Elimination Chamber Post Event Thoughts...

Here's a quick grocery list (obligatory food reference) of my thoughts following watching the WWE Elimination Chamber on pay per view....

Thought the Elimination Chamber was one of the stronger 'non major,' WWE PPV's in  a good while. I paid retail and felt that I got my monies worth. Isn't that the bottom line?

The Elimination Chamber exceeded my expectations.

The Oakland crowd is to be commended. They were loud and enthusiastic when they were motivated to do so while their silence at times, as always, spoke volumes. It felt like the crowd was into the show and certainly helped the presentation.

Was hoping for a 'Bay Area Bomber' roller derby reference from one of the announce teams but that didn't happen. Too old school and not 'hip' enough I'm assuming.

Alberto Del Rio is evolving nicely. Love his cross arm breaker finisher. Del Rio gets into his finishing maneuver very cleverly.  I'm buying Alberto Del Rio and feel that he will have a successful outing at WM27.

Is the talented Kofi Kingston too nice a guy as I Tweeted tonight during the PPV @JRsBBQ? Would love to see the aggression that we all saw from Kofi that memorable night vs. Randy Orton in Madison Square Garden last year.   

The Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was big league. One of the best PPV bouts I've seen in a long time especially one involving multiple participants. It earned a FULL bottle of sauce rating.  

Nice to see Christian return as he's been on the injured list for months.  'Captain Charisma' is due to have a big 2011. Very skilled, underrated talent. 

Another Canadian import made her return as well as Trish Stratus had an enhanced , surprise cameo on the PPV. The brunette Trish is just as lovely as the blond Trish. Good to hear that she's going to be a Tough Enough trainer.  I'm watching.

Amazing how popular Santino has become in WWE. He is a legit, fan favorite.

Can the Corre resurrect the Tag Titles and make them more relevant? 

I was pulling for The King in his WWE Title bout vs. The Miz but the wrong 'The' won. The Miz won relatively cleanly but The King had his moments on what was The end of a very personally challenging week for the WWE HOF'er.

The Voice of WWE, or so he says, Michael Cole really had an impassioned rant in the post match of the WWE Title bout where it was almost as if Cole was channeling a classic verbal barrage from Mr. McMahon or Jesse 'the Body' Ventura when both were having 'bad days.' Very 'I want to slap this guy' type of delivery and verbiage.  

It will be interesting to see how Cole's rant is addressed Monday night on Raw as it relates to sitting next to King at their announce table. 

If you had Fruity Pebbles is the answer as to how John Cena responded to the Rock's Cena fueled in ring promo Monday night on Raw  then you win. However, one has to know that a more serious retort is coming at some point from the #1 contender to the WWE Title.  

Big night for John Morrison. Morrison's efforts were akin to some memorable, break out performances athletes have made in, particularly, Royal Rumble bouts of the past. Wasn't sure if Morrison was being referred to as parkour or hardcore or both but he's a spectacular athlete who positively distinguished himself Sunday night. Morrison maximized his minutes in the Elimination Chamber.

I've used that term before, 'maximize ones minutes' and John Morrison's performance at the Elimination Chamber was a classic example of the term.

It sounded like there were lots of cheers for CM Punk. Was it fans being defiant, fans who simply like the villains, or fans who appreciate Punk's skill level? What ever the reason, Punk felt like a star inside the Raw Elimination Chamber. 

Elimination Chamber meal at the JR house Sunday night? Grilled, turkey brats with kraut seasoned with JR's HOT BBQ Sauce. Quite the healthy, flavorful meal thanks to Mrs. JR. 

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 Not want to slap the guy reaction. More like hit the mute button when he talks reaction. He hates Jerry Lawler. We get it WWE.

Man I hope a serious retort is coming tomorrow. That was brutal. Then people wonder why anyone over 13 hates the guy.

Morrison reminds me of AJ Styles. Simply amazing athletes, on the mic? Not so great. Though Styles' promo a couple weeks back on Impact was very good. WWE is though doing a great job on having Morrison be more aggressive.

How well does your sauce sell in Germany?

2 Burger King burgers with JR's Chipotle Ketchup, baked potato with Main Event Mustard. Supper was awesome.

Cole's heel character is too childlike for me. I think he takes it a little too far sometimes when it comes to The Miz. I feel that he needs to pull back just a little bit in order for it to be more real than what it is right now. I think that Cole is pushing people to want him to be removed from the announce booth and just let him be a manager to The Miz and Alex Riley. I would be fine with that since Josh Matthews has done an incredible job during The King's absences from the announce table. I feel Josh has what it takes to be the next announcer on Raw. I just wish WWE would ask you, good ol' JR, to come back and work with him on Raw.

I feel for Jerry Lawler losing his mom a week ago and then going out to wrestle one of the biggest matches of his long career. I thought WWE's creative team would have really been better served letting Jerry win tonight and allowing the emotional aspect of the week to reach everyone in the crowd and watching at home. But I can understand WWE wanting to keep a heel and a face character in control of the top 2 championships. 

Speaking of championships, I feel that WWE struck out on the new Unified Tag Team Title designs. Two spartan helmets?? What is this, Athens? I think they should have kept the old World Tag Team Titles (from Raw) because that was a fairly modern looking title. 

