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Hello every one and thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. The visits to our site are growing every week but we respectfully request that you keep telling your friends about our site. With grilling season upon us, we are staying busy with our on line business and our BBQ Sauce biz in Homeland Grocery stores in Norman.  However, we're never too busy to get your order shipped ASAP and appreciate your business. Here's a quick taste of 'Random Thoughts.' 

Intriguing statement made by Brock Lesnar regarding WWE earlier this week. I don't think that anyone should expect Lesnar to competitively step back in a WWE ring while he is still competing in UFC and if did it would surprise me. I can see Lesnar easily pulling off a Guest Host shot on Raw around the time that Brock's book comes out which I assume is later in 2010. After Brock calls it a career in UFC, which I also don't see for a while, it's within the realm of possibility that he could do a 'one off' bout in WWE likely at a Wrestlemania. This is not likely, in my opinion, for a few years so let's not start the dialog about Atlanta and who Lesnar 'might' wrestle in the Georgia Dome. That's just not going to happen in my eyes. 

We are making plans now to attend Brock's July 3 fight against Shane Carwin in Las Vegas which will likely be a war. I do know that the more the fans in attendance boo Lesnar the more it gets him going. How do you think that Brock was received in Iowa City back in the day when Minnesota came calling to wrestling the Hawkeyes?

Speaking of MMA, how many of you follow MMA on HDNet? If you are not a HDNet viewer, I wholeheartedly suggest that you give them a shot. I'm a fan of that network. Love the MMA content and try and watch ROH too.  

Big news that Smackdown is moving to cable this fall on Syfy and leaving MyNetwork TV. There's lots of industry speculation that MyNetwork TV may be on shaky ground and if so, that;s reason enough for WWE to move Friday Night Smackdown, starring Matt Striker and Todd Grisham, to another of their strategic partner's networks. This move is great for Syfy which averages under a one rating point whereas Smackdown should garner well above the network norm. I do not know the availability of Syfy on all cable systems but we have it here on Cox Cable in HD even. I can't recall seeing Syfy too often on hotel TV systems but that's not a hill to die on when looking at the big picture. It seems as if WWE would attempt to have a presence on broadcast TV via local syndication so that 100% of their content isn't strictly on cable or satellite. I'm not in the loop and my opinion is just that, my take on the matter.

It would not shock me to see NXT move to Bravo but that's mere speculation on my part. Nonetheless some numb skull somewhere will likely say that "JR says that NXT is moving to Bravo." Bravo is another of WWE's 'partner networks' and seems like a viable candidate for NXT but your guess is as good as mine.    

It seemed strange that when WWE sent out a press release talking about the Smackdown move to Syfy that they inadvertently omitted from the list of stars appearing on the program the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger. The World Title is the centerpiece on Smackdown.

Our potential book project had me up until after 2 a.m. writing down potential stories for a book that I don't want to be 'War and Peace' sized. Simply writing about the cultural changes and the experiences that I had as a young man in the 70's and 80's could theoretically be a book unto itself. I've interacted with some unique individuals in 36 years without question....some were great people but there were a few tools in the shed as well.

My friend Dennis Brent found approximately one year's, or perhaps even more, worth of my early 90's WSB Radio show that was cleverly entitled 'Wrestling with Jim Ross.' On these Sunday night programs that emanated in Atlanta, I took calls and had tons of well known guests from the world of wrestling, primarily WCW talents from back in the day. The show was highly popular and I produced and hosted it until I left Atlanta in 1993 to go to work for WWE. We are currently researching ways to market these one hour programs. Hopefully there will be an interest in them as old school fans will love them while younger fans will enjoy hearing many of the most famous wrestling personalities of yesteryear in a completely different environment that was in a highly competitive and unique era.

A friend told me recently that former WWE Diva Maria's new CD was excellent and that Maria was so dedicated to her music career that she financed the project herself. I admire that dedication and encourage all fans to check out Maria's work which, I think, is available on ITunes. Maria is a wonderful spirit and I really enjoy her work on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Any one who can spend time with Donald Trump comes out the better for it. I have always found Donald to be a helluva guy with amazing perception and vision and it's obvious that he's a brilliant man. One terrific marketer and promoter.

How many times have you grilled this week? I've been on the patio a bunch and plan on having 'steak night' tonight and will use our Chipotle Ketchup, perhaps mixed with a little of J.R.'s HOT BBQ Sauce to make my own steak sauce. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on numerous, money saving packages that are currently available in our store here on the site. Jerky man, who's in the "Meat Hall of Fame,' seriously, and is a nationally award winning 'smoker' of meats tells me that the price of beef is likely to rise so there may be issues there that we have to address. I am doing all I can to keep the prices affordable and have had one price increase here on our site in three years. Bottom line, if you are a jerky customer, I might suggest that you place your orders and avoid what may be a small issue. We make great Beef Jerky and one gets what one pays for but I also know that we are all on budgets to varying degrees. 

Getting 'jacked' about the Cauliflower Alley Club function next week. We are shipping Original BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup to Las Vegas to be put on each table at the banquet on Wednesday night. I won't be writing a speech as I don't need a script to make my point or to express how I feel.

Congrats to Eve Torres on winning the Womens Title on Raw Monday night in London. Eve is a helluva athlete and a tough woman. She trains at a Gracie Academy and actually dates one of the Gracie's. The Gracie family are generally considered the founding family of MMA. 

The Q&A Section of the site has been updated and I encourage you to read the latest questions and answers. If your submission did not make the cut it was likely way too long or redundant. Plus, I can't physically answer every, single question that we receive. Sorry.

Big Ben Roethlisberger needs to make better decisions and act like the leader of one of the proudest football franchises in existence instead of seemingly trying to prove that he is the BMOC. Pittsburgh is a small town by NFL standards and the Rooney family don't deserve or wont' tolerate the continued foolishness by any Steeler. When I've met Ben he's been a good dude and his little sister, Carlie, who plays for the OU Women Basketball is an awesome young lady/athlete, but the Steeler QB needs to enhance his image immediately and stay out of 'hot spots' and environments that foster potential problems. When I was the head of talent relations for WWE, these types of talks with athletes were commonplace with those that consistently made bad decisions. 

Remember the motto..."If I can't solve your problem, I will eliminate it." 

Thanks for spending some time on our site and come back and see us soon. I will be updating your Q&A's regularly.  Be well and continue count those blessings. 

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