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Thanks to all those that helped us sell out the DC Improv RINGSIDE Show this Wednesday night. Saturday night RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross moves to NYC's Gramercy Theater with an 8 pm show that has VIP and General Admission tickets still available at the box office and via www.ticketmaster.com.

Key, Monday night RAW broadcast especially as it pertains to what WWE does with the main event of Summer Slam, Brock vs.Taker. After the massive, multi person pull apart of a few weeks ago, what's next? More physicality? No physicality? Another award winning @HeymanHustle promo? Will Heyman fall prey to the Undertaker?

There are always several, right ways to do something good on a pro wrestling show which is why the biz is so subjective. Nonetheless, Lesnar w/ Heyman vs. the Undertaker is the primary match fans are paying to see come this Sunday night in Brooklyn. It's a little predictable if Taker wins to even the score against Brock to set up a rubber match at WrestleMania but that's not what I would do.

I'd love to see clear cut winners and losers in the two main events at Summer Slam including the Title vs Title match featuring Seth Rollins vs. John Cena. For some reason, I see HHH getting involved in this match and not for any specific reason as to why.

In today's world, it seems that most fans are non plussed when it comes to untimely disqualifications and count outs. Keeping the fans happy, content and enjoying the product has to be any company's #1 priority.

Congrats to ROH's Mike Elgin, a recent Ross Report podcast guest, on making an impact in the New Japan G1 Climax tournament. Michael has a little of the late Dr. Death Steve Williams 'look' which isn't a bad thing especially in Japan.

'Ray Donovan' was another 'piss cutter' this week on Showtime. Great writing and character development. The show is becoming Soprano-like which is high praise from this Soprano addict.

@TheRock...I'm ready to take my talents to South Beach for a role in 'Ballers' season two on HBO. Great show that's hauntingly accurate.

Speaking of accurate, the author of 'Blood Red Turns Dollar Green' Paul O'Brien, along with author Brian Solomon, is on the Ross Report Podcast at podcastone.com, iTunes and on the homepage of this site. Paul's novels are so accurate and the characters are so vivid that multiple TV concerns are interested in them. Get the low down on the Ross Report Podcast. Paul's books are akin to the Soprano's meeting the wrestling biz. Awesome stuff.

EC3 of Impact Wrestling is evolving quite well as a wrestling villain as it's obvious that the former WWE talent is taking his role in TNA seriously and is noticeably trying to refine basic, villain tendencies.

Does it bother anyone else that so many pro wrestling champions carry their titles over their shoulder to the ring instead of wearing them? That makes the titles look even more like a show biz 'prop.' 

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One has to be impressed that WWE has sold approximately 40,000 plus tickets for Saturday-Sunday-Monday events at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. If you did not get tickets and want a different experience then I'd like to invite you to my RINGSIDE Show at my only NYC date of the year this Saturday night at the Gramercy Theater. VIP and General Admission tickets are both still available at www.ticketmaster.com and at the box office including the day of the event.

We have two, September shows now on sale including Thursday night September 10 in Knoxville at the International at 8 pm with tickets starting at only $20 at www.ticketweb.com. Then we have a RINGSIDE Show Sunday afternoon at 4 pm at Warehouse Live in Houston before WWE's Night of Champions event at the Toyota Center which is only a 10 minute walk from our venue. Tickets for our Houston show are on sale now at www.ticketfly.com starting at $20.

Have you checked out www.nwaclassics.com yet? The Houston library is a true gem and has so much great content that I'm sure that you will embrace. Stay tuned for some big news regarding www.nwaclassics.com coming soon.

Coud ESPN's Jonathan Coachman be coming to Summer Slam with ESPN cameras to interview @TheRock?  Stranger things have happened. But, as Sgt Schultz of Hogan's Heroes fame would declare, "I know NOTHING!" (Dated Reference.)

WWW.PROWRESTLINGTEES.COM/JIMROSS has a new, Slobber Knocker cap available now. Check out our tees and the new cap when you can.

Are there any good reasons why any promotion would utilize a disqualification or a countout at non televised live events? It would only be used as a last resort or to return to the same market with a stipulation derived from the previous show.

My old friend and former broadcast partner Tony Schiavone will be my guest for the new, Ross Report Podcast this week on the show that drops, as usual, on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET. Last summer Tony was my guest and we totaled over 1M downloads for his appearance.  

The Q&A's are updated as of LATE Sunday night here in Oklahoma....home of the Sooners!

Spent six days doing taped interviews with Scott Williams, my writing partner, on our upcoming autobiography that we hope to release in 2016. Six, LONG days of hard work but we stayed on point and on schedule. Soon Paul O'Brien will add his twist to what we provide him in hopes that our team can complete the best book that we possibly can for you. Even my wife Jan got interviewed for the project. She had a classic answer when Scott asked her to describe my relationship with Vince McMahon.

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Hey JR - Long time fan, first time commenter. Thank you for sharing your observations on the issue of smiling with Bell's Palsy on the Tony Schiavone podcast this week. As a two-time sufferer myself (once on both sides), along with my genetics, I also look like I'm PO'ed all the time to strangers...I've always admired your attitude toward Bell's and appreciate getting the word out about it. Thanks!! - Steve Putman