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Unfortunately a @FedEx snafu has a huge shipment of JR's products to arriving Monday. Check out their site as they are going  re-load the site and you will be able to order and still get your shipment prior to the holiday. We've been snake bit this holiday season with shipping issues and for that we apologize. I'm hopeful that everyone will be patient and not give up on us for those stocking stuffer like gifts for the Holidays from JR's Family brand of products. I'm told that and are shipping JR's throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe but don't delay because once they are out of inventory it will be several weeks until another order can arrive from America to England. On the tee shirt front, we are good to go at  but order early to avoid shipping issues that could occur. We ship worldwide in virtually every size available and have several designs on which to select. Grilling time...

Tickets are on sale now at for our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross shows coming to Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom @StarlandNJ with meet and greets starting at 6 for the VIP ticket holders and the show commencing at 8 pm. Tickets start at $20. With every VIP ticket purchased you will receive a FREE bottle of JR's Original BBQ sauce from yours truly.

To round out Rumble Weekend RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross will be in Philadelphia at the Trocadero @thetrocadero on Sunday, Royal Rumble day, with a 1 pm VIP meet and greet for those ticket holders who also get a FREE bottle of JR's Original BBQ Sauce as a thank you from me and then the show starts at 3 pm. Tickets in Philly also start at $20 at

It's a new show and will feature plenty of no holds barred  Q&A's which are always unpredictable and entertaining.

Tickets for both events in Sayreville, NJ and in Philly start at $20 and are on sale now at Both venues are somewhat intimate so get your tickets early if you can.

Check out the award winning Ross Report Podcast this weekend as our last two shows with @TheBobHolly and @TheRealXPac have both been terrific. Great guests tell great stories and whey they are honest and upfront like these two men were, it's podcast gold. You can download my podcasts for FREE at and via @iTunesPodcasts. We are grateful for everyone's support.

If you are using Amazon for holiday shopping and you go through my site at you will help us greatly and it costs you zilch.

Still no word on who will work with me broadcasting the Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV from Tokyo on January 4 but I'm told that we are getting closer. This is an epic assignment as the event is four hours long, is a helluva flight from Oklahoma to Tokyo, and it features many talents that I've never seen wrestle in person but have spends hours watching their matches and reading about them. This assignment will be one of the more challenging that I've ever had in my career but I couldn't be more excited. I love the challenge of delivering the goods and overcoming language issues, long travel and working with an all new TV crew who mostly does not understand English from what I'm told.

I've been amazing that this card has SO much wrestling on it and that it will have a variety of styles and in ring techniques that will keep the show fresh and moving at a rapid pace. If I'm not mistaken the show will be wrestling heavy,  not talk, and a stiff, strong styles will be featured in the majority of the contests.

Wrestle Kingdom 9 will be on PPV on most cable and satellite systems in the USA and Canada and available on the @FlippsTV app elsewhere. Keep that date in mind....Sunday January 4.

Watching TLC from WWE on the @WWENetwork Sunday and then discussing it with Jeff Jarrett on next week's Ross Report Podcast. Should be an interesting conversation.

I'm very opened minded about what to expect from TLC but after seeing the effort put forth on Thursday night's @WWENETWORK two hour special I'd suggest that there might be a little extra pep in the step of the men and women performing on TLC.

I hope that Ambrose vs. Wyatt closes the show in their TLC Main Event as I feel it sends a positive message to the locker room, the fan base and all involved. I do expect some viable surprises during the show which should build momentum for January's new subscribers or renewals especially with the Royal Rumble included for, yes, you've got it, $9.99.

WWE needs a couple of strong, surprising storyline twists to get folks talking about the Royal Rumble and the kickoff to the Road to WrestleMania 31.

My story on Darren Drozdov will be posted on this Tuesday. I will be tweeting out the link for you. I'm hopeful that you will like the update on Droz and that folks will reach out to him via Facebook.

As great as the NXT show was Thursday night the big money and the desired success comes after these young talents are impactfully introduced to the world o RAW and Smackdown and then having a strong 'maintenance program' or game plan for the first six months of their elevation to the main roster.  That worked for The Shield and it will certainly work for anyone else who is called up.

Good night of @UFC tonight on @FoxSports1. 

Q&A's here are updated although I'm not sure if many visitors to our site read them. I even get questions where the answers are right here in my blogs and I wrote several blogs this week. What's up with that?

Read online where I allegedly called and talked to Impact Wrestling officials attempting to get my friend Mike Tenay as my broadcast partner for Wrestle Kingdom 9. What was reported on the internet was leaked, and not by me,  and  largely erroneous. I texted TNA saying that it would be great exposure for the voice of their brand and that we could talk about Impact's launch to a new network coming up later that week. Obviously, I would have treated Mike with the utmost respect but TNA brass declined the invite. That's the truth of the matter. It's a dead issue and no hard feelings but I can't see the downside of Mike Tenay and I broadcasting the NJPW PPV as it relates to Impact Wrestling specifically as it relates to me. Nonetheless it's not happening and Global Force Wrestling moves on to the next candidate of which there are some good one's/

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Have a superb weekend and enjoy WWE TLC.


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