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 Random BBQ'ed thoughts from under the custom made, black Oklahoma hat.

This week's Friday Night Smackdown emanates from the Igloo in Pittsburgh, home of Sid "the Kid" Crosby, yes we watch hockey in Oklahoma, and it is a broadcast that continues to establish rivalries and begin to establish newly drafted competitors to the Friday night brand.

And yes, it's still a hotter show than Monday Night Raw. O.K. so I'm not overly objective about the team for which I play. Is that so wrong? Should a man not be passionate about his brand? Can I not show my feelings? Is it so wrong for a man to cry?

Lighten Up Francis.

The main event Friday night between #1 contender Jeff Hardy and the "disrespected" Chris Jericho is a stout, two segment bout.

Jericho is so talented both athletically and verbally but the verbal aspect of his game is wearing thin on many. It might be akin to taking a long, van trip with Cryme Tyme and a couple of Divas and having to stop for coffee every time one saw a Starbucks. After a few hours, no matter how entertaining the journey was when it started, it would get old.

C.M. (Chicago Made) Punk is looking forward to his return to the Windy City for Judgment Day (what in the hell ever happened to the "E" in Judgment anyway??) in his home town. Punk is attitudinal and talented and needs more mic time because his outspoken nature is entertaining or at least it is to me.

I expect several members of the Chicago Bears, some of them former OU Sooners, to attend the PPV in the All State arena which is one of the most amazing venues in the world to see WWE in person.

Rey Mysterio is elated to be back on Friday Night Smackdown and I can't think of any WWE Superstar who has developed more popularity on the Friday night broadcast than the masked underdog of all peoples. We have a silver, Mysterio mask Rey wore when he returned from injury last year at Summerslam that is beautifully framed for display at J.R.s Family BBQ in Norman. This was a gracious gift from Rey and it is most appreciated. Thanks Rey!

If John Morrison has displayed some young, HBK tendencies at times, then the Shaman isn't the only young Smackdown star who reminds yours truly of other famous wrestlers of yesteryear.

Dolph Ziggler has a little young "Mr. Perfect" in him and I'm not just talking about his hair color. Ziggler is cocky, confident and athletic just like Curt Hennig was.

Big, raw boned Mike Knox reminds me of a young Frank Goodish aka Bruiser Brody circa the mid 70's. Goodish/Brody was a big man who was athletic, quick for his size, had great balance, and a mean streak. Plus the behind the scenes Goodish/Brody was very well read and had a high IQ. Knox at this stage of his game has similar traits.

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