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Just a quick blog with more to come after Raw either Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Our on line business has started to really pick up. Thanks to those that are placing orders for the holidays. Order early and you'll likely have no shipping issues with Federal Express. Again, thanks for the business as we appreciate it!

Random thoughts..... 

Steve "Dr. Death" Williams latest PET Scan came back and indicated that the cancer in his Stoma was getting smaller. Doc has 6 more chemotherapy treatments to go. Hopefully this trend continues for Doc  and your thoughts and prayers for him are greatly appreciated. Doc has amazing Faith and mental toughness and is 100% sure that he will beat cancer again. This is great news!!

The next Legends Roundtable topic will be "Southern Wrestling." It talks about the Southern culture and how pro wrestling was presented and perceived back in the day and how it was different than pro wrestling in other regions. To me it was akin to the growth of NASCAR with its roots in the South and then how it has grown far beyond its original boundaries. 

I assume this will be on the WWE 24/7 On Demand channel in December but it might be earlier. I think that you will like it. Again, we are getting great feedback on the "Lost Art of Managing" topic that is currently playing on WWE 24/7 On Demand. I've watched it twice now and will likely check it out again. Some of the best work that we have done on the Legends Roundtable which has become as much if not more fun to work on that the weekly TV shows. Weekly, commercial airline travel is tough once one is off the road for a while. 

The Southern Wrestling topic needed the Mid South Wrestling library but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards at this time. I do know that WWE would love to purchase the Bill Watts' produced classics. 

The Q&A section of our site has been updated. Lots of Hulk, Flair, Dixie Carter, etc questions that I addressed. 

I also addressed why some wrestlers do not need a title to be considered a star and why winning a title sometimes is the last piece of the puzzle that some wrestlers have needed to elevate to the next level. 

Anxious to hear/read reviews of the new, Jeff Hardy DVD. Jeff is still one of the most popular stars in WWE and he's not even in WWE.  I'm still a big Jeff Hardy fan...professionally and personally.

Still don't understand why so many folks think that I will automatically go back to Smackdown upon my return to travel in 2010. There are many steps that have to be taken to get back to that place. Assuming the WWE and I work out a new contract, why wouldn't I be a candidate to return to Raw and perhaps hook up with the King (Happy belated Birthday!) and the "Vintage" Michael Cole? Jesse Ventura isn't the only old schooler who can be "out spoken."

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I'll be making a couple of in store appearances this Saturday at a couple of Norman, Oklahoma Homeland Grocery stores. Details to follow. 

In the new Q&A's even discuss the upcoming Texas vs. Nebraska and Florida vs. Alabama games this weekend. Great weekend to watch college football!

I'll talk to you after Raw at some point. Verne Troyer is going to have a challenge on his hands battling Tom Brady and Drew Brees. 

Boomer Sooner!



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