Details on how to get a FREE bottle of JR's HOT BBQ Sauce...Random Thoughts...

It's a cold, three dog night here in Oklahoma but we've got some red not news from our on line store and some random thoughts for you to ponder.... 

Starting at Noon Friday thru Midnight Sunday night (central time) purchase any two packages you choose from our on line store and we will throw in a FREE bottle of JR's HOT BBQ Sauce. If you haven't tried our HOT BBQ Sauce yet here's your chance. I use in it meatloaf, burgers, on baked and grilled chicken and use it as a dipping sauce for fries and onion rings. It makes chicken tenders extraordinary. Plus it is awesome in baked or pinto beans.  

It's a simple deal...order any two packages from our store here on this site that you choose (get free, autographed swag with every package) and we'll throw in a FREE bottle of JR's HOT BBQ Sauce. Thanks for ordering.  

Emailer....there is absolutely no chance that HBK is going to come out of retirement to wrestle the Undertaker at WM27 in Atlanta. No chance. 

Twitter @JRsBBQ.....Indeed Curt Henning was a special performer who was athletically gifted and naturally charismatic. Perfect or 'Perfecto' as Razor Ramon used to call him was a classic practical joker in the locker room and had the ability to make one laugh or want to kill him. I enjoyed doing commentary with Curt even though he really never had his heart into it because he was, like Brian Pillman, a natural born in ring performer who did not feel comfortable around the business in any role other than wrestling. Perhaps if both Perfect and Brian had lived longer they both would have gotten to the point in their career that they would have enjoyed the Ventura/Heenan role of TV commentary. Perfect once put a lock and chain on my brief case and attached it to the rafter of the locker room. I had to get the building people to find and then loan me bolt cutters to cut down my brief case where my car keys were being held prisoner.   

Emailer....I would agree that wrestling could use some new blood in the 'brawling' category but hopefully it's coming. Sheamus has some brawling instincts, or so it seems to me, and I like the potential upside of rookie Brodus Clay as a bad ass brawler. Husky Harris also seems to be the 'brawling kind' ala his Grandpa Blackjack Mulligan. 

Emailer...I have mixed emotions about Wrestlemania 28 going outdoors with no dome to protect the event from the elements and to retain the crowd noise. I have been to the stadium in Miami for several games and it can get loud there so perhaps the noise issue may be less of an issue than some perceive. Nonetheless no one can control Mother Nature as I can attest by simply looking out my window where I'm sitting.

Bottom line about WM28....being in South Florida during the last week of March until early April can't be all bad. Wrestlemania is our Super Bowl and no matter where it's held it will always be special.

Emailer...Yes, I absolutely use our Chipotle Ketchup as a steak sauce and it's a hit especially if you take a moment to warm a small dish of it up in the microwave for a few seconds before using the best tasting ketchup on earth. Treat it like any other steak sauce and you will discover that the warmed up version of JR's Chipotle Ketchup is money. 

Twitter @JRsBBQ....Sorry that some take exception when they ask for my opinion and I simply give it. No...I do not think that Sting is going to sign with WWE and wrestle the Undertaker at WM27. For those 'Oliver Stone's' out there that have it all figured out and are threatening to 'boycott' WM27 over this self induced fiasco, do whatever it is that makes you happy. I'm fairly certain that if Sting and WWE wanted to do business together that it would get done. 

Plus, even though there is obvious renewed interest in the Sting persona, if I were WWE I would not do a Sting DVD until I had access to the man himself so that a proposed Sting DVD would not be a compilation but rather a documentary. I'd be happy to sit off camera and conduct the interview, for the record.

Or, let the 'Voice of WWE' do it. 

Mother Nature has played hell with our shipping schedules. Several folks are now getting their orders delivered albeit a few days late due to the weather. We use Federal Express Ground for the bulk of our shipping needs and Fed X thus far has done a nice job for us. 

If GSP faces Anderson Silva some day, I will be rooting for St. Pierre but we all have to be honest with ourselves regarding the size disparity between the two men that will be evident come fight time. Silva is a much bigger man and St. Pierre will be physically challenged as it relates to 'size matters' if and when these two UFC superstars collide. GSP fans say that "George will find a way" and that well may be true but the longer the fight goes it seems to me that Anderson builds a bigger advantage.

Nonetheless, Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva is THE fight that the world is demanding to see in MMA. BTW I would work on that broadcast for free just to get to experience the event.

UFC sold over 40,000 tickets in Toronto for the Rogers Center, which has been the site of two Wrestlemanias, the first day that tickets went on sale Thursday to their Fight Club members. The public can buy tickets in TO on Saturday as I understand it. That's an impressive 'on sale' for any promoter. UFC is hot and GSP fighting in Canada is a smart booking. 

