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Thanks for stopping by ... hope everyone is well. This week's blog is a collection of random thoughts from under the black hat ... while sitting in J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma.

Friday Night SmackDown this week emanates from Miami, Florida, which is always a super place to visit. Although I will have to admit that I had a better time this week while in South Florida than I did back in January when the University of Florida defeated my Oklahoma Sooners for the National Title of College Football. But, as the King would say, one can't grieve forever.

SD is an entertaining broadcast this week with a chaotic ending to the show. I mean a really chaotic conclusion that gives the viewer plenty to think about.

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler comprise the main event on a show that also prominently features World's Champ CM Punk who faces John Morrison and Kane vs. R-Truth.

I wonder if Jericho will ever refer to the equally egocentric Ziggler as "Grasshopper" during the evening?

We also have an exclusive interview with Edge regarding his surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon that has threatened Edge's career. Thank goodness for Dr. Jim Andrews who did the surgery just as the good Doctor repaired NFL quarterback Brett Favre's biceps several weeks ago not to mention Batista's large guns.

Don't miss Friday Night Smackdown on MyNetworkTV starring Todd Grisham as Todd Grisham....and Jerry Mathers as "The Beaver."

Actor, comedian, director, producer, rich guy, creative guru, and all around good dude Seth Green, if that is his real name, seemed like he had a great time on Raw Monday night from Orlando. Seth may have been the most unique "guest host" yet on Raw even though I am still partial to the Million Dollar Man because I am, gasp, old school.

To those Internet geeks who think that going from young and hip Seth Green to Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers ZZ Top as this week's Raw guest hosts is too much of a stretch, please allow me to say this.....bovine manure.

ZZ Top is one of the classic rock 'n roll bands of all time and it makes no difference when they debuted as they still do great touring business and their music is played in every city in America every day. Plus, I know for a fact that Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill are legitimately, huge fans of WWE and have been following the genre of wrestling for years and years. That should count for something. ZZ Top has enjoyed J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman on more than one occasion and we have a signed ZZ Top guitar in our store in Norman just as you enter the front door.

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what's up JR? U are very respectecd in the wrestling world and to me. but i have to ask u a question. Even though this has nothing to do with tonights smackdown.  why would vince give mayweather 20million for on fight? and he could have gave the rock 20million for 4years. He could have been making 5million a year what hes making in  the movies right now???? Could u please answer me back.

Hello again JR.  I gotta say 4 years ago if you'd have told me Kerwin Whites caddy was going to be one of the hottest young talents in the WWE I would've asked you Just what kind of seasoning have you been putting into your bbq sauce.  Hell, even a year ago with his dumb entrance (I'm Dolph Ziggler I'm Dolph Ziggler I'm Dolph Ziggler....) I was saying Hello and Goodbye.  But color me impressed, Dolph is doing great.  I'm looking forward to seeing just how far he can climb, World Champ one day?  I guess we'll see.

You know who really deserves a place in the Hall of Fame?  Dr. Jim Andrews.  If Austin, Rock, Taker, and Michaels deserve the honor so does the man who kept them going.

I'd heard Jeff Hardy was retiring from wrestling when his contract expires.  Has that plan changed or is his old contract still going?

Seth was fun, though him getting in the ring was a head-scratcher.  Let's face it, he makes Rey look like Hulk Hogan.  But he did pretty good.  ZZ Top coming in?  I don't know, I've always loved Billy and Dusty (btw, I got the thing with Cody, thinking the Dusty coming in was his dad) and Beard too.  I'm just hoping there are more wrestling names in the guest host position than celebrities,  Unless of course you guys want to make me a guest host, that would be Great!

Random bouncing around YouTube I find a lot of classic wrestling.  I absolutely love watching these.  Awhile ago I found a bunch of videos from right here in Portland, OR.  Don Owens shows.  Roddy Piper, Buddy Rose, Col. DeBeers, Rip Oliver, Matt Borne, Tom Pritchard, Big Scott Norton (I'm amazed McMahon never brought that monster in).  Good Memories.

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