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Late night...lots of projects in the fire...here's a quick blog after watching RAW from Portland and the Cena-Lesnar special on the WWE Network, which by the way I subscribed on day one and will be renewing. The Lesnar-Cena special was well done. How about you? Late night grilling starts now....

Tonight at 9 eastern time on podcastone.com and iTunes the Ross Report brings you a new show with Bubba Dudley aka Bully Ray who's now competing in Impact Wrestling. Bubba, or Bully if you prefer, is not one to BS and I think that you will enjoy this podcast. You can download the Ross Reports for FREE and I invite you to subscribe for FREE at podcastone.com and iTunes. 

Tonight I will also talk with Magnum TA Terry Allen for a future Ross Report and if you have any questions for Terry please tweet me @JRsBBQ and use #Ask JR.

Portland RAW thoughts....

WWE is to be commended on their production values on such presentations like Hulk Hogan's 61st birthday party. It wasn't over done and had enough "dirty looks" from some of the great stars in the ring and potential angle alerts to make it fun.

Paul Heyman has become pure gold on the mic but that isn't a revelation or new news. The first segment with Heyman and Brock Lesnar was excellent. Lesnar has become Sasquatch. If Lesnar doesn't win the WWE World Title Sunday in LA at Summer Slam, I will be surprised. This championship should be a match dotted with physicality. Hey, who knows. perhaps WWE goes the surprise route because so many folks including me think that Lesnar should be the champion regardless of his schedule. 

Speaking of Lesnar vs. John Cena on Sunday take a look at my feature on the 'Polarization of John Cena' on http://www.foxsports.com

Heyman's value to WWE at this point in time is huge and may never mean more as he represents Lesnar who will not be a regular on RAW, etc even if he wins the title. Speaking of that match.....what if Cena wins Sunday and Lesnar wins on RAW? Hmm.

Reigns wins by disqualification which did not bother me as it was explained by the announcers and then the apparent next, "it" guy made his physical presence felt to both Ryback and Axel and the last thing people see is generally what they remember. Reigns rolled and that's what I remember. Reigns is an amazing prospect but needs more reps on the mic but the second generation wrestler is fully aware of how important mic skills are in the biz and especially in WWE. Reigns is a smart young man and I have every confidence that his mic skills will continue to evolve. I still say his time line is April 2015 at WM31.

Certainly looks like the WWE has big plans for Seth Rollins who seems to enjoy being a heel. I'm a Rollins fan and have been since NXT.

I'm not wild about the Lumberjack Stipulation for Summer Slam between Dean Ambrose and Rollins but I'm sure that the two will tear down the house if given the time to do so. I'd book them to open Summer Slam and challenge the rest of the card to "top this."

The Stephanie-Brie Bella story has been well done even though the segment with the physical therapist Monday night on RAW was a little long for my taste but I'm looking forward to watching them in the ring Sunday and expect some surprises. (Angle Alert!)

Loved the physicality between Swagger and Cesaro. Love the upside of both guys and, no, I'm not unbiased regarding either.

Enjoyed Jericho-Bray interview segment but for some reason it seems like it could have been better placed in the show. Small point and I might be splitting hairs. (Finer than frog hair split four ways.) I've got Wyatt winning Sunday. 

AJ Lee is still the best all around Diva in WWE and she can tell an amazing story with her facial expressions. She could easily become one of WWE's best, all time, women grapplers if all the stars align.

Loved Cena's promo...especially the intensity. Made me want to see the main event Sunday even more. I've checked the weather and I will be pool side sitting on the patio at our home in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm sure I'll enjoy S'Slam much more than I did last year while in LA.

Hope Ziggler and Miz have some time to transact their business Sunday for the IC Title as they both could use a helluva outing and the title desperately needs a jump start. 

Again, the birthday party for Hogan tied together well with Lesnar vs. Cena at Summer Slam. This should be a great show Sunday if the matches have the time to tell viable stories. However, when in LA the WWE generally goes "Hollywood" and I'd expect this Sunday to be much of the same. That's cool but give me my wrestling.

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