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Check out my conversation with EC3 on the Ross Report Podcast, the podcast that the 'boys listen to,' that's FREE at and iTunes along with the homepage of this website. Good stuff about TNA's struggles, their PPV this Sunday and EC3's days in WWE. Smart kid working hard to learn the nuances of being a pro wrestling villain. Plus, my thoughts on Sunny, Summer Slam, Bob Backlund's new book and my feature on Bob on and more.

Huge weekend for my Oklahoma Sooners as they host West Virginia in the Big 12 Conference opener in Norman. 11 am CT kickoff on Fox Sports 1 and I will be on the Sooner sideline and will be the guy in the black hat. This game concerns me as WVU has their best defense and most balanced offense in years. Hopefully the 85,000+ will be LOUD and make a difference.I see Sooners winning by 3 or less.

Great match on ROH Wednesday night between Adam Cole and Nakamura which I have now seen three times. The NJPW talent adds a big lift to the ROH presentation without question. I'd still love to do Wrestle Kingdom 10 in January and any big shows for NJPW's digital service to help build an English speaking audience.

Just got my hotel reservations set for Dallas in April and the Wrestlemania Texas weekend where we will have multiple shows while headquartered out of the Dallas House of Blues which is only a few blocks from the American Airlines Center where the WWE HOF and Monday night RAW will be held. It's about a 10-15 minute walk at most from HOB to the ACC. More info on our shows, show times and ticket on sale info coming soon.

Q&A's updated elsewhere on the site. Submit your questions and I will try and answer them.

Amazing that some  people think that Daniel Bryan's return can cure all WWE TV ratings ills alone. Not true. Bryan should not be considered for a return until he is completely, 100% medically cleared of which WWE will insure. Ratings go down just like live event tickets sales and for the same reasons....the paying customers are not getting what they feel that they want. Promoters get market research daily. Those that listen and compromise what they they may be feeling is the right way to go generally are rewarded with increased profitability. Those that think that the fans don't know what the fans really want, generally continue to down trend. It's simple marketing 101. Listen to the paying customers and allow them to guide you to what some refer to the Promised Land or, better said, the land of profitability.

Congrats on @TheRock on his new, relationship with Ford Motor Company. Dwayne is a one man conglomerate. He's come a long way from the near broke, rookie that I hired.

Any wrestling company that wants to 'turn things around' has to commit, fully, to a small nucleolus of talent earmarked for main events and go with them for several months to allow them to get on a roll and not change course after a few weeks. Too many cooks in the kitchen can cause that. TV executives who, although they may be wealthy, often times don't understand the core product and cannot identify with the basic, fan base. If one doesn't fully understand their customer base and what turns them on how does one market to that group of consumers?

Plus, main eventers cannot get 'over' trading victories with each other. 50/50 booking helps no one.

Too many decision makers think pro wrestling has to have prominent, frequent elements of comedy because the athletic drama that the business used to be built upon really isn't entertaining enough for them which is so misguided that it's embarrassing.

I will be on The Taz Show Friday morning, as usual, at 8:30 pm ET. Check out talking football.

Bill Watts is reading Paul O'Brien's 'Blood Red Turns Dollar Green' novels from

ROH's Steve Corino @KINGCorino will be my Podcast guest next week and its a show that you will love. Amazing stories, Japan, ROH, trying out for WWE, his son in the biz, JR 'hating' him for 21 years, and so much more from a naturally funny and very talented guy.

Nice go home show for Impact Wrestling for Sunday's PPV on Destination America Wednesday night. Love the Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong matchup on PPV. I'm watching and hope that you do too.

Check out my Bob Backlund Story on, It's getting great feedback. My respect for Bob grew after reading his book, 'BACKLUND From All American Boy to Professional Wrestling's World Champion.'

Returned to the gym Sunday after being off thanks to prostate surgery and have hit it hard 4 days this week. Low carbs, no smokes, coming up on two years without smoking, very little booze, lots of salads, no dairy, no sugar and no fried foods. I'm trying, folks.

Got another order of crab cakes from the greatest crab cake place in the world, Jimmy's Seafood in Baltimore, after order online. You can too and you won't regret it I promise by going to The jumbo lump crab meat is amazing!

I'm going to be doing a major piece for on Del Wilkes aka The Patriot in the next couple of weeks. It will be compelling.

Order JR's online from and in the UK and in Ireland via both with easy ordering and home or business delivery. has some cool things to browse and they ship all our products to any where in the world. Slobber Knocker caps, too.

Have a great day! Count your blessings.

Boomer Sooner!

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