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Rainy, stormy day in Oklahoma but we've got cable and satellite, I got my workout in, and the college football talk in Norman is rocking. How can today be a bad day? We've also received great news from WWEShop.com.

WWEShop.com will be shipping our Original BBQ Sauce to Canada, UK, and Germany at this time. I sure hope that our friends there will hammer the WWEShop.com site and help us with this much needed project as your orders will turn heads.

As far as our J.R.'s Championship Original Beef Jerky is concerned, at this time WWEShop.com will be able to ship it only to Canada. WWEShop.com has all the details so be sure and check out the info and place your orders. Let's make an impact! Thanks in advance for what I know will be a successful launch. 

For the life of me I still can't fathom why some wrestlers feel that it's hip or cool to wear jewelry in the ring when competing. Earring, necklaces, bracelets, lip piercings, etc defies logic. I appreciate 'style' but this is ridiculous. I saw a ton of this over the weekend. Oddly enough, no one in UFC fights wearing jewelry that I'm aware of. 

Also, don't understand why wrestlers don't isolate a body part, mangle it, debilitate it and then exploit it especially if it seamlessly rolls into their finishing maneuver. Is that sort of thinking too 'old school?' I don't think so and would love to debate anyone on this particular philosophy. 

We will soon be offering cups, plastic, sauce squirt bottles and menus for sale on this site. All have our logo on them and are from the restaurant.

I haven't been watching too much of the World Cup of Soccer from South Africa. No disrespect mean but soccer wasn't big when I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma and I have never seriously followed it although I will likely catch some of the action before it's all over.

Interesting Tweet by John Cena regarding Daniel Bryan. I do know this...John Cena isn't a B.S.'er and I have no reason to believe that Johnmeant what he said. There is likely so much more to this Bryan story than most of us know and I still say that I will be shocked if Bryan isn't back in WWE some day, perhaps sooner than later. It will be interesting if this matter is remotely, indirectly, etc addressed on Raw.

One of my many Dream Ironman Matches would have to be Danny Hodge vs. Jack Brisco, I actually refereed a one hour draw between the two, Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle, Hodge vs. Angle, and Brisco vs. Lesnar. I could use my imagination and pencil in a dozen others. Wrestling for one solid hour is raising the genre to another art form I assure you. 

You might be seeing some MMA interviews I did recently posted this week on Fight -Hype. Check out http://fighthype.com/

I'm still working on the legal aspects of a free lance arrangement that would see me write about college football, the NFL, and MMA for a national sports website and once all the lawyers get their due diligence handled I hope to be able to announce something. 

It looks as if the Big 12 is back in play with 10 teams and a new TV deal being discussed that puts the league on a par with the other major college football conferences. I hope the Big 12 stays in tact and that OU starts its own network that I can somehow be a part of but it the Big 12 thing falls a part that we head West to join the Pac 16. Nice trips us long time fans that might be more travel accessible than trying to get to some SEC locales but that's arguable I suppose. The "Q" is better in the South that's for damn sure. 

Speaking of football, what about Tennessee Titan QB Vince Young getting into a physical issue in a Dallas strip bar after bitching about the service charge on an ATM machine? yeah, I heard that some duded at the club was an Okie who gave Young the upside down hook 'Em Horns sign but that can't be the first time that the millionaire former Longhorn has ever seen that. When will privileged, pampered, and egocentric professional athletes learn that their boorish conduct is just that? Didn't one high paid NFL QB learn from another (Big Ben)  that this act is getting old? Why did Young feel compelled to party with his buddies at a strip club knowing that the odds of something controversial happening increase ten fold over having a friendly cocktail at a hotel bar? 

Thanks for stopping by and for visiting our store. Don't let yourself run our of J.R.'s BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup or Beef Jerky and remember that we ship inside the USA absolutely FREE!

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For the record...

Friends I am 28 years old, working in the nuclear cardiology field. A well educated individual now residing in Pittsburgh PA. This is the obituary of a "smart mark."

I grew up as most did in the golden age of sleeper holds, big boots, and DDTs. As a child I anxiously awaited Saturday Night Main Events, Sunday mornings with Mean God Damn Gene, and most of all those special moments when mom and dad said "Son, tonight we're getting the PPV."

