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California Here We Come! Right back to where I started from as I was born in Fort Bragg, California and attended 4th grade in Santa Rosa, California. How's that for some useless trivia?! The Bash this Sunday in Sacramento will be as hot as the Oklahoma summer and yours truly has plenty of predictions for you to ponder. Here we go...

Five man scramble bouts are challenging to evaluate because they are so unpredictable but I'm going with the long shot in this one....Tommy Dreamer to surprisingly retain his beloved ECW Championship. Good things should happen to good people and that description certainly fits the veteran protege of WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk. Plus, Dreamer is pals with the New York Yankees Johnny Damon and that ought to count for something. If Stocky Balboa happens to end up in Dreamer's corner, stick a fork in the other four because they will be done.

In another upset, I'm going with Dolph Ziggler to leave The Bash as a winner over the Great Khali who has to be a "giant" favorite, no pun intended. That's Ziggler with two G's.

From under my black hat it would seem that Carlito and Primo are not roaring into The Bash with a great deal of momentum so I'm picking Legacy, Orton & Rhodes to win the Unified Tag Titles which will make them more than what some perceive them to be and that is glorified lap dogs of Mr. RKO. The Million Dollar Man and the American Dream will be SO proud, "if you will."

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I'd like to say that if The Miz beats John Cena that I will eat my hat but my colon would hate me for it if I were wrong so I won't say that. What I will say is that Cena wins and no one riots.

Michelle McCool seems due. No, not in a motherly way but due as in ready to make history. McCool has too much diverse offense including submissions and strikes for the fieryMelina to handle especially after what you will see on Friday Night Smackdown. If "A. Fox" is in McCool's corner I really like the blond to win it so I'm going with the lady with the Masters Degree.

The stakes are really high for Rey Mysterio inasmuch as he MUST win the Intercontinental Title Sunday at The Bash or unmask forever. Rey Mysterio without a mask would be like 'Ol J.R. not liking BBQ and we all know that just wouldn't be right. So, I'm reluctantly picking Rey to win which may end up being simply wishful thinking as Chris Jericho is the greatest IC Champion of all time according to, uh, Chris Jericho. Of course we all know that the Honky Tonk Man is "officially" the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of ALL time. All kidding aside Jericho is a future Hall of Famer who seems to be hellbent on saving Rey from Rey.

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About 9 years ago HHH defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Three Stages of Hell match which I think was in Vegas the night after I broadcast an XFLgame in Chicago in sleet with Jesse Ventura. I'm not sure what was more challenging, Mother Nature or attempting to keep up with "The Body." Then about 7 years ago HHH defeated HBK inthe second Three Stages of Hell match. Those are two pretty darned good wins on any man's resume. Using that as my school of thought, I'm going with HHH to win Sunday and become a 14 time champion, just two behind Ric Flair. I'm guessing this match goes on last and will have an old school feel considering that it could go three falls.

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