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It's always fun to watch Monday Night Raw from Chicago. Great crowd and one of many talent's favorite venues from which to perform. The All State Arena will always be special to me as that was where it was announced that I would be inducted into the WWE HOF Class in 2007. That was a very emotional night and ranks right up there with my all time favorite moments in the business. 

Chicago was also where 'The Coach' and I had our infamous Country Whipping Match back in the day. That one doesn't carry quite the emotional attachment as the WWE HOF announcement...believe it or not.

Funny when I mentioned on Twitter @JRsBBQ the popularity that CM Punk enjoys in his hometown of Chicago and I said that Punk was more popular in Chicago than Dick the Bruiser. Some younger fans apparently thought I was speaking of some obscure porn star and not the great brawler of another era who used to pack the Chicago Amphitheatre.

Kane's end of Raw promo was thought provoking and can be interrupted in a variety of ways. Unique way to end the broadcast and with the announcers laying out and not leading the audience it allowed fans to come to their own least for this week.  

Anxious to see Punk vs. Ziggler next Monday in Memphis which is 1/2/12.

Hard to believe that many fans think that I know who will be introduced on 1/2/12 after several weeks of unique vignettes on WWE TV but I don't. Even if I did, I wouldn't spoil the surprise. Most of those demanding answers are likely still living with Mom and Dad.

I casually mentioned on Twitter about a possible Steve Austin one more match scenario. I did this to answer a question and as a follow up to what Steve himself said in a recent interview. It would have to be the right guy at the right place and right time according to the Texas Rattlesnake. My suggestion was that the right time 'might' be at Wrestlemania in 2013. Nonetheless nothing is guaranteed and the decision is up to Steve and not any one else. However, doing it anywhere but Wrestlemania doesn't make sense to me.  

Speaking of Austin, his new DVD is getting great reviews. I've watched it twice and it brings back a truck load of memories for me. Its really compelling stuff especially when one takes into consideration the personal challenges Austin endured to extend his career and become the biggest box office star ever in the business. Wrestling with a bad neck is iffy at best. 

It's somewhat baffling that so many fans apparently think that Kane is some new guy playing the role of Kane. The feedback suggesting such is embarrassingly plentiful. 

One of our best selling items at the holidays was the autographed, JR's Cookbook with the lovely ladies, Trish Stratus and Stacey Keibler, on the cover. If you have one of these family recipe books, share with us what you have prepared from it. Many folks are also surprised at all the wrestling stories and such that are included. It's a cookbook for guys and/or beginning cooks including those who want to try some country cooking. 

While I appreciate everyone's support of my work at ringside, it's shocking to think that many folks believe that I can just walk back to ringside and resume my old role as simply as that. My role/style as a broadcaster changed many times throughout my career starting in the 70's through the 2000's. The product changed so my presentation had to change as well. The days of broadcasters doing a hold by hold version of play by play is seemingly out of touch in today's marketplace. I'm not saying that I will never be back at a broadcast table but it isn't something for which I am counting down the days. This isn't a complaint by the way and being able to do other things to contribute to WWE's on going success is rewarding to me at this stage of the game. I had my day at ringside and now it's time to do other projects that positively affect the brand.

With that said, I'd by lying if I said I wouldn't enjoy going old school commentary on the @TheRock vs. @JohnCena bout at WM28 especially considering that we signed both stars on my watch. It's like an old coach watching two of his 'recruits' headline the Super Bowl. 

Another unique and somewhat unbelievable trend I've seen lately via Twitter and emails to this website are fans wondering if Sting will be at WM28 AND be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. Apparently, those fans don't understand the concept of a contract and the obligations that go along with said document. Fantasy bookers can be genius-like when they don't have to contend with existing contracts or with the fact that some former stars are simply done with wrestling and want to do other things with their professional lives. 

Do you ever roll your eyes at how many psychologists and concussion experts are also wrestling fans in disguise? I experience this phenomenon all the time when people address Chris Benoit. In my opinion, Benoit will never be inducted into the WWE HOF because of the last few days of his life and the actions thereof. That's my personal opinion. However, some fans have this whole matter medically and psychologically analyzed and make some ridiculous arguments for a man who's life and the life of his immediate family ended tragically and in a horrific manner. Should the man's career and his personal life be separated? I think not in this instance.  

If you are a fan and are curious as to when WWE is going to have an event in your home arena, the best way to get that info is to contact your arena including going on their website. I  have no way of knowing the WWE road schedule or why they do or don't promote events in one's home area. I'd help if I could but I don't have the info. 

By going to the Insight Bowl this Friday, I will miss the Lesnar-Overeem fight in Vegas. I'm a sentimental, Lesnar lean in a fight that will undoubtedly, in my view, end via knockout or stoppage. I've predicted Lesnar to win via stoppage in round two. Many of my MMA friends think that Overeem will knock Brock out. Two, big, heavy hitting heavyweights wearing four ounce gloves won't have a stylistic fight but one of the Slobber-Knocker variety. If Lesnar fails to take Overeem down with bullrush type upper body lockups and if Brock hasn't improved on his striking defense, Overeem wins. Nonetheless I'm a Brock Lesnar fan and hope that he prevails. 

Also, speaking of the former WWE Champion, IF Brock ever returns to WWE it will be for one, big mega event ala a Wrestlemania. Lesnar will NEVER go back on the road on any thing that even remotely resembles a part time schedule. 

You asked...Colts should draft Andrew Luck #1 and let him learn from Manning. The fragility of any NFL QB's surgically repaired neck prevents a smart franchise from drafting a franchise QB if one is available. Think about it. 

Yes, Oklahoma has several kids leaving the program for a variety of reasons. Some of those leaving want/demand more playing time, some aren't willing to pay the price it takes to be a Sooner, and some just did not develop for a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, OU still has Bob Stoops and with that said I am confident that my Sooners will be just fine. Amazing when those of us who love football and religiously follow our teams have to explain a 9-3 season. Oklahoma fans, by and large, are spoiled and feel entitled. Sad. 

For those that have asked, FCW is loaded with viable prospects. Many are close to being ready for prime time IF they have a viable role. If they don't have a viable role, they're better off staying in Florida and getting more ring time and working with the strength and conditioning people. Plus, working with @DustyWWE is always a good thing. I don't single out any kids in FCW because I generally leave someone out inadvertently. It goes without saying that there's no one there that can't use more work in preparing for the big time. However, I've liked much of what I have seen down in the Sunshine State. 

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Boomer Sooner!


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I hope Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to face Undertaker at Mania with the streak on the line...if that selfish prick Triple H don't end it this year. I see Lesner losing his UFC fight tonight. As for the surprise return this Monday for Raw well i hear it's Jericho for sure...but if not than i'm thinking maybe Shane McMahon returns, or Skip Shitfield is the mystery guy, or Brodus Clay, or maybe even Mr.Kennedy who ain't been on TNA in nearly two months. Should be a good watch but if it ain't Jericho or Kennedy than i'll be sadly dissappointed.

 Way to go Sooners. I think I saw you on New Years Eve at Lone Butte Casino in Az. Is this coorect JR?