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Condolences to the family and friends of the colorful, journeyman wrestler Mike "The Hippy" Boyette who passed away a couple of days ago.

The former United States Marine and judo expert was a noted, territory wrestler back in the day and I got to know him while we both worked for Cowboy Bill Watts.

Boyette had a noted, TV storyline based losing streak of something like "zero for 200" that we utilized on our weekly, syndicated broadcasts. Boyette was always looking for "that first win" while no one wanted to be Mike's "first victim."

The Viet Nam vet was also a skilled archer who had many dangerous and deadly assignments in the Viet Nam war. Stories had it he was a sniper and used the bow with deadly effectiveness. Mike Boyette was an American Hero.  

Mike, allegedly, enjoyed smoking cannabis back in the 70's, arguably as much as any wrestler that most old timers can recall. To protect himself from potential, legal issues with the police on traffic stops, Mike carried marijuana scented air freshener in his vehicle. When stopped, which many wrestlers were back in that era usually for speeding, and an officer would detect a "strange odor" coming from Mike's vehicle. While Mike usually had 2-3 other TV wrestlers traveling along to help him with travel expenses at 2 cents a mile, the Hippy had the magic formula. 

Mike would produce his marijuana scented air freshener, spray it and then the whole car, along with the police officer would laugh uproarishly at Mike's unique sense of humor. To my knowledge, the special air freshener worked every time.

I was never allowed to ride with Mike as Bill Watts was looking out for me and I became the driver of record for Danny Hodge and the late Scandor Akbar. Another good call, Cowboy.   

Mike Boyette was one of the more underrated in ring talents that I can recall. He knew his role and could make any young, up and comer look better than they actually were. Mike was referred to in the business in the territory era as a 'Carpenter,' a skilled journeyman who built others. 

RIP Mike Boyette, a funny, entertaining, talented wrestler who was Cheech and Chong in tights.    

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