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Thanks for stopping by on another scorching day in Norman, Oklahoma. We've been getting lots of questions on the Q&A section of the site and will answer more of them here...

What do I expect on RAW tonight from Boston? I have high expectations for the show tonight with all guns pointed toward Sunday's MITB PPV headlined by Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Title. Curious to see what tonight's crowd reaction will be for both the WWE Champion and the man who apparently is making his last Monday night Raw appearance for the foreseeable future. Tonight's RAW needs to be a hit to help pop a nice PPV # Sunday. I'm very interested in the CM Punk story and where it goes. If MITB does well, one can arguably contribute the success to the WWE Title bout. 

What's the difference in Dana White and Vince McMahon? Can't answer that too accurately as I've never met Dana. Obvious observation is that both are work horses who love their brands that they are and have been building. Two, alpha males who are totally dedicated to their own creations. Tough, driven, and combative when necessary.  

How can I be so stupid as to think that there are no stars who could come on Raw and be a shocking surprise and would change the course of business? Well, how can people be so stupid to think that contracted wrestlers who work for other companies can even be considered? What free agents are out there that would make an immediate impact? None that I'm aware of at this time. 

What were my thoughts of when Eric Bischoff appeared on Raw for the first time. Shock and surprise but optimistic that his TV persona would be one that would be easy to dislike just as he was cast. I knew Eric was in the building but actually seeing him w/ Mr. McMahon was surreal.  

Who's pro wrestling's biggest ladies man. There were plenty of them but Ric Flair would be my #1 pick. However, he had many rivals. 

What do I remember about the Skittles commercials? Apparently, my ad lib of the sponsor billboard of Skittles back int he day seems to be memorable to some fans. I just had fun with it and tried to give it a little extra juice. For the record if Skittles needs a new voice over guy, I'm available. 

What are my thoughts of ESPN's Colin Cowherd. I enjoy his work and feel that his denigration of wrestling fans is a tool, as many wrestling fan's think Cowherd is, to fire up those who like the genre. Colin would have made a viable wrestling manager. Cowherd is as much of a showman/entertainer as he is a journalist.  

When will the Raw GM be revealed? I have no idea but I think that it's time. Lots of people could handle the role including Kevin Nash and JBL, among many others excluding yours truly.

What did I think of Matt Wiman storming out of the Octagon after his controversial loss at the last UFC PPV? Childish and unprofessional. 

Why have many DVD topics not been produced? Subject matter for DVDs are endless. There's always going to be some that haven't been produced that likely should be. That will probably always be the case. 

What do I think of lists of top wrestlers, etc? They are subjective and intended to inform, provide content, and to primarily to create controversy. No list can be totally right or totally wrong. 

Why hasn't a JR DVD been produced? Likely because it's not a high priority and not looked upon as a big seller. I can't totally disagree with that logic although it would be fun to do on a personal level. Perhaps someday.

Will JR ever 'wrestle' Mr. McMahon at Wrestlemania? Lord, I hope not. That's the greatest example ever of  'bowling shoe ugly.'

What's Kevin Nash up to. Oh, about 7 feet. Seriously, Kevin called me Monday on his way back from France where he wrestled on a one off event in the southern part of France and was on his way back to Miami where he's filming a movie. Kevin plays Tom Cruise's bodyguard in the film. It's a huge, $200M film w/ an all star cast.   

When is our on line store going back up here on the site? We're VERY close to securing a new arrangement to better fulfill our orders which will increase customer service to all customers no matter where they live in the world. If that happens we will continue to blog, likely more often, and close the store that's here on this site. Stay tuned. 

Can JR's products be shipped worldwide? Yes...if you simply go to http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss.

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If WWE doesn't think a JR DVD is worthy why not a 3 DVD set of Wrestling Announcers...hell even a roundtable where everyone tells their stories would be priceless. Esp if Heenan was included.

I think a Jim Ross retrospective would be best suited for WWE 24/7 rather then DVD.

As for Wyman storming out, it was a little unprofessional, but I can understand these guys getting upset when the judges make bad calls that screw up their records. 

@bigdaddyb While hearing Heenan telling stories would be priceless, I doubt if his health would be up to it at all. The guy's had some major health battles over the last few years.