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Beautiful day here in Norman and I'm excited about Thanksgiving as our home will smell absolutely wonderful beginning Wednesday night thanks to wife Jan's cooking. She will make my Mom's homemade, Cornbread Dressing from scratch which is very likely my favorite dish of all time. Food and Football all day Thursday right on through the weekend isn't a bad way to spend some down time at home while counting our many blessings.  

John Cena arguably delivered his best ever promo Monday night on Raw as it felt naturally organic and truly reality based.  

The buzz on Cena's 'firing' by Wade Barrett is a hot topic on this site and one that will likely be addressed in more detail next Monday on Raw on yet another three hour special on the USA Network.  Philly is a great spot for the King of the Ring TV special and I would love to be on hand, I'm not going to be for conspiracy theorists, if for nothing else to head over to Tony Luke's and grab a cheese steak. 

If one likes episodically produced TV, which is what pro wrestling was built on and is based upon, then watching the return of the King of the Ring tournament which starts and ends, I assume, in one night is episodic TV in it's most basic form.

An issue starts, it's cultivated and then it concludes with a payoff all in one night. 

One thing's for sure, the USA Network is working diligently to enhance their cable TV ratings and standing with ESPN as ESPN is doing well thanks to their Monday Night Football franchise. MNF has featured some nice games which doesn't include Monday's game pitting Denver at San Diego which was only nice for Charger fans. 

We've received many emails and Tweets (@JRsBBQ) regarding Miz as the new,  WWE Champion. I've been touting Miz for months on this site as a future big time player and one that I felt several months ago would be in the main event mix at Wrestlemania in Atlanta. Looks like that may well happen now. As for Miz being WWE Champion and specifically for all the naysayers, I suggest that you allow this matter to evolve more than just a few hours before damning it. 

Antagonist champions who are physically beatable on any given night and who have talented albeit annoying verbal skills are a nice persona traits for a successful champion  to have. 

BTW....my first King of the Ring PPV broadcast was in 1993 in Dayton, Ohio with Bret Hart winning an impressive, KOR tourney and then being attacked by the villainous Jerry Lawler while Hitman was being interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund. I broadcast the event with Macho Man Randy Savage (Yes, he should be in the WWE HOF) and the amazing Bobby Heenan. Great memories. 

Speaking of the King, we talked Monday night after RAW about Thanksgiving and football as this Thanksgiving marks an anniversary of the day that he and I rode on the WWE float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was a big deal for both of us as we both had watched this event for years and years and finally had the opportunity to ride in it. When we turned the corner near the NBC TV broadcast position,  NBC's Al Roker introduced our float and listed our names and then called the King, "Jerry 'the RING' Lawler" and I thought my long time partner was going to jump off the float and give America's favorite weatherman a fist drop. "The RING?" Come on, Al.

What year was that any way?

We've got to head up to OKC and pick up some more of JR's Original & HOT BBQ Sauce and some Chipotle Ketchup. Our business on line has picked up. 

JR's Main Event Mustard should be in stock by next week at this time. It's a special blend of Jalapeño Honey Mustard that's sweet & spicy.

We received several emails from fans wanting me to comment on CM Punk's work at the broadcast table Monday night. Any thing that I say in this regard will be examined word for word on the 'net and then interpreted in any attainable way to make for a better headline or sound byte.

Same goes for the questions I receive about Grisham and Striker on Friday Night Smackdown. Why should I address them and then, no matter what I say, be thrown under the bus so someone can manufacture a sound byte? I wish no ill will on any broadcaster simply because, poor me as Tony Soprano would say, I'm not sitting out there any longer. My run exceeded my expectations of which I am very thankful.     

Commentating on wrestling TV shows is a daunting task and likely more challenging today than ever before for a multitude of reasons. The product has changed drastically over the years plus a wrestling TV show now serves many masters and agendas with a variety of  focus.

