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Enjoyed Monday Night RAW from Providence as it had several moments that stood out to me within the marathon, three hour broadcast.

Thought that having more in ring product and keeping the stars in front of the live audience was a good thing.

The show had a great deal of wrestling which I like. Obviously , some of the in ring content was better than others but that's nothing new.

My mantra of maximizing one's minutes was in full play and Damien Sandow and Kofi Kingston come to mind as two guys who did just that.

The Warrior package was slick as no one really touches WWE TV production on matters such as this. The decision to roll Warrior out first for the upcoming Hall of Fame class was strategic as it certainly has fans talking.

I first met Warrior when he was 'Rock' and Sting's partner in the Bladerunner tag team in Bill Watts' Mid South Wrestling. I think that Warrior who legally changed his name from Jim Helwig to Warrior years ago was a doctor of chiropractor before he got into wrestling.

As I recall, Gary Hart had a great deal to do with the creation of the Dingo Warrior in the World Class/Dallas territory as I recall.

The Ultimate Warrior was one of WWE's all time most polarizing performers who was a massive star while being one of the most unique TV personas ever in WWE.

I'm still hopeful that WWE inducts Dan Hodge into the WWE HOF this year.

Thought RAW was well organized inasmuch as there was ample star talents early that engaged me as a viewer and the show evolved to end on an amazingly high note.

The show closing moments involving Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt was reminiscent of the Attitude Era as it relates to raw passion and the fans totally buying into the production.

I said it last night on Twitter @JRsBBQ that Daniel Bryan was the hottest commodity in WWE today....by far. The connection that he's made with the audience, which more often than not, can't be manufactured is priceless.

Daniel Bryan sitting on top of the cage and the sold out crowd chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! was Austin-esque in my eyes. The closing moments of RAW is what one always looks to achieve when formatting a TV show. That special moment that becomes a 'moment.'

Daniel Bryan is a legit bookers dream. Highly skilled and can make anyone that he competes with appear better, no locker room issues or bad, personal habits and he's respectful and reliable. The perfect pro. Good role model for any young talent wanting to succeed.    

Don't overlook the fact of how much this piece of business helped young, Bray Wyatt, too. Now fans have a legit reason to not cheer the Wyatts which they really didn't before.

Podcast One and I are working on the format of my upcoming podcast project that will launch in the middle of February likely on Mondays. Looking to be different from the other interview show podcasts even though I will have guests.

Even thought I have absolutely no idea who's going to be inducted into the 2014 WWE HOF class, I still get endless questions on the matter. I actually believe some just want to ask so they can bitch and moan about who's NOT inducted at this time and the reason why.

Q&A's elsewhere here are updated. Please keep them succinct. The volume that we are receiving is growing and I read them all but can't answer them all for various reasons. Thanks.

Got to run as this is a very busy week and lots of projects on the verge of moving forward. Life is good.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ 

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I really enjoyed the ending to Raw this week, and like you said it was reminisent of The Attitude Era in a big way. With the internet being what it is, and with the dirt sheets having what seem to be unlimitted sources more than willing to divulge any piece of information that they have their hands on. Promotions really have their work cut out for them to try and pull off a surprise for us fans. Batista's return is a perfect example. Even though that from what I've read that leak was due to an advertising screw up. It just shows that there is an over abundance of ways that info like that can find it's way to the public way before it is supposed to. Which makes a surprise like this weeks Raw ending even more special when it actually comes off as a surprise. I enjoy reading the dirt sheets just as much as any other fan, but sometimes I wish that they would keep spoilers to themselves and reprt on them after they happen. Either that or WWE shouldn't let the reporting change their plans. Because there are fans out there that don't read the sheets, and who would still be surprised by a Batista return for example. But when WWE decided to go with the reporting and come out and start running vignettes to let people know he was returning it ruined the surprise for those fans that don't read the dirt sheets. I don't envy the people at WWE or TNA that are trying to pull these surprises off that's for sure. Because at this point it's almost an impossible task. Smaller companies like R.O.H. are still able to pull surprises off because not a lot of sheets cover them. So you can still get surprises like Chris Hero returning to R.O.H. by watching those products, but it's a shame that WWE doesn't have the same luxury anymore. It really does ruin a huge part of what made past era's so great.