A Decision Has Been Made

My plans for the immediate future have been a point of discussion in some circles and we now have something finalized. (This is usually where I do the obligatory pitch for your on line biz because YOU KNOW that I  want to sell you some BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup, Beef Jerky or a signed JR's Cookbook.)  Aside from that here's the story....  

I have worked out what we believe to be a win/win, employee agreement with WWE and will remain with the company that I have been with essentially since 1993 when I debuted at Wrestlemania 9. (To celebrate this occasion, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a toga.)

Going forward, I will be focusing on a variety of talent relations matters, essentially as a consultant, of which will not require weekly travel. I will be visiting FCW in Tampa on a regular basis to observe the development of the young men and women who, I hope, all want to headline Wrestlemania some day. This area of the company has always been of particular interest to me including when we opened developmental areas years ago in Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Southern California. Many of the WWE's biggest stars of this generation came from those areas.  

The future of any wrestling company is largely dependent on developing new stars. That matter hinges on the type of individuals that are intelligently recruited and properly trained. Charismatic, world class athletes getting diverse and unique individual training has never been more timely or important.

We are still going forward with our book concept which is evolving really well. I tell myself every day that I'm NOT going to write an 'average,' wrestling book. (For the record, I'm still battling on what to leave OUT of the book in order to keep it around 275-300 pages.)

Our public speaking facet is also in place and we are reviewing some potential bookings on that front beginning at summer's end. (BTW I'm not going to take dates on Oklahoma football weekends which I'm sure will be an eye roller to some. Yes, I will turn down a pay day to see my Sooners play.)

I've also been offered a position to do some free lance writing for a major, national sports website which we'll update you on within the next 10 days or so. It will likely focus on College Football, the NFL, and MMA.  

The new arrangement with WWE will allow me to explore broadcast options in other, non competitive areas such as MMA if I so choose. (For now, being a MMA fan and watching the UFC this Saturday night on PPV works for me. I'm still an Evans 'lean.' as this one has Slobber-Knocker written all over it.)

I will not be returning to weekly, WWE TV or their monthly PPV's. However, being involved with other WWE broadcast products is a possibility. A few opportunities have been discussed. 

BTW my 'cryptic' Text earlier today was just me having a little fun but it was amazing where that little piece of business went and the life that it took. Some of you reading this are very creative. Want to help write a book?   

All is good in our world as interesting days lie ahead. Thanks for all your support. We are grateful , appreciative and very blessed.

(May I now suggest that you buy some sauce?)

Boomer Sooner!


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Let's celebrate by getting sauced!!....the BBQ kind.

Glad you are staying in WWE, JR! Even if WWE won't let you commentate anymore with this new agreement, I hope you get to go on camera every so often for something (who knows what). WWE hasn't been the same without you. God bless.

Congratulations on your new deal with WWE. This sounds like a position you wanted and you working with the FCW kids will only benefit them.


I understand your loyalty to WWE, but I have to say I am quite disappointed that you chose not to continue broadcasting wrestling - something no one in the world is better at than you - with TNA. I don't feel like it's time for
you to call it quits on that aspect of your career, and I felt that you were the missing piece between the talent of TNA and the disconnect between it's audience due to lackluster storytelling by the main announcer there. Like it or not, you make stars with your words and your voice. I don't doubt your ability to do it in FCW, but it's not what you were put on this Earth to
do. I was really looking forward to you calling Flair vs Sting for their final

Regardless, no man should tell you what to do with your life, and what matters is that you are happy with your decision. I'm
just going to look forward now to this case of BBQ sauce that arrived this week.

All the best.

Those that assume that I had a layup deal awaiting me in TNA obviously don't know all the details. Nevertheless thanks for your business.

 Realllly glad you are going to be involved with TR again. Any chance I can get in touch with you through your info@ email addy & get a proper addy to send you some promo?

Much appreciated JR!

Congrats , I am glad you will be staying with  WWE it is home.

I agree with some posters above - without your voice WWE is just another wrestling programme. It is disappointing that we won't hear you call matches with TNA though. I am intrigued by the possibility of you calling MMA though - I am a massive fan of the sport.

