBS. Ric and Terry were battling over the title but they also had a strong personal issue attached to the title belt, which made this particular piece of business so memorable.

A personal issue is what is evolving between Shawn Michaels and Batista and neither have to change their present persona's to make it work. I keep reading where one or the other and mostly Batista is going to "turn on HBK" but I don't see that happening. I love surprises as most wrestling fans do, but I think these two men can have their match or matches and HBK will have his fans, as will Batista, but I do expect The Animal to hear more boos than will Shawn. I'm personally invested and interested in this issue.

Reid Flair is going to have to work long and hard and demonstrate great patience and professionalism, while in the WWE Developmental Camp in Tampa, to ever have a chance of casting his own shadow and stepping out from his Dad's. Sons of wrestling Superstars have tall trees to climb...just ask the Gagne's, the Watts', the Graham's, and the Von Erich's to name a few. Patience and self discipline need to be instilled in this young man from the very first day he steps into the environment. I am genuinely anxious to see Reid Flair's progress over the next year or so. Much will be expected of Reid, but he can't forget to have fun learning the family business and that would be the kind of fun a young athlete has inside the facility wrestling and learning new things every day. Not the kind of fun like Reid's Dad, often time accompanied by J.R., used to have when we had no issues ordering 100 cocktails at a time in a bar. I am pulling big time for Reid Flair to simply be "his own man" because there will never be another "the man". Reid was an outstanding amateur wrestler, which will bode well for him while he is learning the ropes.

When I asked Floyd Mayweather for his thoughts on his September fight against Oscar De La Hoya, "Money" simply said to my face, "I'm gonna knock his ass out. End of story." After watching Floyd perform at WM24, it is easy to see up close and personal that Mayweather is an athletic freak with the marketing awareness of Muhammad Ali in the Champ's best, stirring the do-do days. I have said it for years, great bad guys are the one's that make people leave their homes and pay good money to come see them get their asses handed to them and to be humbled.

BTW Which one is Hawkings and which one is Ryder? You know 'em, those two, talented young guys who need some individual identity. I enjoy their work but half the time I don't know what one is which.

I see where Maria is going to referee some Women's Title Bouts on the international tour. Don't get me wrong, seeing Maria in a sexy officiating attire doesn't hurt my feelings and just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I can't look at the menu, but Maria's lack of experience in this role may not bode her well. We'll know soon enough. But a referee shirt never looked so good.

It looks as if yours truly is going to attend the Cauliflower Alley Club get together in Vegas on June 10-11, or at least that is my plan at this time. I am trying to recruit Stone Cold to attend with me those two days, which are after we do Raw in Oakland on June 9. Steve is like me in as much as he has to clear some pending projects to make those dates work. We will be really close in getting into our second restaurant about that time. If we aren't. I may be in jail for assaulting the head honcho of the construction crew.

The great Gordon Solie is called the Dean of Wrestling Announcers, but did you know that Gordon's former traveling buddy, the Memphis Icon Lance Russell, actually started broadcasting wrestling 3 years before the Dean? Lance used to always kid Gordon about being Lance's "junior" while allowing Gordon to still be called "The Dean of Wrestling Broadcasters". Lance celebrated his 82 birthday about a week before WM24 and we had a great telephone conversation. Lance did not drink, so he was ALWAYS the designated driver when he and Gordon traveled.

Mrs J.R. and your truly are investing in the Sleep Center business, which is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the country these days thanks to more and more people discovering that they have Sleep Apnea. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about a year ago and I honestly believe it has changed my life and I don't feel it is too much of a stretch to say it has most likely saved my life. During my sleep test I stopped breathing 40 times in two hours with the longest time being 45 seconds. I was a heart attack waiting to happen. I had stopped having REM sleep so many years ago I couldn't remember when I had my last dream. Now I feel like a new person and I credit my quick recovery from some of my ailments to the fact that I can now get a good night's sleep every night. NFL Hall of Famer and one of our favorite folks, Reggie White, died of sleep apnea because he wouldn't wear his mask that helps one breath. I am a firm believer that if one snores, has restless leg syndrome while sleeping and/or stops breathing for various intervals of time that I would get a sleep test done immediately and save your life. If you can't motivate your self to be tested which most insurance covers and consists of going to a facility and simply going to sleep, then contact your lawyer and draw up your will. You gonna need it.

People are reality show crazy these days. I think a great reality show for wrestling fans would feature Jerry Lawler, Bruno (Harvey Whippleman) Lauer, and yours truly on road trips. A rental car manned with lipstick cameras and mics to pick up the conversations that could be backed up with the footage we discuss would be entertaining. Three redneck guys traveling around the world, telling lame jokes some multiple times, locker room stories (you should have seen the size of that thing!), dishing the dirt on people, especially the ones that have passed away or are no longer in the business and wouldn't likely become armed and dangerous, discussing the issues of the day on the national news, sports, Lawler's adventures with 20 something year old women, not using "Never Lost", bitching and moaning about the way things are, and making major group decisions like where to eat and where to stay. There would have to be one episode that features flatulence. Some of you may not know it but Harvey has quite the cult following in many foreign countries and actually at one time wed a lovely young woman from abroad. This concept is a hit folks....I can feel it! Stay tuned.

Not that I plan a head to work in my OU Football games with my WWE schedule, but the next time we broadcast RAW in the UK will be on November 10, which means I will be able to attend the Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M college football in College Station, Texas on November 8 and most likely drive down to Houston and fly out of there. Priorities are priorities.

The WWE is already starting to plan for WM25 next April in Houston and I sure hope J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q can have a presence down in Houston selling sandwiches, sauces, Jerky, Big Nuts T shirts, peanuts, and who knows what else we will come up with by April 5, 2009. We met on this matter in our store Tuesday when I returned from Albany. I would like to host a J.R.'s Bar-B-Q eating contest a la the Hot Dog Eating Contest from Coney Island that ESPN airs annually. Ever see a Bar-B-Q Diva? We we got 'em here in Norman and they are all ready to spend a week raising hell in Houston!

Boomer Sooner