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We hope everyone is having a great weekend. We're going to be laying low, enjoying time with friends and doing some grilling this weekend. If you place orders for our BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup this weekend, we will ship them out on Monday as we know that many are preparing for Memorial Day cookouts.  

I was disappointed to hear of Carlito being released from WWE for apparent wellness issues. I don't know all the details of this situation by any means but it seems apparent WWE felt that Carlito needed some help and Carlito didn't agree. It's back to the old adage that if one can't solve a problem one has no choice but to eliminate it. I'm one that certainly believes that Carlito has the ability to be a main event level performer but no one's professional life should ever be prioritized over their personal life and I sincerely hope that Carlito adjusts to these recent challenges and takes the necessary steps to put these negative issues behind him. 

Apparently Monday Night Raw will name a new G.M. this week in Toledo on a Raw that funnyman Jon Lovitz will guest host. The event is a sellout as I understand it. I have no idea as to who the new GM will be and I would rather be surprised while watching the show live.  I do know who it's NOT going to be and that would be me. I have no desire to play a character on RAW not to mention the 51 weeks a year of travel that goes along with the job. BTW no one approached me with this option for the record. I hope someone fresh gets the nod and the role can expand and become more entertaining that ever. Mr. McMahon was the best Raw GM because that made perfect sense and his authoritative persona was easy to dislike but it seems as if the full time GM role has slowly gone down hill since.

The Michael Cole/Daniel Bryan saga is getting heavy play on and Joey Styles' Twitter account. I'm anxious to see how/if/when this matter is followed up on this week. Will it be completely ignored on Sunday's PPV and/or Raw?

Pretty cool that UFC's Rampage Jackson will be one of the co-hosts of Raw on June 7 in Miami which will apparently be another three hour odyssey. Rampage has a huge fight coming up next weekend with Rashard Evans on a UFC PPV. Rampage is a Memphis native so him seeing potentially interact with one of his boyhood idols in Jerry 'the King' Lawler should be a neat experience for one of the true badasses in MMA. 

We are working diligently on our mustard project but many emailers can't understand why it can't be more quickly completed. First of all, we will not sell a product that isn't excellent in our eyes and to our taste buds and will not settle for average. Secondly, the FDA issues have to be adhered to throughly which is actually a great thing. Another positive thing about adding mustard to our product line is that it isn't seasonal and, like Chipotle Ketchup, can sell the year around in all parts of the country. In our home we use BBQ sauce all year as do many of our customers. Using BBQ sauce as an ingredient on many dishes that can be prepared in one's oven or on one's stove is becoming commonplace.

An emailer told me that I made ESPN's Bill Simmons 'The Book of Basketball' which was pretty cool. I read Simmons stuff regularly on and he occasionally makes timely, old school wrestling references in his blogs, etc. He had Stuart Scott doing a 'JR line' about Kobe hitting Shaq with a steel chair. 

The Steamboat DVD is loaded with some classic wrestling action. Classic. When an emailer asked me my favorite Steamboat vs. Flair match I have to say it's their '89 NWA Title Bout in Chicago when Steamboat upset Flair to win championship....or 'strap' as the old timers like to say. 

Mauro Ranallo did a helluva good job on Strikeforce's Show time broadcast from what I heard. I have to catch the replay but I did see a little of it LATE Friday night but I will admit that I had also had a couple of beers after attending the Toby Keith charity function for children with cancer so my attention span was lessened. An emailer even hit us that Mauro dropped my name on the broadcast which was really nice. Mauro seems like a good dude and we've never spoken to each other or met.

We have a Facebook account and it is located at I only answer Q&A's here on this site so if someone out there is screwing around purporting to be me and it isn't on this site then don't fall for it. I will write things occasionally for the Facebook page but I only answer Q&A's right here on this site. I've been told that someone is trying to pawn themselves off as me and interacting with fans. 

The closing of our restaurant has been the source of a great deal of feedback on this site and on Facebook. We appreciate everyone's sentiments but we are honestly over it and have moved on. We did the best we could and if we had it to do over we would have made several changes in structure but we have no regrets about our food and our concept. Will we ever open another restaurant? Never say never but that's highly unlikely unless it was the perfect licensing deal.  

