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Another stormy day here in Oklahoma as we are in Tornado Alley during the heart of Tornado Season. And we don't have a storm shelter. Go figure. Grills hot so let's rock.

Seems like the volume of selling case prices of our products continues to grow. People are either sharing cases, 12 bottles, with friends and family, and also using some of the product and giving bottles away as unique and thoughtful gifts.

With the case price of Jerky which gets you 48 bags with a one year shelf life you also get a free autographed, JR's Cookbook. And we ship it to you FREE in the USA.

Miami is among many cities being smart and working hard to romance WWE in hopes of hosting Wrestlemania 28 in 2012. The stadium in Miami is big time, I went to the OU-Miami college football game there last year, but how does one address tropical rain issues that might wreck havoc on WWE's biggest event of the year? This is far, far from my call but if it were I'm sticking with a domed stadium. Sorry, South Florida. 

Amazing discussion virtually every where one looks on the net about the Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole dust up on NXT Tuesday night. Honesty, i feel that it helped both individual's persona's and will likely encourage fans to tune in again to see the follow up on the matter. I'm not so sure that I wouldn't have something occur Sunday in Detroit at the PPV to add a little fuel to the fire and if not there on Monday Night Raw in Toledo for sure. The end result is to first create awareness for the wrestler and then to further develop Cole's on air persona. 

Yes, Raw is going to name a new GM this Monday night and even though my name has been one of many under internet consideration I can assure you that I have no plans whatsoever to be in Toledo Monday but rather will be watching Raw, as usual, in my La-Z-Boy in my living room in Norman. I hear by nominate US Champion Bret Hart for the task. Or Chelsea Handler. Or Joey Styles. Or The Fink. 

Our personally autographed JR's Cookbook will make a great Father's Day gift and I will inscribe whatever one wants in your cookbook. We do the personalization and the shipping to you for only $19.88. It makes a personal, unique and cost efficient gift for under twenty bucks. These books have grilling and BBQ tips, easy to handle recipes, wrestling road stories, Top Ten lists, photos and much more. It is NOT just a cookbook.

With Daniel Bryan in limbo my new favorite on NXT is the same as the pros and that is Wade Barrett. Barrett seems to have 'it' and time will tell when Barrett realizes such and starts to elevate his in ring game. The Brit sure looks like a keeper to me. 

Funny man Jon Lovitz is a well known ladies man in LA an he should be in BBQ heaven when he gets to interact with all the WWE Raw Divas. Bear with me here but I can honestly see Lovitz and Jillian creating a little electricity...stop laughing or rolling your eyes...love is blind. Just ask my wife. Hey, Lovitz worked with Rosie O'Donnell so why not Jillian Hall?

Got a cool email from the St. Louis Rams staffer who said he saw the #1 Draft Pick in this year's NFL Draft, QB Sam Bradford, eating JR's Beef Jerky at the Rams' facility recently. Sam used to come into our BBQ joint back in the day quite often. I'm also told that our Original BBQ Sauce is making a name for itself in the Rams camp. Now, how do I get in the other 30 teams. 

Do Joey Styles and Michael Cole really not get along? Styles' Tweets would lead one to believe that they do not. 

We're going to a Toby Keith charity fundraiser this weekend. Great event with all the funds raised going to Allie's House which is a children's cancer organization. Remember, don't drink and drive. 

NFL players with multiple years left on massive contracts and who want to rework their deals or they won't come to practice make me ill. When do commitments stop becoming commitments? It's akin to wrestlers holding a gun to the heads of decision makers and getting big money for not even a part time schedule when they haven't earned it but get it because of the overall landscape of the market. 

BBQ Chicken on the Grill tip of the day....warm the sauce in a sauce pan or in the microwave...brush it on the almost done chicken with about 2-3 minutes left in the grilling process and then use the rest of the warm sauce to dip your chicken in during the meal. Try it and get back to me. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how warming up the sauce adds to the flavor. 

No...there is a misconception that I am 'gone' from WWE and that is not accurate. I am an employee in good standing, over 17 years, with the company and within a few days my new job description, etc will be established. At that point I can either commit and go kick ass in a new arena or I can say no thank you. I actually do have many interests within the biz that interest me other than announcing although that is my favorite thing to do professionally.  Finding another Stone Cold or Rock is intriguing and challenging, for example. I am a major proponent of the developmental system within the business and feel it is the life blood for the long term future of wrestling. Even at 58, one finds it hard to leave 'the nest' especially if one helps build the nest.  

Emailer asks why one of his favorites, Mark Mero, did not become a huge star in WWE. At one time there were certainly plans for that to happen. I think it was a variety of things, Mar's in ring persona, his ability or lack thereof to connect with the audience and the fact that his valet, Sable, took Mero out of the spotlight and Sable became a much bigger star. 

