EXTREME PREDICTIONS for This Sunday's PPV..Save up to 30% OFF JR's products at WWEShop.com This Weekend!

Greetings and welcome to our website. This weekend you can save up to 30% on JR's products from http://www.wweshop.com. Take a look at our page there. It's a great opportunity to share an order with another not withstanding Father's Day is on the horizon. Let's Grill...   St Louis will host @WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday on PPV. Arguably the most physical PPV of the year from WWE because any time inanimate objects become involved in the grappling equation, any thing can happen. If every WWE Superstar comes out of St. Louis unscathed, I will be "Extremely" surprised. I wish everyone involved the best of luck.  Here are my predictions: (No wagering, please)  Cody Rhodes, if you weeill,  hasn't won many bouts since growing the 'stache and he won't Sunday either vs. The Miz. This is on the pregame show. (Have you heard about the WWE app?? Watch the pregame there)  Chris Jericho beats Fandango in what will surprise some.  Mark Henry will whip Sheamus' achromatic hide like a Government Mule with a leather strap made in Idaho and will then touch all 4 ring posts to win in controversial fashion. The Shield win the WWE Tag Titles over Team Hell No. Reigns beats Kane for the deciding fall.  Dean Ambrose wins the United States Title vs. Kofi Kingston in a match that could eventually push Kofi over the proverbial edge. Can Ambrose restore luster to the US Title?  Randy Orton won't lose in his hometown, one would assume, but we all know what occurs when we assume. Nonetheless, I'm going with Rockin' Randall but somewhat reluctantly.  Will Jack Swagger tap to Alberto Del Rio's cross armbreaker OR could Ricardo Rodriguez throw in the towel ala Arnold Skaaland for Bob Backlund years ago to cause Swagger to win? Hmmm...don't see the newly minted hero ADR losing but stranger things have happened.  Ryback takes advantage of John Cena's tender heel/Achilles and snatches victory out of the jaws of defeat to become the NEW, WWE Champion!! (In The Fink's voice) Been pondering the Steel Cage match scenario for a few days and I keep coming back to BA-ROCK....LES-NAR!! w/ the help of Paul Heyman winning the rubber match over HHH. The Meyer Lansky of WWE, @HeymanHustle, seemingly has as much on the line here as BA-ROCK....LES-NAR as Dr Heyman-stein and his monster win in the city that Muchnick built.  Wow...according to me it sounds like it may be a long night for the fan favorites on PPV Sunday night but a little antagonist angst makes for interesting television as in a hot, Monday Night Raw in Kansas City. St Louis will be sold out Sunday Night which is always great and enhances the work rate of everyone involved especially if the crowd is emotionally invested in the proceedings. Look for some "sleeper" performances by some talents who have the golden opportunity to take another step forward as they maximize their minutes. Opportunity awaits and I wonder who will seize it?  Guessing we are due a couple of shockers as the build to Summer Slam unofficially gets underway Sunday night, too. (Could the Black Scorpion return to STL to the infamous scene of an old crime?)  Broadcasters Cole, JBL and The King should have a productive night as the matches are generally unique and there are some compelling stories to tell with the goal, as always, being to tell compelling stories and enhance everyone who steps into the ring while being entertainingly witty with their repartee.  The Mrs. and I will be watching from the comfort of our Norman home on PPV and I'm looking forward to seeing what fans are talking about once the PPV has concluded.  BTW...I will be live Tweeting during the PPV @JRsBBQ.     Got caught in a mild hailstorm over killing a feral hog on Shawn Michaels' Texas ranch this past week from some folks on Twitter @JRsBBQ. People need to research feral hogs and learn how destructive and non productive they are. Their only redeeming qualities, that I can think of, are pork chops, bacon, etc for deserving families who need the free groceries.  This is a "Lighten Up Francis" moment if there ever was one.  Check out how to save up to 30% OFF this weekend during the EXTREME SALE at http://www.wweshop.com on JR's products just in time for the grilling season.  If you live in the UK, Ireland or anywhere in Europe, visit our friends in Manchester @americansoda on Twitter and shop online for JR's deliciousness at http://www.americansoda.co.uk Boomer Sooner!   J.R.       @JRsBBQ           
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Interesting picks, J.R. With Pay-Back, being the next pay-per view, one can wonder if some of these feuds will continue after Extreme Rules. Unless Cena's injury is preventing him to perform at a high level, I look for Cena to retain.  Agree with Mark Henry, in what will be a physical match, Brock Lesnar will get his ''revenge.'' I hope this is their last match. I see the Shield winning the tag-titles, but Kofi retaining his title. Unless there are plans to give him a push, then I'm fine with Dean Ambrose winning his 1st championship match. Swagger/Del Rio is IMO toughest match to call, but I'm a fan of Swaggs...I think he will win. Which could potentially lead to a Dolph Ziggler face turn
I agree with all of your picks except for the Cena vs Ryback match.  I just don't see Cena losing the championship so soon.  I could be wrong, but I just find that this short of a title run is a bit hard to believe when it comes to Cena.  I'm really pulling for The Shield to win both of their matched and walk away with both the Tag titles and the U.S. strap.  I think it will be interesting to see what happens if they hold those championships.  They've really impressed me so far, so I'd definitely like to see them win.  Brock almost has to beat Hunter to win the rubber match in their 3 match series.  Just because his win loss record since returning would look really bad with another loss.  Not like records count or anything, but I don't think a loss would hurt Hunter going forward nearly as bad as it would Brock.  Those are the matches that I'm really interested in.  The others could go either way and it wouldn't bother me.  Though I do think they'll end up going just as you predicted.  The Black Scorpion reference cracked me up.  "OVER HERE SSTING!"  How do you turn arguably the greatest performer ever into some sort of masked David Copperfield wanna-be?  Only in WCW.  Poor Naitch...
cool! i'm neutral on the Hog hunt thing & no vegatarian, but i understand that some believe them to be a wild animal, living in the wild, not food. i.e Pigeon pie is delicious but there are lots of Pigeon fanciers/keepers out there...sensitive issue K