Buffalo RAW HUGE for WWE...Road to WM29 Speed Zone Increases..GSP-Diaz..JR Loves Sonic Drive In

Beautiful day here in Norman...may even take in the OU-Pepperdine college baseball game later today as it's supposed to be near 70 here. Big, big week for WWE beginning Monday night on RAW with their annual Old School presentation. And so we begin....  Massive week for all in WWE starting with the Old School Raw Monday night in Buffalo. We are rounding the corner heading to the home stretch on the Road to WrestleMania 29 and now is likely the time that "business will pick up." Last week's RAW in Dallas was a strong show with an amazing start and a heart pounding conclusion. Starting the show off with Mr. McMahon, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar and HHH will be hard to top this week but I'm anxious to see how WWE sets the stage for the much anticipated three hour broadcast that will obviously be focused on WM29.  Whoever wrestles in the main event of the evening will have huge shoes to fill following last week's John Cena vs. CM Punk instant classic.  I always looked at these last few Road to WrestleMania shows like an athlete competing in the playoffs. Nothing but one's absolute best will do no matter one's assignment or the segment in which they appear. Every role is important and any one with a "business as usual" mindset needs a heart to heart talk.    I expect Monday's RAW to have ample amounts of 'surprise' elements, particularly with some of the returning old school talents and how they are utilized  and a definitive feel as to what we can expect to experience at WM29. In addition, thanks to some of the 'Legends' in attendance, I would expect to see some,hopefully,  timely humor infused into the show. What will be the proverbial water cooler talk regarding #Raw come Tuesday morning?     Enjoyed WWE's social media Smackdown, #SMS, Friday night as the live commentary always helps any broadcast. We used to do live commentary on the taped, Monday Night Raw one hour shows back in the day and most fans couldn't tell by our delivery if we were live or in the arena. Being live, live certainly adds the needed adrenaline that one has to have to help make a broadcast special. I'm unaware if the #SMS production Friday night is going to be done regularly, occasionally or what but it helped the feel of the show in my opinion. I've been informed that JR's products will be available in the WWE Super Store that will be set up at WM29 AXXESS. Great place/time to buy our family's products and not be concerned with shipping charges.  I'm sure that I will be in that vicinity doing some signings as I usually do at AXXESS and will keep you posted as to my schedule when it's finalized. I assume that another WWE HOF inductee, possibly two, will be named but that's merely my assumption. We all know what happens when one assumes.     Enjoyed the UFC on Fuel TV last night specifically the last two bouts that both ended physically and violently. The overall judging in MMA is so inconsistent that I cringe, generally, when a fight goes the distance because one can never accurately predict what the judge's decision may be. Plus, finishes like KO's or submissions are much more exciting.  The GSP-Diaz promos for their upcoming fight are well done and certainly portray a legit, personal issue between the two talented fighters with St. Pierre clearly the PO'ed hero and Diaz as the cocky, brash antagonist and who will be entering hostile territory in GSP's hometown of Montreal in a few weeks. This is a tried and true formula that generally  works...a clearly defined personal issue between two men who do not like each other and where each vow to win, no matter the price that must be paid.  Pro wrestling has build it's foundation on such human emotion for decades and then when one adds the element of a viable championship to that aforementioned equation, the stakes are raised even higher.  We surpassed 700,000 Twitter followers this week of which we are grateful. I invite you to follow me @JRsBBQ. Really happy that OKC based @Sonicdrive_in worked so closely with WWE this past week. I'm a Sonic regular, Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade, and would love to work with them in  a partnership with JR's products such as our BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup or Main Event Mustard. Seems like a match made in food heaven. That's my story and I;m sticking to it.  If you go to WWEShop.com on a tablet of smart phone and click on to one of our products you will get much more info on each of them including the nutritional info, ingredients, etc. All our bottled products are GLUTEN FREE.  Speaking of Raw in Buffalo, I vividly recall broadcasting a NFL game there between the Bills and the Flacons in 1992 the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Bitter cold. Huge Bills win. But...on Saturday night Bill Rosinski and I ate at the fabulous, Ilio DiPaolo's Italian Restaurant. The late Mr. DiPaolo was a former wrestling star who was a marvelous man and wonderful host. The food was spectacular. I have many great memories of Buffalo including indulging on some wings at the Anchor Bar with a cold brew or two. Buffalo is my friend and great broadcaster @RosinskiBill home town.  AmericanSoda.co.uk is doing a super job of marketing JR's products and you can ask them any questions that you may have regarding shipping, etc via Twitter @americansoda. I've updated all the Q&A's here on the site as of Sunday midday. Check them out. Some, good info and some crazy stuff too but all a quick read. If you have questions or comments, hit me with them there. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy Monday Night Raw Old School from Buffalo.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.  @JRsBBQ               
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One thing is for sure about tonights "Old School" RAW. It will be something between sickning and heartbreaking to have to watch Ric Flair keep trying to put over The Ultimate Fail Mike "The Nature Miz" Minzanin !  Now that a couple of 10 year olds are cheering for Frogface because he is in a "movie" will the WWE continue to do this to Flair ? There are way to many deserving talents to do this with, way to many great STORYLINES that could come from them even trying to do this. WRESTLING FANS would eat it up ! And Miz could go back to doing what he does well. Being a D-Bag ! You should never cover Zeppelin ! Never.