Does any one else think that the UFC's 'The Ultimate Fighter' is missing something this season? It might be that one or two guys who simply have 'it' and are lightning rods in the house and at the dojo. I might be wrong but the show lacks 'magic' and doesn't feel as it's must see as in previous seasons have been to me. I still watch it every week any way but I don't rush to see the replay as I have in the past.  

Remember that we ship to the Military via their APO boxes. Beef Jerky is a great item to ship to a solider as it provides them plenty of protein, is 97% Fat Free, and has a one year shelf life. Not to mention how well it fits in a backpack. 

Somehow some fan equated that with Vince Russo moving to Nashville that fact would somehow restore my 'interest' in wrestling. After 36 years in all areas of the wrestling biz, my interest is just as strong regarding all phases of the product as it has ever been and perhaps even more so considering that I have been off the road full time since last October. It's hard to believe that I haven't called a match in 7 months. I'm still not sure what Russo's relocation has to do with my 'restoration' as he works for one company and I work for another and he specializes in one area of the biz and I another. There is another fallacy out there that I 'hate' Russo and that too isn't accurate. We get along just fine of which I am happy to say. Holding grudges isn't healthy...trust me.

Yes...we're still actively working on our book project....yes there is bona fide interest from a variety of major publishing houses, and no I do not plan on making it 'dirt laden' at this time. The goal would be to write a fun, entertaining, uplifting book and not a salacious, embarrassing tomb that could have adverse affects on many families. 

Thanks for the business as it has been brisk. If you order today we will ship it out tomorrow. Keep us busy. Try the best BBQ sauces and Chipotle Ketchup available any where. Be the stars of your cookouts and family gatherings. 

Be well and count your blessings. Thanks for stopping by.

Boomer Sooner!




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I'm interested to see who the new GM is too. I'd rather it not be Bret Hart although I'm a big fan. I think Bret plays a better role as a coach type figure for the Hart Dynasty. They'll want the new GM to take some bumbs which Bret cannot do. I think the original Ted DiBiasie would be a great pick and would make things interesting for his son. I could see them making Abraham Washington one too as he hasn't been seen since ECW stopped. Either way it'll make Monday interesting.

Randy Orton does not think highly of the state of Minnesota or the people who reside in if for that matter

I think that this joke has essentially run its course.

Well Mr. Ross, I was just wondering what your opinion on this matter is. 

Why do you think promos in today's wrestling product are so scripted and less improved?

I understand some people put their own spin on the script, but it seems to me that being given a quick rundown of points to hit, and letting the wrestlers get there on their own would be the best way of honing that wrestlers mic skills, personality, and connection with the audience.

You're always a class act, and in my opinion, right next to Mick Foley, you seem like one of the most genuinly nice people in the wrestling industry.  Good luck exploring your outside interests Mr. Ross.


Seems like it might be about control, over managing,  and reinventing the wheel. I agree that talents need direction but I think it is counter productive to remove the talent's personality from a presentation or their individuality.

I appreciate your concern over Miami weather but according to weather.com, average monthly precipitation is only 2.56 inches in March, 3.36 inches in April. http://bit.ly/cyA7Bu

The March precipitation average is actually lower than that of Orlando, Florida which successfully hosted a WrestleMania event. Tropical rains are an issue in Miami for the summer and early fall, not so much early spring.

Thank you for your consideration.

I'm not taking ANY chances with my biggest event of the year being rained out and I love visiting South Florida.

 Boomer Sooner, J.R. My question is this: When a WWE wrestler is a champion, when they aren't on camera where does the championship belt go? Does the wrestler travel from city to city with it?

They did back in the day as it was simply a part of their equipment. Now days who knows? Some guys may think it is goo much of a hassle to deal with at the airports, etc. Times have changed that's for sure.

Yes, Michael Cole is developing personality, unfortunately that personality is that of a jerk.  Every time he was bashing Bryan Danielsons accomplishments and abilities I was thinking "And your extensive wrestling background is...?.  There's an old saying, one I generally don't agree with but in Coles case it does apply:  Those who can't do, teach.  Those who can't teach, criticize.

As for the new GM, I'm going with one of McMahon's favorite rule: Expect the Unexpected.  The first GM was Bischoff, I'm thinking it's going to be something along that line.  Who's the last person you'd expect on the Raw stage (other than Bruno).

 Tell the Detroit Lions that your BBQ sauce will help them win a game, and you've got a hot seller on your hands.

If you want to speak with the trainers for the Panthers or Rockets, just let me know as I'm friends with both.  I'm sure all the other OU players will have your jerky in camp with them also.  Congrats to Patty Gasso and the Big 12 softball championship Sooners!!!