Strikeforce starts their heavyweight tournament this Saturday night on Showtime. I'll be watching for sure. Strikeforce will never overtake UFC, not sure it that's even a remote goal, but Strikeforce can be a much more viable brand than they currently are but in order to do so they must strike while the iron is hot and capitalize the publicity that they are getting in various media outlets leading into Saturday night. 

I enjoy listening to Strikeforce play by play man Mauro Ranallo who has plenty of passion but I appreciate Mauro's knowledge even more. All MMA broadcasters need to slow down and provide more background info to casual fans. Think of it as broadcasting 101 and that the bulk of one's audience has never watched a MMA broadcast before. Throwing out names of fighters from the past, or present, holds with exotic names and no explanation as to how they work won't help educate new viewers who are looking to learn more about MMA and become a 'hardcore fan.' 

Fight strategy/game plans isn't like explain trigonometry and should be explained succinctly and in a variety of ways throughout a fight. 

We will have all our products available at WWE's main merchandise stand at Fan Axxess at WM27. I'm counting on every one to come through and clean them out of product early and often. I predict that there will be no JR's products to be found come the weekend of Wrestlemania. 

For those traveling to Wrestlemania from outside the USA, remember that we will ship your orders to your hotel and you can take the product home with you. I've never heard of any one having any issues with our products in checked baggage plus it is in plastic bottles so it won't break very easily. 

Emailer...asked me about wrestling riots. I've been in a handful. No fun. Unnecessary. Really stupid when they're self inflicted. Innocent people get hurt more often than not and the publicity that comes from a wrestling riot usually isn't overly flattering even if one subscribes to the theory that all publicity is good publicity. Might have been the case in a previous generation but not so much today. Wrestling riots generally serve those who are involved in said riots to embellish their tales over the years generally over an adult beverage. 

Bruiser Bob Sweetan, not the nicest guy I ever met in the in the biz, once started a riot in Lake Charles in a match with the late Grizzly Smith that I was refereeing and the experience sucked. Lake Charles, Louisiana police were tough and one had the fat end of a pool cue hollowed out and filled with lead so he had an enhanced night stick that did significant damage to all that came in contact with it. Some fans unfortunately deserved to be restrained but others simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I followed Sweetan back to the locker room through angry, angry fans while Griz laid in the ring bleeding profusely. the rule of thumb was to always leave with the villains because that's where the cops would be. They were there alright and doing all they could but that did not prevent me from getting punched repeatedly while navigating through the many irate, drunken alpha males who wanted to kill Sweetan for what he did to their beloved hero and me for allowing the heinous actions to occur. Needless to say, the large Cowboy wasn't pleased to hear of the 'riot' no matter how hard the involved/guilty parties attempted to explain why it happened and how 'good' it was for business.

Oh,  yeah...I made a whopping forty bucks that night, got my ass chewed out unmercifully by my boss (Watts) the next time that he saw me, had teeth loosened in the riot, and took an inadvertent shot with the lead filled night stick that broke a blood vessel on my upper arm that eventually turned my entire arm black and blue. It was so unsightly that Watts made me wear a long sleeved referee shirt so the grotesque bruise wouldn't be a distraction.

Yep, there's nothing like wearing long sleeves in Louisiana in the summer time. 

Sweetan was not a nice man.

BTW...the Q&A section of the site is updated as of Thursday evening.

We hope that you will take advantage of our offer that begins Friday at noon and ends Sunday at midnight where with any two packages you choose to buy we will give you a FREE bottle of JR's Hot BBQ Sauce. Plus, every order comes with signed swag and a FREE Koozie.

I'm in the process of reading Chris Jericho's new book 'Undisputed' and will offer more on that soon. I read ten chapters last night in one sitting and am throughly enjoying it. I told my wife that I had forgotten so much of what went on during Chris' early WWE run even though I was Spauldings deep in much of it.   

Boomer Sooner!


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   Have you thought about selling your jerky at the OU baseball games this Spring? What could be better than OU baseball and JR's Jerky?

 Here we go with Sunday at midnight again. heh

Great story regarding the brawl. As fas as shemus n brodus as brawlers jr... it is well known shemus got his butt kicked by yoshi tatsu while in developmental. I personally know he was squeeling like a pig that day as yoshi literally toyed w him. Brodus as u know embarrassed his overweight slip of a body by registering the second weakest punch. This was not against a feild of boxers but seven nxt rookies w the toughness of liberachi. Seriously. What is going on w www when u allow a big man w potential to literally expose the fact that his punch is weaker then almost any of the seasons and past seasons nxt rookies. Why should I buy him. In the old days I hear they would strip champions if they got their butts kicked in a bar but www wants to elevate a three hundred fifty lb sloob that has the punch of a girl as a brawler non the les. Lol.

First time posting on the blog here, but big time fan of yours :)

I decided to order the sampler with mustard :)

I'll definitely be posting here and chatting with you.