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Speaking of Maryland Championship Wrestling, they have a huge event this Friday night in Glen Burnie, MD highlighted by a rare, special appearance by Ric Flair at Michael's Eighth Avenue along with some of the best indie wrestling you will find any where.

RAW Thoughts:

Thought the irate and angry Kane persona was a plus. Not sure, other than Undertaker, that any WWE talent has ever had a more distinguished career than Glen Jacobs aka Kane. His character and integrity are beyond reproach and he should be what every talent in NXT strives to emulate. He is exactly the kind of person WWE needs to always utilize in a variety of ways as he is rock solid in every area and is an invaluable mentor to the young wrestlers.

New Day has the chance to be much more viable as villains than they ever had on the other side of the fence. Hopefully, they will study the great villains of the game and acquire some of their traits. Wrestlers gaining unique, unfair advantages is more important today than in years past when there were more rules to break.

 Curious to see how the Russian Chain Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules is structured in a PG world. It has be be physical. Steel chains don't play much like leather strap matches or country whipping matches. 

I like Fandango but I'm not 100% sure if he's a fan favorite or not. Fine athlete who will find another finisher other than the top rope leg drop sooner than later I'd predict. I'm also a Curtis Axel fan and bot he and Fandango are fundamentally sound and simply must find their 'position' on the team.

I don't know if WWE has or has not banned the use of Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp finisher but many fans are seemingly up in arms about its absence. I say the safety of the athlete is always the first priority of any responsible company and if the move is more likely to concuss people than others then it needs to be eliminated. It's that simple. Not sure why so many fans have taken to my Twitter @JRsBBQ to bitch about it but, at the same time, everyone has the right to an opinion. It's too bad that so many people within the business have bastardized the DDT, among other moves, or it would still be a great finisher instead of another overused, uncreative high spot that everyone kicks out of on a regular basis. Those type of issues where finishing maneuvers have become impotent 'spots' is the fault of undisciplined bookers within the world of wrestling and lazy talents who have not mastered the art orf wrestling.

This malady is akin to those who have to use their own finisher two or three times to beat someone on the 'big stage' IE a PPV event. It was cool when it was new but now it's WAY over utilized IMO.

Hopeful that Daniel Bryan is going to be OK soon but he has to change some of the things that he does whether he wants to or not and not be a prisoner to his on reputation as being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He could eliminate many things from his repertoire and still be one of the best talents in the business. His health is much more important than diving head butts, drop kicks where he strikes the back of his head on the canvas, etc. His most important job in life isn't being a wrestler but a son, husband and perhaps some day a father. Without great health, those lots in life are more challenging and they're not easy for a healthy person.

If you get the chance to see ROH/New Japan in Philly or Toronto coming up soon, I strongly suggest that you don't miss it. Adding the NJPW guys to ROH wrestlers is a lethal combination. Shinsuke Nakamura is arguably the best wrestler in the world right now.  I may check out ROH when they come to OKC later in May and I hear their advance is good.

Loved seeing @WWESheamus 'retreat' Monday night as that is one of the few things wrestling villains have left to utilize to get fans to boo them in the proper manner. Sheamus has to potential to be a classic example of being a rugged badass who fans detest. If I were booking today, I'd be tempted to have my very best in ring talents being villains. 

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Looking forward to my Orlando trip and working with Mick Foley and JBL.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ 

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