JR...as a fan of yours, I'm happy with whatever decision about your career makes you happy, you've certainly earned that long ago; but so many fans who are not just fans of sports enertainment but also fans of yours who feel personally invested in you as the voice of so many fond memories that made them sports entertainment fans to begin with and enhanced so many crucial moments that propelled the WWE jurggernaut into the corporate stratosphere it's in now, only to see you to be continually marginalized and pushed aside....surely you empathize  on some level with those who are disappointed with your decision and would rather see you take charge somewhere else and lend your expertise to provide an alternative to what has become in so many ways a weaker product in your absence.  As loaded a political minefield of a question this is, I'd love to hear your honest and heartfelt response to those people who have been rooting so hard for you only to find that you are stepping further behind the scenes and remaining in what many peoples' eyes is a continuation of a borderline abusive relationship void of the respect you have so richly earned.  And by all means, correct me where I'm wrong, sir, I do not presume to know everything about your business.  Sincerest wishes to you for a bright future!

JR, I think UFC needs to hire you as an announcer along with their PR department. (I know they are loyal to Goldberg who's been loyal to them). I've seen a few UFC events, but for whatever reason, I just can't seem to get into MMA.

However with what all you've been writing about to hype tonight's main event, I'm actually thinking about giving it a look!

Keep an eye out for Su Yung, a talented diva from Memphis that should be starting in FCW this summer.  I've seen her live and on Memphis TV several times and think she'd fit right in with the WWE divas.  I'm sure Lawler can tell you all about her!

Sad to hear you sold out to the dark side.I understand that you make your money where you can. But you know that the McMahons have treated you like garbage.Too bad a "smart guy" like yourself doesn't see the landscape of today's pro wrestling. Nobody gives a damn about WWE. The only reason they are viewers is because of name recognition. TNA and even ROH is a way better product than the lackluster nonsense that WWE puts forth. As for MMA, learn your fighters before you sound like a unrealistic homer.

Thanks for your uplifting email. It's too bad that you don't know all the facts of this matter of which you will likely never know because if you did you would realize just how ignorant your comments are.

Sad to hear that the man I have most associated with professional wrestling since the UWF days won't be heard doing what he does better than anyone else in the industry.

That being said, I can see the necessity for the 'voice of the WWE' top be part of some weekly broadcast team in order to keep continuity with the fan base.

The important thing is that you are doing what you want/need (for health reasons) to do.  You've earned the opportunity to do that.

Enjoy your Sooners' quest to get to the level of the USC Trojans <G> and have a great time.

And just for the sake of argument, I have always found it odd that your teaming with Michael P.S. Hayes seems to have been forgotten.  In my mind, it was a better team than you and Lawler...... I often wondered why the WWE didn't pull Hayes out of his other role and sit him with you for awhile.

I am sorry to hear that you won't be commentating on the weekly shows or PPV's anymore, but I do understand WWE's position on this as far as your unpredictable illness goes.  I'd like to think that it's more about the unpredictability of it than your "look", which shouldn't matter because you don't have a job that requires lots of "face time".  Congratulations on your new position.  I am so happy that you won't be wasting your talents with second rate places.  We all know you'll do a great job with this talent relations job as you've brought in some great stars in the past and some greats are still in WWE today.  You have a real knack for looking at talented prospects and we all look forward to seeing who you recommend to WWE to be the next star, when it's their time.

By the way, as expected, your Chipotle Ketchup is GREAT!  I ordered it along with the hot & regular BBQ sauces and as I anticipated, I like it very much.  Thanks for the autographed cookbook too.  I'll start reading it today to get some ideas for Memorial Day!

Thanks J.R., and take care.



Good luck on your new position in the WWE and possible future endavours. As a fan, it is very dissapointing you will not be returning to weekly tv, however that is from a 'selfish'  point of view. Everything moves on and that includes commentators and again as a fan we now have 'a new breed' of commentator.

Chris Jericho's character has a saying "The best in the world at what i do", well JR when it came to calling wrestling you certainly were "The best in the world at what you do" and it is unfotunate that era has now evolved.

I, as i am sure every WWE/Wrestling fan will agree wish you all the best in life, health and proffesionaly and will be continuing to read all your updates and great blogs right here on your sight.

