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Again, thanks for the business here online and at JR's Fmily BBQ in Norman. I'll be around the store a lot this week as the Sooners get ready to play the Baylor Bears Saturday in Norman. We sell autographed bottles of sauce and ketchup in the store for only $3,99.  Here's a few succinct, random thoughts of the BBQ variety.

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt mentioned that his favorite old time wrestling star was Kamala the Ugandian Giant. Who'd a thunk it?

ESPN surprised me with their coverage of Big Ben's guest hosting shot Monday night on RAW. The Steelers had a great time from what I could see which comes as no surprise. The Steelers QB has been a WWE fan for  long time.

Nice to see Jack Swagger look as if he is going to get his ball rolling on RAW. Swagger has the athletic skills to be awfully good if he pushes himself to the next level both physically and mentally.

Miz winning the U.S. Title will shake up that area and the popular Kofi chasing Miz could result in some excellent bouts. Nice move in my opinion.

Orton vs. Cena in an Ironman Match is my kind of party. I just wish I could help call it. I love time limits and the scoring system. Makes the contest feel more like an athletic event of which I personally like. IF this is this pair's last dance then I expect them to rock it for the duration and provide us fans with  a compelling story. This match could be a great way to end this rivalry if that is the objective.

I enjoyed watching the Diva presentation on RAW better than I did the Diva bout at HIAC. Just one guy's opinion.

Never tell a proud veteran like Brett Favre that he isn't wanted because they usually come back and bite one in the butt. When my critics call out my work I know it always pushes me to another level. Is that ego or simply being prideful? After watching the highlights of the near 40 year old Favre light it up Monday night I must admit that it served as additional motivation for yours truly. In my new "role" as an analyst I will never be as involved in a brodcast as in the old days but I still want to improve my skills in the new chair.

Coming up on on I will soon be discussng my favorite old time masked wrestler, The Spoiler. Check it out. Spoiler was awesome. A gifted and unique athlete who always listened to classical music when he was driving on long trips.

The Grish and I will be headed to Trenton early Tuesday afternoon for the SD taping and I;m looking forward to it.

Crazy email....CM Punk lost the World's Title because of a "dress code" violation. Please, stop the pain.

Boomer Sooner!


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I can't share your enthusiasm for Iron Man matches, I'm afraid.  Although it's nice to see a match type that isn't overused to irrelevance (Hell in a Cell), Iron Man matches are problematic because, with few exceptions, only the last several minutes are of any consequence.  Does this condition audiences to tune out of 54 minutes of 60?  I don't know - it's your company's business to know.

Moreover, in an era where attention deficit disorder is reinforced in the deluge of 1 to 4 minute matches we see on a weekly basis, combined with most PPV main events going fewer than 20 minutes (e.g., every match from this past Sunday's show, if the reports are accurate) - has WWE (or the 'modern style' of wrestling) conditioned fans to hate long, drawn-out contests?  Well, perhaps not hate, but simply be unable to follow the action passionately and intently for 60 minutes?  Iron Man exposes the "feast or famine" mentality of modern pro wrestling: there are simply very few medium-length wrestling matches anymore (25-35 minutes).  I can't help but think that fans aren't able to get into a 60 minute main event as a result.  They don't have the stamina for it.

Of course, WWE could start giving us 25 minute matches on their programming to help prepare us for it.  I certainly won't complain.

I would argue that a happy median b/w the "no foreplay, just get it done" pacing of modern wrestling and the longevity req'd for Iron Man can be found in a match type we haven't seen in years: 2/3 falls matches.  I suppose you could argue that they are simply more drawn out single fall matches (or become that after each participant scores their respective first fall).  And perhaps you're right.  But that's no different than an Iron Man match that "goes to the wire" as they all inevitably do (fans don't want to pay to see a 'blowout' where one participant has 8 falls to the opponent's 1).  In both speciality matches, one fall is all that matters.  Maybe I'm a romantic for the 2/3 falls matches for all the great ones that occurred over the years (Flair/Steamboat in Chicago comes to mind) - but Iron Man doesn't do anything for me for a number of reasons.

I see Kofi losing the US Title as time for him to step up into the main event picture. He is very popular with the crowd, but of course he'll most likely get the MVP treatment and end up back in the mid-card.

If Jack Swagger goes undefeated for the rest of this year, I'll eat my hat. I'm a big fan of Swagger but what we have here seems to be a "creative" team that never stops changing their minds. I hope Swagger has a good winning streak, but he should have won the US Title.

Why can't we have long world title reigns anymore? CM Punk was doing just fine as far as I'm concerned, and now have a champion who doesn't seem to be at 100% since returning from injury.

 Hey JR I love your blogs - really insightful. I really get disheartened when I am referred to as wwe universe - what is your view on this corporate branding of wrasslin fans?

 I really hope that Randy Orton picks up his work rate, at times during HitC his 'methodical' pace was closer to 'catatonic'. Didn't get any psychology out of it it was just boring and disjointed.

I don't want to imagine what that would be like for 60 minutes but he seriously needs to pick up his pace and get some more fluidity into the match.

Dear Mr. JR,

First and foremost, take this with a grain of salt! As a long time customer, I think this needs saying.

The HIAC matches, I don't know, the main event cards were IFFY at best. The mid-card fights had my interest and attention. The Orton/Cena fued thing is really getting old, and needs fine tuning or some thing new. Ziggler/Morrison had my attention, they had intensity, and had no problem going the distance.

Undertaker/Punk, was a wash, and a big let down, and too short. I was expecting more, and there should have been more of a build up.

The WWF needs to get back its niche again. I've been watching you guys for over 20 plus years, and the past few years have been sort a let down. While I am no expert in the creative writing process, etc., the WWF needs to go back to the basics and that is more wrestling, the stables, the super heels, and more no non-sense wrestling.

I appreciate the work you guys do, I sincerely do, BUT, please get back the niche again, otherwise, the WWF risks losing a customer.


You've called some truly great matches. I remember watches wrestling from childhood and will always remember you (along with Gordon Solie) as the greats in the business. 

That being said, I have to admit that I just don't enjoy the product as much as I used to. The athleticism of people that I used to see in the cruiserweight division is gone. The chemistry in the tag teams are gone; now tag team matches are more cursory and every once in a while than something fans can look forward to. Opportunities to bring out character, like Piper's Pit, Flair for the Gold, and audience Q&A sessions no longer take place and if they do, they're gone after a few weeks. Story lines are dropped as quickly as they start and there's no rhyme or reason to them. 

There are talented performers and some "old timers" who still have that mojo left in them. Why can't Flair and some of the other "golden oldies" start training the next generation? Why can't WWE start some inter-playing stories and insert some new fire into the old product? Have celebrity guest hosts on Raw is an interesting start, but that's all it is. A start. Why not bring back the tag division, the cruiserweights, the "talk show" element, an elimination chamber title match, a russian roulette match, a lumberjack title defense, and so on? 

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