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Too bad to hear about Joanie 'Chyna'  Lauer having some apparent legal problems in southern California. I don't know the complete story regarding this matter but if, for some reason, Joanie needs help with any on going issues I would suggest that she reach out to WWE and ask for assistance. WWE helping their alumni is a wonderful thing and providing this care isn't a inexpensive gesture. 

Spoke with Gerald Brisco recently and he is really excited about his next round of recruits that will hopefully be provided opportunities to try out in FCW in Tampa soon. These 8 or so athletes are all accomplished amateur wrestlers who have distinguished accomplishments and hopefully will be able to transfer their amateur skills to the show biz  side of sports entertainment. 

Wrestling organizations should wake up each morning asking themselves the question, "Where are we going to find tomorrow's main event stars?"

Or, they can be held as prisoner's of the past and have no one to blame but themselves.

Now the story making the rounds is that UFC legend Tito Ortiz and wife Jenna Jamison simply had a 'misunderstanding' and that their alleged domestic issue has been blown out of proportion. Tito has contributed a great deal in MMA for many years even though he has, at times, had a volatile relationship with Dana White, President of UFC. The harsh reality is now what does UFC do about this matter as it relates to contractually retaining Tito? Will Tito ever be a main event, PPV headliner again? Most likely not and, if so, not on multiple occasions. Most MMA insiders see Ortiz as a solid, semi main event level star so the question becomes does UFC run what some may see as a risk by keeping Ortiz in the fold? 

My hope is that Ortiz can address any issues that he may have and that he and Jameson can use their energies to provide a great upbringing for their twin sons. If that matter is already in play then that's a great thing for the couple who one would assume should be financially secure. 

With issues like this, I always come back to my old, talent relations motto, "If I can't solve your problem then we will eliminate it."

Today's Pet Peeve....Villain wrestler wins a match via hook or crook, and then gets his ass handed to him by the guy who the bad guy just defeated. It's akin to a tie in an athletic event and reeks of the 'kissing one's sister' analogy. Same theory is applicable if the hero wins and hangs around to get his ass kicked by the villain who just lost. What was actually accomplished? That one's easy to answer....usually nothing. 

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Recently released WWE wrestler Funaki would likely make a nice Japanese talent scout and a viable instructor if provided the opportunity. Just one guy's opinion.

Read a startling revelation on line this week where it said that a particular wrestler "played politics to enhance their career." Surely, 'they' jest. 

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Can someone with above average intelligence explain to me why two out of three fall matches won't work on TV any longer? Is it the old, worn out adage that it "uses up the talent?" If the talent in question has a viable story to tell and the ability to tell the story, all they are doing is better establishing themselves and their issue to the viewer/consumer. I am not advocating that this be a weekly feature but occasionally it would work. Another idea is having a best of 5 series that would be held over, potentially, a 5 week period with the winner of the series actually winning something tangible. That sounds like episodic TV to me. 

While I'm thinking about it, why would any TV show debut new talents to their presentation without at the least pre-conditioned vignettes or a well planned, roll out strategy?

To today's TV wrestling audience, more often than not, no build up and no talk=no success.  

Can some MMA purists or aficionados tell me what the renown Fedor has meant to Strikeforce, thus far? I want to see Fedor fight on CBS or Showtime and hope Scott Coker's organization makes it big but maintaining Fedor seems like a never ending tale of frustration and hyping a guy who has yet to regularly deliver for the brand.  

While I'm on one of my favorite subjects of MMA, I would suggest that Strikeforce feature a women's bout but the next time out. Even though men 18-34 and men 18-49 are generally the target demos of MMA, these men often times have a wife or girlfriends who will emotionally invest in other women competing inside the cage. It also becomes another hook with which to use to promote. That's one reason Gina Carano was so important when she was actively pursuing a MMA career and before heading to the world of movies and potential, cinematic stardom. 

BTW one reason that I bought the UFC PPV last Saturday night was because of the amazing fights that I saw for FREE on Spike TV leading into the PPV. I still have that PPV on my DVR. 

2nd Pet Peeve of the performers who occupy significant TV time that are in a major decision making capacity inside a wrestling company. I question those individual's objectivity and I feel that it's unsettling to the majority of the performers who are sitting in a locker room wondering when their number is going to be called. This was really prevalent in the territory days where many territory owners were also the area's top star and obviously the decision maker on all things of importance.

My Smackdown blog is live at on the Smackdown page. Not sure why it's still on the Smackdown page but that's not my call and I'm happy to be able to contribute my '10 Questions.' I hope that you will check it out as they might bring you a smile.

I've had a couple of conversations with WWE officials this week about a potential new assignment within the company. Nothing has been finalized as of yet and my existing talent agreement will end Friday without fanfare. I will continue to handle some administrative matters until an agreement is or isn't reached.   

The Dallas Cowboys got a steal in the NFL Draft in Oklahoma State's wide receiver Dez Bryant but giving the former collegiate Cowboy #88 seems like it's a forced move by Dallas owner Jerry Jones for some additional PR. This move puts undo pressure on the much maligned Bryant. I wonder what Dez' mentor, Deion Sanders, feels about the #88 business. Oh, yeah, it was Neon Deion who helped facilitate the end of Bryant's collegiate career at OSU which then helped derail OSU's promising season. Coincidentally, he says tongue in cheek, I wonder if Dez is using Eugene Parker who was Deion's old agent?

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