I've never been a huge fan of the three man announce booth expect perhaps on special occasions such as a PPV, etc. Having a three man team on weekly, two hour shows isn't my cup of tea. With that said, no wrestler walks out to the announce booth and is as good as they will be, if they invest their time and energy into the broadcasting process, over time. Most wrestlers have to realize that them doing commentary isn't about them but about enhancing the other wrestlers that they see on their TV monitors. All that comes with practice and preparation.

Three man booths take time to develop a synergy and timing amongst the three talkers. Punk is a bright guy who is extremely talented in the ring because he worked so diligently to achieve becoming a main eventer and he should be able to accomplish the same thing at the announce table if he works at announcing the same way he worked at becoming an wrestler. It won't happen over night but I wish CM Punk all the success in the world and enjoy his quick wit.

Bedlam tickets, that's OU vs. Oklahoma State for the uninformed, are going for up to $5K per on the 50 for Saturday night's game in Stillwater on ABC. The Big 12 Title is up for grabs and I will be writing more about that HUGE game later today. It seems like  this will be the Cowboys year but I never count out my Sooners. Can anyone say, "Slobber-Knocker?" I will be on the OU sideline which is about 6 feet from the OSU student section which can become a little dicey when young lads have indulged in too much brewsky. 

It looks as if WWE is actively pursing a locale to build a WWE Hall of Fame facility. Not sure when or where but it seems to be on their radar. I love the idea and think that if it is placed in a tourist area IE Orlando, for example, that it will do well. Maybe they'll want a black hat. 

Our Q&A's are updated here on the site which also is where you can find our store and order some products. Remember, ordering sooner than later is a good thing to prevent shipping delays that often occur this time of the year. 

Looks like Tough Enough will return to USA, I assume USA, next year as there is casting call info all over the internet. I hope that the reality show does well. It will be interesting to see who WWE casts from their existing collection of performers to appear on the show. One could assume that WWE will schedule several, surprise guest appearances on TE. 

We bought the Steve Austin DVD 'Hunt to Kill' at Sam's Club for $14.88 and will enjoy it over the Thanksgiving Holidays. Steve is presently in Vancouver filming another action adventure flick. 'Hunt to Kill' would make a cool, stocking stuffer for Austin fans.

One reason that Valets are not used that much in the pro wrestling biz is that very few of the ladies have a clue as to how to effectively perform the role.

A rep of Roy Nelson casually contacted me about the hard hitting MMA fighter wanting to get in the WWE at some point. So the rumors of Nelson wanting to jump from MMA to WWE aren't totally unfounded. However, one has to wonder if this isn't a case of leveraging or posturing to some degree by the big puncher. Roy Nelson might become a star in pro wrestling if he applied himself to it but so many athletes come into the wrestling biz thinking that it's easy and takes little effort to be good at it. Nothing could be more wrong. For the record, I have not gotten involved in this matter and likely will not. If I were Nelson, I would cultivate my relationship with UFC and look to earn some hefty paydays before looking for the next in ring career move. Nelson fits well into the UFC heavyweight division and I could see him earning some nice money with his puncher's power the next couple of years especially if he would focus more on his conditioning. 

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Boomer Sooner!




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Hello Mr. Ross,

My take on The Miz winning the WWE Championship, I think a lot of people hold him being from reailty T.V. against him and don't take in acount how fare he has come since joining the WWE. I think him winning monday night was a suprize, and might I add a nice one.

Its nice to see a superstar elevate his game and turn that corner in there wrestling career as I think most people watching with clear eyes could see The Miz doing just that a few months back. I hope he makes the most of this and proves to those in doubt that he is in the top level of the WWE to stay.

I can see John Morrison changing those same gears also and rising up to the top ranks along with The Miz.  With more young guys like them picking up the pace, I think the WWE is in good hands.

You not being on RAW with The King on Monday Nights, I don't agree with nor do I like but being a WWE fan for over 20 years I know very well how fast things change.