Boomer Sooner!!!

Thanks! Trying hard to build our on line brand and it is working well although we have a long way to go. Just more hard work and diligence. Thanks for all your support. Be well and Boomer Sooner!

And Jon Lovitz was in "Southland Tales" with Duane Johnson.

The Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole segment was some pretty fantastic TV. For the first few weeks of NXT it was probably my favourite WWE product just because it felt fresh, then I kind of lost interest with the challenges and whatnot - not really what i want to see on a wrestling show. Looks like it's going to finish strong. I'm also a big fan of Barrett.

If you had to choose, who do you see taking out this season of the Ultimate Fighter, JR? I wouldn't put too much money on it, but I think it just might be my countryman, Kyle Noke.

Wrestlemania 28, March 28, 2012 Sting vs. Undertaker... Undertaker wins-20-0... An unknown person challenge the undertaker at wrestlemania... Sting is announced as the challenger a week before the event to generate more interest... Tickets and pay-per-view sell like crazy... One time and one time only sting finally wrestles in the PG rated wwe. I think that would be huge and unexpected. I just don't see anyone on the current wwe roster that could be undertakers last wrestlemania match-not john cena not triple h, it has to be someone that people actually want to see like with shawn michaels.

Greetings and Boomer Sooner...

So sorry to hear about your restaurant...I always wanted to eat there, but Oklahoma is a long distance away from me. Also sad about not hearing you on Smackdown anymore...you are the best in the business and i dont care who they put at any announcer table, NO ONE does it like good old JR!!!

On a serious note...I'm a 38 year old woman and have just been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy...can you give me any words of wisdom or advice to help me thru this new stage of my life??? As someone who has listened to you even back in the WCW days all thru today...i value your imput, especially after listening and watching you go thru it all on live TV and teaching the world about the condition...As soon as my Dr. told me what this was i knew exactly what he was talking about and even had to explain it to my parents since they have never heard of it and i had to explain where i learned about it from and i told them all about you...

Thank you for your love of the business and all that you have contributed to it over the many many years..I hope this is not your time yet but in this business you never know..

And by the way i wished the Undertaker's streak would have been over instead of Shawn retiring...I'll really will miss him..



Most people heal from Bells in a few weeks. Some of us don't. Most never get it, a handful get it once and some of us contract it three times. There is no cause or cure. Predisone is good to take within a few hours of being diagnosed. Facial massage helps some people. Basically one just has to wait it out and not over stress about things that are simply out of one's control. Believe that you will be fine and you likely will. Patience is a virtue here.

Hello Mr. Ross,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the years of entertainment you have given me. I started watching your color commentary and play-by-play when you were in WCW. I have to say Mr. Ross you have given me a great deal of enjoyment over the years and I thank you.

I would like to know how the WWE responds to fans who might offer suggestions on possible story lines. I've been watched wrestling for years and on occassion I've come up with what I thought would be some really good plots. If you don't mind I would like to share one with you now and get your feedback.

Last Friday night I was watching the women's championship title match between Beth Phoenix and Layla and Michelle McCool. Anyway I started thinking how great it would be if the WWE introduced a womens tag team title. With the number of divas wrestling in the WWE now, I'm quite sure they t could sustain the division. But that's not my main plot. Here we go, I thought to myself how cool it would be if the WWE created a female version of LOD.

What about having Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis come back and manage Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Having both women dressed in full LOD garb, runing to the ring beating the hell out of everyone in sight.

My thinking is that the only way this would work is if Animal is a part of the story. That would be the only way fans would not see this as desecrating LOD and the Memory of Hawk. I wouldn't want to see these women shave their heads, but maybe wear the spiked shoulder pads and face paint.


Hello Jr

You Are Truly Missed On Smackdow, There Is No One That Can Take Your Place Your The Best, And I Think It's About Time Someone Put Cole In His Place I Think They Should Of Put Daniel Bryan With Matt Hardy He Would Of Been Tought A Lot He Might Even Of Won The Thing Maybe, And Wreslemania Needs To Come Back To Indianapoils Indiana.

I just watched NXT - well, up to the Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole encounter anyway - very entertaining.  I like Striker as an MC much more than I do when he's behind the desk as a commentator - he's looser, more relaxed, thinks on his feet, seems like he knows what he's doing, doesn't repeat inane crap.

I agree, JR - I'll be looking forward to the follow-up for sure.

The BTS hostility between Joey Styles & Michael Cole is pretty fun itself.

One thing that needs clarification, though - John Cena never worked the indies?  Uhh, Daniel Bryan needs to check that out.  John Cena was Prototype, the belt-holder at UPW in Southern CA before he went to WWE - Cena definitely had IT!

I remember...I scouted and signed John Cena.

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