We are focusing on selling products from this website and I hope that more of you that visit will also become customers like so many of our other friends have done. Plus, the potential growth of  JR's BBQ products in Oklahoma grocery stores  is excellent. After we do well in Oklahoma stores, there's no doubt in my mind that other states will follow.  

I learned long ago not to dwell on the negatives for long and not to immerse myself with people who love spreading the 'poor me' manure. Interacting with the most positive people one can is always the best path.  

Emailer...No...I have no desire to become a financial planner or a business manger to pro wrestlers when 'my career is over.' Firstly, my career isn't over. Secondly, I'm not qualified to be a financial planner although I will strongly suggest that everyone who seriously wants to plan for their retirement, no matter their vocation, should have regular financial planning meetings with a qualified entity. Lastly, too many pro wrestlers lack the discipline and structure to stick with their long term financial plans so that they are prepared for life after wrestling. 

The sooner today's pro wrestlers realize that their careers will likely be shorter than many of their predecessors because of the limited number of places to work and earn a decent living nowadays, many might wake up and actually plan for their futures. No one makes too little money to not save and invest for their future. I wouldn't have the patience to do the baby sitting it would take to make a viable plan work for many of today's performers. 

Emailers...please stop asking me what I would do to 'fix' TNA. It wouldn't be that hard to figure out but last I looked I don't work there.  

Eamiler...what's going to return first, viable tag team wrestling or wrestling managers? Likely to be tag teams but that concept isn't burning up the world of pro wrestling either. That's too bad as tag team rivalries will work if the TV viewer throughly understands the persona's of the teams involved and tag team wrestling isn't perceived as a 'throw away' by some. I can see that it would be easier to get tag team scenarios rolling than to resurrect managers which I seriously doubt that will ever return in their old school incarnation. Where are young managers being trained or utilized? Exactly.

The wrestling biz in general seems deathly afraid to revert back to what has worked successfully over the years in an updated presentation and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.  

I hope to get some work done this weekend on our book project as I am still going through the process of attempting to establish the direction I want the book to go. I've had many close friends offer advice on this matter and the general consensus is that I have too much content to put it into one book. So, if the first book sells then I will have plenty of fresh material to utilize for a second book. We are also still contemplating on whether or not to do this book under the WWE umbrella, which we have been offered the chance to do, or do it independently. 

The book world is soft economically and there hasn't been an over abundance of great wrestling biographies in a while. My timing might not be advantageous for this venture but time will tell. 

Saw David Allen Cole Friday night at Toby Keith's charity function. Wow. The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy looked a little rough. Sounded good though. 

For some reason our JR's Beef Jerky sales have exploded and we are selling it by the case in a surprising fashion. I know that folks are sharing with friends, etc which makes sense on any case purchase. BTW with a case of Jerky you get a free, personalized autographed JR's Cookbook. If you already have a cookbook and want something else we will take care of you such as signed, Topps Trading Cards, photos, Original Sauce, T shirt, cap etc.

We hope to have our old menus, cups, squirt bottles, T shirts and caps etc available for sale on the website in the next few weeks.

The Q&A  section as been updated so check it out if you have the time. Thanks for stopping by and especially for your business. 

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So there's no truth then to the rumors making the rounds that Michael Cole is going to be announced as the new GM of RAW, moving away from play by play into an on-air character, and that Cole's first move as GM will be to name his replacement as RAW announcer.  The OU fight song goes off and JR comes walking down the aisle to take his seat alongside the King and put the headset back on.

Tell me you wouldn't at least consider it

I am going out on a limb here, but my gut feeling is that come Monday night we will have a "vintage" General Manager of Raw. Michael Cole will be named GM. OH MY!!!!. It makes sense to use the underserved heat the so called universe has on him to further his evolution into a heel

Not to mention that JR's returning to the RAW announce table, once Cole is named GM, would fully explain why he had his name removed from the Smackdown webpage.  It all fits  :)

 I agree with you about Carlito, JR.  I was angry with WWE for releasing him at first, but then I found out why, and as much of a Carlito fan as I am, I'm glad WWE took action.  All I can hope for now is that Carlito will clean himself up.

You people need to give up on JR ever returning to the broadcast table. He was/is the best commentator there has been since the great Gordon Solie, but come on people JR himself has said it is over. It's time for people to accept it and move on!.