As I grew older I excelled in both athletics and academics. Unfortunately socially I was not as lucky. I was shy, introverted, and alone. As my social anxieties mounted, so did my passion. Monday Night Raw became a retreat, a means to escape. And then it happened. Attitude.

Now I'm not saying I became the cock of the walk, not at all. But the reality is, with the help of Steve, Dwayne, Bret, Paul, and many others, I made friends. Suddenly I had a vast knowledge of what had become pop-culture. With these new friends I attended events, and watched a revolution unfold.

If your reading this, I'm not about to give you a history lesson. The feeling of seeing ECW invade RAW, Taker vs. HBK in a Hell In a Cell, these matches are seared into my memory as exhilarating moments I was privy to seeing. The blood, swearing, and sexual innuendoes were by no means the draw. However, in a time when I was too old to be considered a child, yet too young to be treated as an adult, WWE filled the gap. They provided something other programs could not. Personalities so appealing I couldn't help but follow.

Flash forward a decade, 5 Manias attended, dozens of RAWS, Smackdowns, and countless amounts of merch purchased. I feel betrayed. I feel empty.

Be it a senate race, an action figure contract, sponsor influence, etc. the WWE has lost its way. We the fans have become an afterthought to corporate greed. We pay and pay, purchasing tickets, DVDs, and travel packages, yet our wishes are overlooked. How did this happen, how could this be, alas nobody will care. The longtime fan is no longer relevant, all that matters is the Universe.

PG is here to stay, and all I can say is to hell with you WWE. I'm all grown up, and I've lost my smile.

Jeffrey J. Jones
“Smart Mark”

Vey moving comment by the nuclear scientist or whatever he describes himself as. However within 30 seconds when he describes a nickname for mean gene you could tell he did not do his homework. Ric Flair never used that term to describe gene. it  was always " Mean by, G.. gene woo". For the sake of mankind ( and I don't mean Mick Foley) lets hope this guy gets out of the nuclear field pronto

Interesting end to RAW tonight, where the NXT guys kidnap Bret Hart when he wouldn't give them RAW contracts, and throw him in a limo that gets smashed up.  Is this end of Bret Hart?  Has Bret been 'killed'?  If so perfect excuse to bring in a new law and order GM who wears the black stetson of an old west sheriff, good ol'JR!  Hey JR I'm sorry but somebody else would bring it up if I didn't.  I can see it now, JR is named as GM on next week's RAW, and at the end of the episode, all the NXT guys coem out wearng Texas jerseys and destroy him. The show ends with the NXT guys putting a Texas jersey on a bloody and beaten JR.  Its the new running storyline on RAW, each week a new GM is named and tries to deal with the situation and each week the NXT guys destroy him.  How many past wrestling stars can they bring in week after week as GM's

1. I'm happy you are not writing TV and 2. I'm not available for any more ass kickings.

JR, you are the man!!!!!!!  I hope that the sportswriting deal works our for you.  As good as you are on the mic with Wrestling, you've most definitely got a wealth of knowledge and interest across the sports landscape to share with the world. 

It'd be great if you could get on and do regular Big 12 broadcast.  With all of the shuffling going on right now, they could use a boost to the broadcast booth and they would be well served to bring you in and take advantage of your talent and celebrity.

Thanks for the blogs.  I look forward to reading what you have to say and I appreciate you taking the time to post it.  I still have fond memories of the old UWF days (I used to watch it on a 13 inch black and white in my Mom's room).  Remembering Dr. Death, "Hot Stuff", and the talent you guys had is alot of fun.  Thanks for all of those memories as well as the WCW/WWE memories.  Looking forward to many more!!!

Tim Mathis

 After hearing of the reasoning for Bryan Danielson's firing i was already pretty annoyed at how he was pretty much thrown under the bus for him following orders (seeing as i pretty much doubt he just decided to choke Justin Roberts with his tie without telling someone first) 

But then watching RAW last night what do i see? One of my other favourites Chris Jericho choking Evan Bourne with a ring rope. Now as much as i'd hate for Jericho to also be fired surely if the WWE were going to keep a sense of continuity (granted something the WWE struggles with anyway) then surely he should also be released? 

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