Check out Updated Q&A's.....Random Thoughts....Looks who's coming to JR's BBQ.

We have just updated our Q&A section thats you might find interesting and easy to read. Quite an assortment from fans around the Globe. Some great questions and some that seem particularly angry. If one is an adult and their biggest complaint in life is what is airing on a wrestling TV show then I would suggest that individual has it made in today's world. I love wrestling fan's passion and always will be some take their angst to the next level. I also deleted some emails that were blatantly stupid which makes all fans look bad and some that were redundant.

Just a couple of quick notes.....John Cena's submission hold formerly known as the STFU is now going to be called the STF....that should stop the presses. 

I had lunch Thursday in Miami with Mick Foley who is related to marriage to the Oklahoma offensive line coach James Patton. Mick was down with his Dad to attend the BCS National Championship game. Mick wanted to buy lunch but I told him it would kill his image and that "the boys" wouldn't believe it any way. Luckily, the famously frugal Foley will never be broke.

We are having lunch today (Sunday) with Mr. Kennedy at JR's BBQ in Moore. Kennedy is appearing at Tinker Field signing autographs in support of his DVD movie "Behind Enemy Lines...Columbia" and he will be well fed today. 

Dr. Death is now working for Southwest Airlines in Denver and doing really well. We still want to raise 18K to help Doc get a "hands free" devise installed in his throat so he can more easily communicate. Yours truly is flying SW Monday to KC to meet up with the "World's Angriest Announcer."

One of media stops the King and I will be making in Houston on Friday January 16 will be at noon at Nick's Place Bar and Grill with long time fan and Houston Chronicle writer Ken Hoffman.

Sources say  that the Lesnar vs. Mir fight might take place in Montreal but I feel that Vegas is more likely and certainly Las Vegas can use the economic shot in the arm. Plus Vegas  is the UFC HQ.

The economy is going to adversely affect all traveling entertainment shows I assure you. Family prices need to be utilized and playing markets less frequently will likely be the model.

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I copied and pasted this from your message. Maybe I have missed something being said about this. Could you please explain it again as to how we the true wrestling fans can help raise the $18,000 needed for Steve. He was one of my all time favorites in the Mid South. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times in person. He is one HELL of a nice person.

I have a few friends that would like to help also. Jay Martin that was a ring announcer in the Mid South for a while is a very good friend and is willing to help also.



*Dr. Death is now working for Southwest Airlines in Denver and doing really
well. We still want to raise 18K to help Doc get a "hands free" devise
installed in his throat so he can more easily communicate. Yours truly is
flying SW Monday to KC to meet up with the "World's Angriest Announcer." *

Yes J.R. please let the fans know how we can help out ole Dr. Death. Im sure alot of them would be willing to look out for an old Hero Thanks , Ringhistorian

Hey JR!

Just came back from a wedding in OKC and had to stop by your Moore location. Coming from KC I know some serious BBQ and I have to admit your restaurant was awesome! The food was great if not better than some of the big bbq dawgs here in KC. The staff was awesome! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to go back to your restaurant!

PS: Gotta sell your Hot BBQ sauce, too good!

Mir/Lesnar will almost certainly be in Vegas. Besides travel costs, Vegas is Mir's hometown. I guarantee you the UFC will be setting up Lesnar as the heel in this matchup, a role Brock has been playing to perfection lately.

Hello sir,I have a question about your apperance in Houston on Jan 16.You listed Nick's Place Bar and Grill but Ken Hoffman does his Friday show at Nick's Place Italian Sport Bar & Pizzeria.I just want to make sure because I will be coming from Edna,TX(you know,someone you know hometown).It will be my honor to meet you and the King.Besides I need to tell the King that his book costs me $300 and a warrant for my arrest.Anyway,have a nice day!

 I see Cowboy Bill Watts wrote that he would like you to present him for his Hall of Fame induction.  I could also see you presenting Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Are you going to have to choose or could you present both deserving men?

Hi J.R., I just signed up and this is my first post here. I heard Steve Austin wants Flair to inducte him into the WWE HoF and not you? If that is truth, whatsupwitdat!?

Love, Barbie

Calling it the STF?  C'mon!  Look, I don't like Cena, but who cares what the move is called?  It's a stepover toehold facelock (STF).  WWE added the U to go with his old character, which is way dead.  Look, Cena can kinda wrestle, and he is very passionate about wrestling.  He's just not that good at it, and his promos now are boring and weak.  Even the writers coming up with little jokes for him are weak and pathetic.  The guy has natural charisma.  Don't write anything for him, and find him a voice where he can be naturally funny and clever.  This current role is kid friendly but really boring.  Remember, the core WWE audience is 18-34 males.  Create new fans, and Cena does not need to be the rapping curse man anymore.  But give him something better than this monotone, passionless figure who trots out on my screen every Monday night.  Thanks in advance!  As for the F-U, let's find a more believable finisher.  Even back in the old days, the fireman's carry slam wouldn't beat anyone.  Thanks again!