Brooklyn RAW Feedback, JR's NOLA Show Tickets Available, Lita coming to Ross Report, Salutes WrestleMania

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RAW Thoughts:

Great house in Brooklyn. Packed RAWS always help sell WrestleMania. Good routing for WWE being in Brooklyn before going into their biggest event of the year. Same goes for Washington D.C. next Monday.

Thought Stephanie McMahon was spot on during the first segment on RAW.  Her TV persona equates to an excellent villian. Strange how people on Twitter often times can't tell fiction from reality.

The 4 Way to determine the #1 contender for Big E's IC Title was a solid match that featured a ample hard work by all. The IC Title is in need of more 'shine.'

It seems as if Damien Sandow shaved off his momentum. out for AH-NOLD's back fist....oops...too late.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Luke Harper vs. John Cena bout. Good showing for Harper. Harper's a keeper and, yes, he reminds me, and others, of the late, Bruiser Brody. Next time he's on TV, take a long gander into Luke's eyes....they're empty...great trait for a wrestler of Luke's ilk. 

Don't be shocked if Bray Wyatt upsets John Cena at WM30. I expect the two, former, college. offensive linemen to bring the physicality.  

I know that there will be a multi, multi divas title bout in the Super Dome but I missed the concept nor do I know if it's going to be on the PPV or the pre show. I like AJ to prevail at WM30. 

BTW...I watched some of the pre game show. Great to see my dear pal Mick Foley paying tribute to Andre the Giant by wearing one of Andre's old sport coats. If I can be serious for a moment (Thx Citizen Storm),  Mick was an amazing guest on our podcast the Ross Report this past week.

Congrats to Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon for his induction into the 2014 class of the WWE Hall of Fame. Shame on me for suggesting on Twitter @JRsBBQ that Scott's son Cody induct his father. I got 'woodshedded' for that suggestion as most people want Scott's nWo teammate and long time friend Kevin Nash to do the honors. That works for me too.

Solid, old school style tag team match featuring the Shield and the Real Americans. Aggressive...physical...good emotion by the heroes especially Rollins. In the territory days, many bookers would have loved to have a villain duo like Cesaro and Swagger for many reasons.

Surprised to see the physicality between Lesnar and the Undertaker on RAW. First the hocus pocus and then just a splash of saucey aggression which saw Taker with the upper hand and Lesnar exit a hot kitchen.

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This week's new, Ross Report Podcast will feature a fascinating interview with 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Lita aka @AmyDumas. Amy's is one of my favorite people ever in WWE and we have a great conversation that we will share with you by simply downloading the Ross Report at or on iTunes. I'm talking to Jake Roberts this week for a future Ross Report and guests coming up in the next few weeks include ESPN's Robert Flores, Jim Cornette, Shawn Michaels, and Bill Goldberg.  

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