On one final note, the future of WWE and up and coming 'superstars/divas' certainly will have a bright future with your new role in assisting them. If there is any one out there who knows the business inside out it is Good Ol JR.



I was hoping you might be heard braodcasting some "sooner magic."  Seriously, any chance of you being in the booth at Norman ever?  And what do you think about the team this year?  God bless you new opporunities.  I still enjoy listening to you and King on the Legends of WM video game.  BTW, going to order up some Beef Jerky for my dad for dad's day this year.  Better be as good as you say :)


Congrats on your new gig with the WWE. I personally was hoping TNA would make you an offer you could not refuse. I think if TNA had you as a weekly announcer it would enhance their product greatly. A good announcer can cover flaws of a product very well. An announcer doesnt make or break a product but it sure can make for a good or bad show. WWE has been sorely lacking since your departure. I would love to see TNA develope into a legitimate alternative.

I find comments slamming your decision ludicrous. Do these people want other people telling them what decisions to make in their own personal careers? Likely the haters have no career other than net surfing and mooching off their parents. Good luck JR!

-William B West

Hey JR, I am really happy you came to a decision that best suits you. You have an amazing eye for talent, I think with your experience in the talent relations department, the WWE is gonna get a lot of future main eventers coming from under your wing. Once again, congradulations, and I hope you enjoy this next step in the evolution of your career.

I wish I could still hear you on Raw, but you've done great work getting young wrestlers ready in the past, so I'm looking forward to seeing your work in that area. Most importantly, sounds like you're happy with the new deal. Congrats!

Boo, JR, boo. I just can't believe you'd take a position in talent that could have a positive effect on the in ring product of the WWE, an area that is certainly lacking. Why not take a theoretical position with a pretender instead in which you can take part in awful angles that waste the best young talent base in any large US based promotion? 

Very happy for you, Mr Ross. While I remain firmly in the camp of those who feel the current announce teams are subpar and in need of a big bat in the middle of the lineup, all the while Babe Ruth sits in the dugout, I at least applaud management for placing you in a position where you can benefit the fans in the longterm.

And, before I get all the TNABOTS riled up again, please note that the TNA in ring product is better than the WWE, which says a lot considering the booking is so awful that it nearly negates that advantage.

JR, I am so glad you stayed with WWE.  In this fan's honest and humble opinion, if you left and went to TNA, you would be a big fish in a small pond.

I also like the fact that you are scouting for new talent, and still have the freedom to handle other obligations.

You are well-respected and I admire you for that.  I've always said that if I ever got into the business as a PBP announcer, I would want to do it as good as you did it.

Best wishes and good luck.

 Happy memorial day............ sellout

Very classy

Well J.R, as long as you have your health and BBQ sauce...the sky's the limit and space is the place! I certainly hope your keen eye for talent has not waned over the years as we can stop seeing stars being brought up before its time. Its a lot like grilling steaks really when you think about it. You have to season them lightly, making sure to keep the heat even to keep the juices sealed in, then once theyre done taking the heat, theyre put on the plate and given to the people to enjoy. You're the grillmaster so I am sure you will let the higher ups know when a "Steak" is ready to be served.

Best of luck, JR.  You have a pretty awesome track record in bringing great new talent into WWE, so this sounds like a great way for you to go career-wise. 

As a 54-year-old that is feeling hungover after a rare week-long business trip (and I don't drink alcohol), I can only imagine what 52 weeks of travel a year must feel like. 

All in all, it sounds like you've got a lot of great opportunities and exciting projects going for you - I am SO ready to buy your book as soon as it comes out - that I think this is a great situtation for you.


Good luck JR hope i will see you in the commentator booth again some day for MMA or another non compenitaive WWE program.

JR, we'll miss you on WWE TV.  Hopefully, there are opportunities for you to "guest host" when RAW comes to OKC!  Jerry w/o you is like Steak w/o JR's BBQ Sauce!

Glad to hear the you are staying with WWE, JR! Hope everything works out great.

Do you plan on traveling to Kansas City for the July Money In The Bank PPV? If so, are there are Kansas City BBQ joints that you highly favor and specifically make an effort to get to when in KC?