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Big news out of MNR is that CM Punk is apparently leaving WWE after his MITB PPV main event in July in his hometown of Chicago with John Cena for the WWE Title. This quickly has become the talk of the business as Punk is arguably the best antagonist in the ring right now as his work Monday night in Baltimore indicated. Who knows what's going to happen in Chicago? I certainly don't. Would a Punk win change MANY things within WWE? Absolutely. Could Punk become a 'lame duck' WWE Champion? With question. Would John Cena have to carry the burden of being the guy who lost the WWE Title to a man who has nothing to lose and has publicly stated that he's leaving WWE? Yes sir. Is Punk leaving the WWE forever? I don't know as only @cmpunk can answer that one. 

This I do know...the storyline between CM Punk and John Cena/WWE between now and Money in the Bank PPV should be excellent TV and I'm excited and anxious to see how it all plays out as I'm sure are many other fans. I choose not to over examine the matter and simply enjoy MNR for what it is and what this matter means within the body of the program.

WWE is in Hershey tonight where Wilt Chamberlain once scored 100 points in a single, NBA game and where I made the announcement that 'Razor and Diesel' were coming back to WWE which caused Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to get an extra $400K of Ted Turner's cash. Hershey was a great stop for us in the old days as the old arena was perfect for wrestling, the chocolate was free and plentiful, and Mick Foley loved the amusement park. I also remembering driving out of Hershey back to Stamford in the damnedest snow storm I can ever recall traveling.  

Three hour MNR's on consecutive weeks with a PPV sandwiched in between are tough to stay hooked for those of us with short attention spans. When my wife wants to go see a movie I always check to see how long the film is. This from a guy who once fell asleep on Broadway in NYC during a performance of 'The Lion King.' 

Yes, I also think that 3 hour MLB games on TV are WAY too long. 

@steveaustinBSR is spending some down time on his south Texas Ranch, the Broken Skull Ranch hence BSR, after driving his RV from LA to Texas. The Texas Rattlesnake is still a 'road warrior' at heart and loves to make that hellacious drive. 

Old friend and fellow Sooner, the late Wahoo McDaniel, would have been 73 this past Sunday. Even though Ric Flair made the 'chop' fashionable, no one, and I mean no one chopped harder than Wahoo McDaniel which is where  'Naitch' got the idea after wrestling 'the Chief' many times in the Mid Atlantic territory. Wahoo still holds the record for the longest punt in Oklahoma Football history at over 90 yards. Ed was one of the toughest men I ever knew and was also an amazing athlete ala another Native American Jim Thorpe.

Nice seeing Shane McMahon on TV Sunday at the US Open Golf Championship. Shane is involved in a  company the represents Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Charles Swartzal, and Ernie Ells, among other top international golfers. 

Emailers and Twitter followers ask me incessantly how long the PG era will last in WWE. One more time....I do not know. WWE will ride PG as long as it works for them and if it can be attributed to adversely affecting business one can assume that they will examine PG and adjust. My opinion is that PG has zero to do with how the product is perceived in a large sense but that can rest at the feet of talents who are growing into their roles and developing their game.

How new wrestlers are trained and introduced is the key to how well they will evolve into the global world of WWE and without territories to train these men and women, the process is slower than most fans would like and creates a not so easy transition from off Broadway to the WWE. Getting a talent that had a few years of main event experience, much different than merely having 'experience,' to enter WWE isn't the same game as the business is faced with today. Slice it any way that you want, criticize who you chose, but entering the business at the level of WWE is a daunting task and success cannot and will not come quickly for some performers. It takes time and everyone's patience of which today's society has little.   

Thanks to all those who have send congratulatory messages to me via emails here on the site or to Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding me receiving the Lou Thesz Award from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame July 22-23 in Waterloo, Iowa at the Dan Gable Museum. If you want more info or are interested in attending as many stars are including Mick Foley, Jim Duggan, Terry Funk, Bob Roop, Dan Hodge, Jerry Brisco, Jim Raschke, Larry Hennig and many others call 319-233-0745. 

Lou Thesz was a credit to our business and always conducted himself as a professional.  To receive this award is one of the great moments of my professional life. I can't believe that it's happening but am so proud to be thought of in this light. 

I need to get back to doing my homework on the WWE project that I will soon be starting that I honestly feel will be one of the most ground breaking projects that the WWE or I have personally have ever done. It's a fascinating DVD project that will be released later this year. More info as it can be made available. 

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Finally, I'm feeling better each day following last Wednesday's surgery and expect to get the staples removed from my abdomen some time next week. After living on soup, broth, jello, etc for several days I'm needing some solid food. I'm about ready to just drink our BBQ Sauce!

Boomer Sooner!


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JR, congrats on the award.  I don't know how I missed it, but I did.  That's awesome and very well deserved.  Nothing like seeing fellow Sooners sweeping awards.  Now go rub some of that luck/hard work on Landry and the boys so that we may have number 8 this year! 

For the first time in a long time, I'm very intrigued by a new angle/old angle.  I do hope that Punk ends up 'coming back' like Bryan Daniels did (surprise and a big bang).  

Boomer Sooner!!!

Weird seeing Shane O'Mac on TV with Mr McIlroy Sr. Glad he's doing well for himself.

As for the PG direction, what I see as the problem is that they've equated PG with childish, which shouldn't be the case. Can easily do good stuff with cussing, but you need to refrain from calling people "poopy"...

Oh, I heard a great story about Wahoo McDaniel, from Adrian Street. It's right near the end of the interview:

Congrats on the award JR!!

hi jr ,first time posting here,i just wanted to say i hope your operation went well and that your doing good,its really good seeing you on tv ,i thought michael cole was gonna crap his pants, you can tell he likes being the main commentator,and he dident like haveing to compete with the king ,meaning you of commentary.hope you can be on forever,long live jr  tc my friend


  I have enjoyed seeing you in the past with The King and his weasle foe Michael Cole. Every week as I watch MNR and Smackdown if he ( Cole ) gets his payback for all the crap he has done I am happy. This deal with CM Punk leaving with the Belt if he beats 1000-1 odds, I can't see Vince going for anything he has paid for leaving HIS SACRED  SHOW! He might give it up if he could sell it for a profit.


Your link didn't work for me.  But this one did:

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