Cornette, NEW Offer, Brodus, Stone Cold, Christmas Wrestling, Update on RINGSIDE: An Evening w/ Jim Ross

Seasons Greetings or 'Beatings' as the situation merits. Let's get this show on the road.

 Please keep an eye on for an exclusive, NEW offer on JR's products that will be added to WWEShop any any time now. No SPOILERS  here but I think that you will really like what we've put together. It was an ample investment in my time but worth every hour of the process. Stay tuned, please. 

Check out for info on JC's UK tour coming up in early 2014. This tour is allegedly sponsored in part by Xanax as Corney is NOT a good flyer. Trust me on that one as I've been seated next to him on several flights including one from Newark to Seattle where his meds wore off due to a LONG delay on the ground after pushing back from the gate. Jim slept through the delay but unfortunately, for about three hours of the long flight, he was WIDE awake.

Then after that 6 hour odyssey we drove north from Seattle and was stopped at the Canadian border for a lengthy time which was another adventure and yet another story for another time. Let's just say that I'm happy that we aren't celebrating Christmas in a Canadian prison for assault and battery. 

Happy belated birthday #49 to my friend Steve Austin who celebrated his day on his South Texas ranch. Steve is one of a handful of guys that I can think of whose in ring skills would have been successful in any generation of wrestling. Sound fundamentals, mental and physical toughness, a believable in ring style and being great on the mic would have lead to Steve's success in any era unless a booker was too near sighted to see it. In the territory days, Steve would have been a coveted hand as he could help book his own storylines just as many of the greats did in the territory era. Bookers, at least the smart ones, loved that about a talent.

WWE doing a ton of TV this week in Texas so that many can have a few days off to celebrate the holidays. The work load for many within the company this week is hard to explain and one simply has to endure it to understand it.

Back in the day, if a talent wasn't booked on the annual, Christmas might event in one of the many territories around the country, said talent would think that their days in that territory were numbered. Everyone wanted to work Christmas night as it produced one of the biggest paydays of the year for all talents, especially the guys on top.

I can only image the outrage that talents and many in the wrestling media would have today if wrestling companies promoted live events on Christmas night.

Looking back years ago, I had a handful of talents who protested WWE running live events on Easter Sunday due to their alleged religious beliefs. I say alleged because those that bitched the loudest were NOT religious seemingly on any other day of the year but used the Easter Sunday holiday as an excuse to want to be unbooked. Likely, it they had merely asked to be off it would have been facilitated if at all possible. Some of those conversations were actually reality TV worthy.

Hope the Brodus Clay creative direction change works. Good guy, truly a fan of the business and who has the tools, or so I feel, to be a "monster heel." Brodus was one of my favorite guys to brainstorm with back in the FCW days.

Live Nation very busy working on several offers for RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross which kicks off with two shows on Saturday March 1 in NYC at the Gramercy Theater. Tickets are moving well especially the VIP Meet & Greet tickets at the Gramercy box office and via

The NOLA shows during WM30 are getting close to an announcement plus we received an offer from Australia for some August shows around the time when WWE is touring the Land Down Under. Details on both those venues are still be negotiated.

I want to thank our partners in the UK at and for their support of marketing JR's products in their part of the world. Business has been brisk.

Check out for a really nice interview I was able to do recently. Total Wrestling Magazine issue 3.

The Q&A's here are updated and some of them are "Beauts."

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