I would have loved to have seen Morrison win the Raw Chamber match tonight. I feel he needs more championship opportunities. Yet, I do believe it is about time we saw The Miz v. Cena while The Miz is the champion. I thought The Miz would get more shots while Cena was holding the belt. The only problem with Cena getting his shot against Miz now is the fact that The Rock has turned a few more fans against Cena. I think Cena really needs a change of address (Raw to Smackdown) before the crowd pushes the WWE to make Cena into a heel for the second time in his career. 

I agree with you on Del Rio. I hated him the moment he arrived on Smackdown but he is a very gifted guy who will have many successful title reigns during his time in WWE. I would like to see how his career plays out and hopefully he turns into a face eventually. 

Speaking of maximizing  Elimination Chamber minutes, how about Drew McIntyre's performace coming out of the pod? While it's always been clear that he's potentially a very talented performer, last night as he was taking out Mysterio and Barrett was the first time he seemed believable to me as someone who can really hang with the big boys. It will be interesting to see how he continues to evolve as a figure on Smackdown.

Smackdown is in a different place talent wise than Raw in that Friday's show is relying much more heavily on stars we've been watching since the late 90s like Edge, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, Christian and Mysterio. I'm not saying that's bad thing, just that it is different from Raw's roster that is dominated by talent who have come to prominence in this century like Cena, Orton, Miz Punk, Sheamus and incresingly Morrison. There are strengths and weaknesses to the talent pools on both brands, and the King and Del Rio have recently shown us how well saavy talents who don't fit inside the box on their brand can do when they take advantage of their opportunities. Fans like being surprised. It has been surprising to see King assume a prominent in ring role on Raw and hang with the younger, world class talent. It has also been surprising to see newcomer Del Rio hold his own with individuals who have dominated the ring for close to 15 years. Will a younger gun like McIntyre, Barrett, or Kingston be ready to step up to the plate and surprise us in 2011 on Smackdown? Dolph Ziggler seems like he's pretty much there, assuming he isn't making the jump to Raw after being fired by Teddy Long. 

I agree that last night was a solid show, although going back to that idea of surprises, I think the card suffered somewhat from being too predictable. It was fairly clear from the outset that Cena and Edge were the favorites to win in the chamber, and the placement of Big Show in the empty pod in lieu of someone who would seem a more legitimate contender for Del Rio pretty much made the outcome a foregone conclusion for what was otherwise a great match. The armchair booker in me would have likely opted to have Christian make his return in the match to add a bit of a surprise and provide a contender that would seem to have a shot at facing Del Rio at WM due to the history between the two. Unfortunately, in this situation, the Big Show was almost the expected entrant, and I've always felt that the Road to Wrestlemania should have as many twists, turns and potholes as possible. Hopefully his placement will be leading to something in Atlanta with the Corre. 

Similarly, the King's loss to the Miz made the Raw chamber seem almost like a foregone conclusion. While Orton vs Miz for the belt could theoretically headline Wrestlemania, it's also a match that we've seen a few times in recent months. Cena challenging at Wrestlemania was really the only outcome possible with those entrants and with Miz holding the strap. I was surprised by R-Truth's spot in the match, but not by his relatively short appearance in the Chamber. While I like Truth's talent and experience and think there is a lot more that can be done with him every week on Raw, he didn't seem quite as relevant to the Miz's title reign as a collection of former champs and Miz's former tag team partner. It's a situation where Daniel Bryan may have served better. While the segment of the crowd that are strong supporters of the U.S. Champ due to his independant background and consider him an obivous main eventer is not the mainstream of the WWE universe, they are vocal and their passion can be used to increase the investment of the entire audience in the show and the storylines leading to the big one. The idea that Bryan might go on to face the Miz at Wrestlemania for the title after the rivalry they've developed this year certainly would have lit a fire under a number of the butts in the seats both in the arena and at home. Bryan's dedicated independent fanbase, while small, is loud and passionate about what they see and a great asset to any situation when manipulated properly. 

King vs the Miz was the most emotionally invested I've been in a match for a long time. I can't remember the last time I really wanted a particular individual to win a match so badly. While the actual match wasn't as fast paced as what we are used to seeing these days, I do think it was the highlight of the night due to the build up to it. I would have thought the King would have won that one to throw a little bit of unpredictability into the proceedings only to have Cole somehow screw him out of the belt on Raw, and do find the fact that the Miz won cleanly to be a bit baffling, but still, a great match. Kudos to King, Miz, Cole and the folks backstage on a great angle that I hope we haven't seen the last of. 

 JR -

I gotta say, everyone in my family pulls for Punk and Morrison, from my 3 year old boy to my 50 something mother. Morrison is simply stunning in the ring, but they need to give him some meat on the mic. His in-ring work combines the atheletic ability of Shelton Benjamin and he's developing the ability to sell the story like Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels. I root for Morrison because he makes me beleive that this is REAL. Unlike, say, Sheamus or Randy Orton with their lackidaisical three punches per minute routine. Morrison carries a fire like he's truly trying to win, not just put on a match.

C.M. Punk carries something special to the table, he cuts witty, to the point promos, that are simultaneously heelish and honest. I applaud him as a performer (both in-ring and out of the ring), and I love that he fights against people I can't stand, namely John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show. He's not a large guy, he's the underdog, and I like seeing him win.


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