Del Rio's Upside..MVP's Awesome Promo..SD Thoughts..JR to Waco on ESPN2..Will Undertaker be at WM27?

Thanks for stopping by for one of the quicker reads of the week. We've got a great deal going on this weekend including heading to Waco, Texas to see my Sooners compete against a vastly improved Baylor Bear team at a Big 12 institution known more for their hoops teams than football but that climate is changing.

Random thoughts from near and far as we get ready to head South and across the Red River......

Alberto Del Rio has a bona fide upside but needs to be more aggressive and allow his mean streak to be vividly be on display when he's on the offensive. I really think that Del Rio can be a star in WWE but it may take him a little longer than some may like. Patience is the key as Alberto has a great look, wrestling heritage, and the legit skills to be a major player over time and then for years to come. Del Rio walking the edge of the PG rating might be interesting.

MVP's promo on Friday Night Smackdown was his best in months and maybe ever.  I listened intently to every word and to be perfectly honest I rarely listen to every word of every wrestling promo that I hear during the week of seemingly endless TV broadcasts.

Promos in wrestling need to be like great reality TV and come off as real, organic and natural while not being contrived and memorized copy. Those that can ad lib to a certain degree and rise to the occasion when challenged to perform extemporaneously often times end up becoming stars. During WWE's self proclaimed transition period, it would be fun to see who could thrive in the emotional, natural, old school promo environment which is as much about delivery as it is about content.

Edge was manic Friday night. To show you how the biz has changed one illustration might be Edge who displayed few hero/protagonist tendencies Friday night but was obviously and clearly the fan favorite. 

Felt bad for the day Paul Bearer must have had that not only had to have been long but physically challenging for a guy who is large and is no spring chicken. 

Is Drew McIntyre still the 'chosen one' as once identified by the Chairman of WWE?  McIntyre has all the physical skills it takes to be a main event star but his biggest area of growth is the mental side of being Drew McIntyre from bell to bell. Another classic example of not having viable wrestling territories that a guy like McIntyre could have tolled away in for a few years before coming to WWE. 

Jack Swagger w/o his questionable 'mascot' (Why Jack Why?) is a very formidable opponent for any one on any brand. As I said money night on my brief cameo at ringside on RAW, I feel that Jack Swagger, when motivated and focused can beat any one in WWE and I truly mean that. However, if Swagger wants to be a comedian and not play to his definitive, natural strengths he will never achieve the level of success that he should. I could easily see Swagger getting refocused and becoming World Champion or WWE Champion in 2011. Jack, lose the mascot. Come on, man.

Kaval beats the IC champion on Friday night in approximately two minutes of bell to bell action. Doesn't bode well for Dolph Ziggler who also recently lost three in a row to Daniel Bryan in one week. Ziggler is due to miraculously recover his focus and will likely beat Kaval in what could be a helluva match Sunday at Survivor Series. They could steal the show but not in 5-7 minutes of wrestling time. 

Smackdown was a good show but nothing on it motivated me to become more interested in Survivor Series than Piper's Pit Monday night on Raw. Cena is seemingly screwed and I've thought quite a bit about his dilemma and I can't think of how Orton is going to be able to not lose the WWE Title to Wade Barrett. If that happens that' s some history that will create noticeable fallout.

The Cena/Nexus/Orton/WWE Title business is the most compelling storyline in WWE in a long while and, as many have stated, Rowdy Roddy Piper helped bring even more of an emotional focus on this main event this past week on Raw. 

Emailer....I don't think that Monday night was my official 'send off ' from WWE announcing or at least no one told me such. After doing a piece of the Celtics radio broadcast with pal Sean Grande a couple of weeks ago in OKC and with the OU Football and Basketball job coming open next year, I would like to think that I will be doing some broadcasting work before I finally hang it up which will be years from now. The UFC upper mgmt people know that I have an interest in their product and I think that my style would fit what they do quite well especially when they begin expanding their roster of broadcasters. Who knows, WWE might want me to do something on an  occasional basis but I must point out that there is absolutely no plans to that affect at this time.  

The good news is that I've regained my health and the fire is burning again to do something along the aforementioned lines. time will tell but no matter what happens I will remain happy and attack every day with every intention to enjoy that day to the fullest. Plus, I don't feel like the traditional old timer who can't do his job any longer as broadcasters have a much longer shelf life than do the wrestlers.

Steve Austin's 'Hunt to Kill' is Steve's best work as an actor by far. It's amazing that he is improving so rapidly but those of us that know Steve's work ethic and drive to be great, not average, aren't totally shocked. 'Hunt to Kill' is available  on DVD and you should get it. It will make a great stocking stuffer along with our BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup and Beef Jerky. 

JR's Main Event Mustard joins the family soon and it's a 'must try.' 

Roster cuts are never fun especially for those that are released or endeavored and for those making the phone calls and relaying the bad news. I hated that aspect of the job but it simply goes with the turf. Only way to do it is respectfully and truthfully. Most folks take it fairly well until a few years later when some of them who need the cash sit down to do the infamous shoot interviews and bury every one in sight except the person that they see in the mirror. I've been gut and quartered on many occasions bu y those that I always felt that I treated fairly. Such is life in the wrestling biz in my old role.

I could see all the individuals that WWE cut on Friday finding success in the wrestling biz if they identify what it is that they are lacking and go to work immediately to address their liabilities. Honestly, a fresh start is often times good medicine as opposed to just existing on the bottom of the roster waiting for someone else to make it happen for you. As the King would say, "One can't grieve forever" so rise up, develop a plan, and begin to get better at one's vocation. Take it from me, it isn't the end of the world. Plus, if you have your health a large part of your battle back is done.  

Our new, crimson and cream colored, autographed Coozies are a huge hit. They're FREE with many orders  in our store and these aren't cheap Coozies either. I've had folks email us wanting to just buy the Coozies after they've seen them. 

Did you know that we have packages in our store on this very website that start at under $10? In case you did not get it, we want all wrestling fans, internet site people, the media in general to shop with us during the holidays for great tasting, unique and affordable gifts for every occasion and person on your shopping list. Every thing comes with autographed swag. We only ship to the USA but ships outside the USA.

Wrestlemania will be here before we know it in Atlanta. I would expect that some 2011 WWE HOF names to be released in the next two weeks or so and maybe sooner. Tickets need to be sold for the HOF induction ceremony and one can't sell goods out of an empty wagon. The biggest issue about WM27 seems to be the status of the Undertaker. I think it will be a photo finish but I will not, cannot, and choose not to bet against Taker returning to try and take his streak to 19-0. If most fans only knew what Wrestlemania personally means to the Phenom you wouldn't bet against him either. 

Check out ESPN2 Saturday night as you might see a familiar black hat on the OU sideline. If you spot me then Tweet me @JRsBBQ. 

O.k. hit that store, place a nice order and we'll ship it Monday. Have a great weekend. I'm off to Waco and then back to Oklahoma Sunday to watch the 24th Survivor Series on PPV.

Boomer Sooner!


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Hello, Jim Ross.

Just thought I would mail you our columnists latest piece on your fine self :) although while you may not agree with i100% it is a nice strong article from a very good writer. Check it out.



"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm"

Hey JR, I just watched a classic match from Monday Night Raw; 1-2-3 Kid vs Bret Hart for the WWF Championship in 1994. Just wondered what you could recall from this bout and your thoughts of Macho Man Randy Savage as a colour commentator? BTW just ordered my third case of BBQ sauce from, my Mum over here in Manchester loves the stuff!

I just watched a classic match from Monday Night Raw!

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