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Life is good in Norman, Oklahoma and I hope that it is where ever you are as well. is fully stocked with JR's and more is in route as folks in North America are gearing up for the 'official' start of Grilling Season which is Memorial Day in the USA. With that said...let's grill...

Happy to help ROH promote their PPV coming up on March 2 in Las Vegas by having Adam Cole on the Ross Report Podcast now and broadcaster and old friend Kevin Kelly on next week. A new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 ET on and iTunes. Plus you can also go to the homepage of this site and listen to our most current show and see the schedule of all our guests coming up on the podcast. We're still growing every week thanks to many of you who have subscribed for FREE to the Ross Report on iTunes. It costs you nothing to subscribe but it really helps our cause. I hope that you will consider subscribing if you haven't already.

I will be taping conversations with both Shawn Michaels and Bobby Roode soon for future Ross Report Podcasts.

Enjoyed the NXT show this week on @WWENetwork from start to finish. The announcing was strong, kept me on point and paying attention. The broadcasters did their best to embellish the talents, both winners and losers, and they all seemed to be on the same page and well prepared.

The in ring talents stayed true to the fundamentals of the genre inasmuch as the villains cheated to gain unfair advantages, were vicious when the opportunity presented itself and showed timely cowardice. The fan favorites did not cheat first and they never gave up on their fans and kept fighting until the end no matter the outcome.

The genre of sports entertainment or pro wrestling or whatever you choose to call it, it essentially a simple business when executed properly and when the fundamentals are stressed and adhered to by all involved including the referees.

I was proud of all involved and love the talent's aggression and physicality. Being aggressive and physical cures many deficiencies.

I think that Kevin Owens  is going to be an excellent champion for NXT and he, along with a handful of others are going to be WWE ready much sooner than later. WWE signing some talents with experience from the Indies, etc and then refining their game in Orlando has been a strategic move.

Nothing is more important to any company that promotes the genre than developing new stars and no one in the business seems to be doing a better job of that than WWE although New Japan is certainly in the discussion. I know that ROH has tryout camps as well which is admirable as they don't have the biggest budget at their disposal but they still know the importance of this matter.

Off the point but who would like to go on a LONG care trip with football gurus Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper, Jr? Whew...

Had  good day Thursday working about 9 hours or so taping some content for @WWENetwork and a handful of DVD's. I certainly got to relive some fun memories.

Just my two cents but these concepts are worth noting:

Fans will cheer wrestlers who are not over 6 feet tall.

Using a clock on the TV screen and having an occasional 30 minute time limit Ironman Match will work. Would love to see Reigns vs. Bryan in one and both pitch a shutout leading into WrestleMania.  

Under the right circumstances, using the occasional  two out of three falls match would be new to many younger fans and appeal to many displaced fans.

Happy that fans are noticing when in ring performers SELL well. Know this, blowing off the art of selling/registering, etc will virtually ensure that a talent will not be long term successful. When I step up on my soap box to complain about the lack of wrestlers who can properly sell, it seems that many of those guilty parties are also those who work too fast which doesn't allow the time for the announcers to help verbally enhance the 'speed racers' but it also tells me that those who think taking 10 big bumps during a match, all with little or no sell, is better than taking five, timely bumps and selling them the right way.

Some one emailed me at our Q&A's here that they thought that thee WWE Fast Lane PPV was merely going to be a throwaway show & and I couldn't disagree more or least it shouldn't be. I'd shoot some major league angles that would lead into WM31 not unlike any major city who had big wrestling cards every month. Always build to the next show, pose more questions than answers and get down and dirty with your key revenue drivers. The competition to see who is going to be in the WWE Title match at WM31 must be keen because nothing in WWE should be more important to any of the talents than being the champion. Sometimes I don't get that feeling as unless talents are in the immediate mix for the title they rarely mention it.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apparently earned or perhaps better said was paid $35M in 2014 from an organization that is a blatant monopoly and is tax exempt. This coming from a major NFL fan but shouldn't this monopolistic tax write off be revisited by the US government? The landscape of our country has changed a great deal since back in the day when the league was given a free pass.

Still no word from my team on us doing our Ringside with Jim Ross show during WM31 week in Cali as we hare having an issue finding a venue. I'm open to ideas and if you have any ideas please email me at Contact Us on the homepage of our site.

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I wanted to let you know i sent you guys an email regarding booking for Wrestlemania weekend in Santa Clara
thanks for letting me know about this day. I left this show but now I’m updated.