I never like seeing the people I'm a fan of released (Mickie) or retire (HBK). Superstars like Shawn retiring we fans miss a lot but we understand there desire to move on with there lifes.

But when stars like Mickie James are released or like you being removed from WWE T.V. all of a sudden, us fans don't know all the info and just read the bits of truth and lies across the web so we don't understand it.. So I think a lot of people just start pointing fingers at like Michael Cole. Which I think is unfair for him.

If everyone would just understand us fans can't do anything about those things and the only thing we can do is move on with it , The WWE moves so fast and things can change on a dime.

Hard to think that John Cena has been with the WWE 9 years already.

I watched Hunt To Kill, and Austin did a great job in the movie it may very well be his best work yet. Its good to see him and Rock doing well for themselfs outside the WWE, Faster looks like its going to be good also.

All best wishes to you and your family, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Boomer Sooner from a WVU Mountaineer,



Raw was truely AWESOME last night. Seeing John Cena say goodbye was sad, especially since he was a favorite of my 10 year old son (and myself). Cena is a class act, and hopefully not gone for good.

The Miz winning the WWE Championship was great. I have been behind the Miz for the last year or so.  As soon as Orton was attacked by Nexus, I had a feeling that the Miz would cash in the Money in the Bank contract. I wasn't so sure he was going to win once he did so, however. Countering the RKO with his pattented Skull Crushing Finale was amazing. 

The fact that Cena came back to give Barrett an A.A., thus allowing Orton to RKO Barrett was so exciting. A great, great show for sure. And I am so happy to see the Miz get his chance to be great, because in my opinion, he is the best wrestler in the WWE right now. He is very good in the ring, excellent on the mic, and all in all AWESOME!!

That makes back to back great episodes of Raw after a string of mediocre shows. And with the return of King of the Ring in a 3 hour Raw next week leads me to believe that a string of great and exciting shows will continue. Plus I think its great that a former PPV event is on TV, since I can't really afford the $60 every month to get the PPVs.

I think the WWE has picked a good time to shift to the "youth movement". There is a lot of great talent in the WWE right now. I will say its tough to let go of some veterans who are still capable of being top Superstars. Triple H, Cena, and one of my all time favorties Chris Jericho among them. I still hold out hope that Y2J will return before Wrestlemania.

Love the blog, and can't wain to try some bbq sauce, as I LOVE bbq myself!!!!!

-Jay B.

hello J.R

me & my parents went to Monday Night RAW my first live event & i had a great time it would a been a better time if you were there commentating not CM Punk. it also would have been better if me & my family were right behind the announce table. the matchs were great the Orton vs Barrett match was great especially when Cena came back in to stop Barrett from cheating. but the Miz vs Orton match & Miz winning the WWE Championship that sucked my family including myself do not like the Miz & Cena leaving was sad but Cena buying tix for next weeks RAW in Philly is great i think Cena will keep doing this every week until Barrett snaps & reinstates him or rehires him but who knows at tlc Orton might regain the WWE Championship. hope you & your family have a happy thanksgiving & Boomer Sooner from a Florida Gator


Congratulations go out to Mr. Joseph  Styles who as of Friday will be a free man and no longer be restrained by the laughingstock of the world known as the wwe universe. Free at last Joey!!! Good for you....

Happy Thanksgiving, JR!

Jason Hainline

JR, what do you think about the WWE buying the Houston Astrodome (for cheap) from the Harris County Sports Authority and converting it into the WWE HOF & Museum as you mentioned in this blog?  The potential is endless there as there would be plenty of exhibit space, room for a small arena to be placed there for shows every so often (maybe even a return for WWE Houston Wrestling), and the possibility of a hotel and/or some office space for the WWE.  I once read that Houston is the WWE's biggest and most loyal market and since the 'Dome was the site for Wrestlemania X-Seven and is currently sititng vacant, I could see it happening.  Can't wait to try some Main Event Mustard.