Extreme Rules Thoughts..9/11 Memories..Celts at Raw??..Rock is RAW..Order Now For Memorial Day BBQ's..

Hello from Miami. Hope everyone is well. It's grilling season so let's get to cookin'.

Very sore today. Broken right hand is hurting. Iced it before going to bed to reduce swelling. Certainly not using the hand as an excuse for losing because I pretty much forgot about it once the 'match' started. Bowling shoe ugly bout w/o question. Did the best we could w/ 2 non wrestlers in a tag match.

Thought Extreme Rules overall was really solid. Lots of hard work by many. Tampa crowd was good. I personally appreciate everyone's support.

Except to hear Cole crowing on Raw. Ugh.

Sorry to see Michelle McCool leave WWE. She's an example of what intelligently approaching ones craft will do for you.  Michelle evolved into a skilled performer via hard work. Perhaps I'll see her when her alma mater, Florida State University, hosts Oklahoma in college football this September. Michelle is a gifted athlete and will be missed.

Really happy for Christian's success in winning World Heavyweight Title. Christian was 'due' and is one of the more underrated performers in WWE and has been for a good while.

Don't miss Tough Enough tonite w/ @steveaustinBSR. The show is doing well and seems to be setting up for a second season one can assume.

Didn't see Chris Jericho in Tampa and was hoping to if for nothing more than to say hello. @IAmJericho has been really busy w/ DWTS, etc and deserves a time out w/o question.

Our Country Whipping tag bout will never be confused w/ a Bayfront Arena classic pitting Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk, Jr but the same can be said for many wrestling bouts. I get a kick out of reading the wrestling media reviews of our trainwreck of a 'match' at Extreme Rules. It seems like some had higher albeit unrelistic expectations for the outing that did I.

My friend Sean Grande, the voice of the Boston Celtics, is planning on attending Raw tonite as the Celts are in town taking on the Miami Heat down here in south Florida and have an off night.

Great effort in the WWE Title bout inside an unyeilding steel cage. Cena's brute strength always amazes me while I thought that both Miz and Morrison both elevated their respective games big time in that PPV bout. Key now is for both Morrison and Miz to keep it rolling and I feel that they will. Congrats to John Cena as he continues to build his WWE Hall of Fame body of work. Trust me, three men inside a steel cage is a tough piece of business to transact.

R Truth has begun to distinguish himself and had an impactful cameo at Extreme Rules. Again, the key issue here is for Truth to contiune to take advantage of the moment. The door is open, so to speak, and hopefully Truth will walk through it to the next level. An interesting story to follow.

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Enjoyed Kharma's debut at Extreme Rules. She can potentially be a huge attraction for WWE. She's different and special. Curious to see where she goes from here. I personally expect great things from her.

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The Rock's 39th birthday celebration on Monday Night Raw tonight should be special. Lots of 'surprises' are planned I hear thru the grapevine. Rock always adds an extraordinary level of energy to any broadcast and tonight, w/ it being his B-Day, should be no exception.  I expect the unexpected.

Bin Laden is dead. Good. Bastard is residing in Hell, that is if Satan will have the mass murderer, where the evil terrorist belongs. I vividly recall September 11 and being in Texas for MNR and the Tuesday Smackdown taping. SD was postponed on the day of 9/11 and we went live on Thursday night from Houston in what I think was the first major, public assembly of citizens in our country after the tragedy. I wasn't doing SD at that time but I did it that week on the live show. It was one of the most memorable broadcasts of my career and I don't remember one, single match we featured. I do remember Lilian Garcia's AMAZING performance in singing the National Anthem.

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We appreciate you all and hope that you will enjoy Tough Enough and Raw tonight.

Boomer Sooner!


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JR, enjoyed the match last night besides the outcome. Looking forward to seeing the culmination of this. Let me know if I'm on to something.

"At Extreme Rules, Michael Cole continued his impressive winning streak with a pinfall victory over Jim Ross. So far, he's had the upper hand in confrontations with Ross and Lawler. This frustrates the King, who no longer can put up with Cole as a partner so they raise the stakes. Lawler vs. Swagger at Over the Limit. If Lawler wins, JR replaces Cole. If Cole wins, Lawler retires and is replaced with Josh Matthews. Lawler wins. Cole blasts Swagger. Swagger smacks Cole and becomes a big fan favorite. JR's back and all is right with the world (at least at the announce table)."

I think the Country Whipping tag match, Cole/Swagger vs. JR/King should be brought around the country on the house show circuit this spring/summer.  This is the sort of match people would love to see rematches of in their hometown.  Maybe culminating in a ppv rematch.

I remember the Smackdown after 9/11. Yeah, Vince told the crowd it was the first major assembly. The only match I remember was RVD vs Spike Dudley. 

@ Vega It doesn't matter what you think! If you don't like J.R's opinions don't read his blog. A mastermind of a mass murder is not a human being. Bin Laden was filth and scum.

It was great to see Lilian Garcia back on RAW - she's a beautiful, classy woman.  I was lucky enough to go to a house show that she MC'd - it was one of the best WWE house shows I went to and Lilian was part of the reason why.  Somehow, she helped make the whole show flow smoothly from match to match so the momentum never collapsed.

 I have to say it is very cool to have you back on Raw.  I really missed you being the "real" voice of the WWE.  Sorry about your broken hand.  

It will be really different without Michelle McCool in the WWE.  I feel she played the ultimate heel of a diva for sure.  I wished she could have worked thru her injuries and stayed longer, but I understand.

Speaking of injuries, Edge will be sorely missed as well.  I am very happy he went out on top and then Christian taking his rightful place as the World Heavyweight Champ.  Christian was very underrated and taking on the leader role for Smackdown is great.  

Thanks for everything JR.


So Christian loses the World title 2 days after he won it to Orton. I am not trying to be a 'smart fan', but I find it very disturbing that WWE can not put faith in such a hard worker. I don't care about the PG thing or the fact that Cena is crammed down our throats. I continue to watch for the real great matches put on by people who give their best every night. Guys like Trent Barretta, whose matches with Curt Hawkins and Tyson Kidd are some of the best I have seen in my twenty years as a fan. Allowing Christian to become champ gave hope that maybe the talented underdog could make it. And then it gets ripped away because McMahon and WWE have no faith in him. What aslap in the face and a great way to ruin the magic moment that was his title win Sunday.

Hey again JR! Just put in yet another order for the Jerky 3 pack! I can't stop eating it lol.

Question: Do you think the Rock will wrestle BEFORE mania? If not any ideas on how to keep the heat between he and Cena alive without rehashing the same "war of words" over the next year?

Thanks again....LOVE the jerky and the Sauces!

Hey J.R. I though Extreme Rules was the best PPV of the year so far. Check out my blog to see my two top matches of the night! http://sharpshooter-bircheezy.blogspot.com/

Jerry, just curious and I am, by NO means, trying to start anything, but I do have a question about Christian and the title reign of two days.  While I was NOT expecting christian to be more than a transistional champion, do you feel it was a bit premature to get the belt off of him so fast?  I know Orton is pegged to be the #1 guy on Smackdown, but I would have thought that creative could have given Christian at least a month to enjoy the title.  Do you feel it was a matter of business (Orton WILL draw more than Christian in merch. and attendance) to get the title off him so fast, or, does the title really matter at this point in time with the direction the WWE is going?

Jim, just realized my brain frazzled and I called you jerry in my last post, lol.  I blame my meds and lack of BBQ sauce.  Sorry bout that.

THIS AINT THE RIGHT PLACE BUT I GOTTA VENT, to all the diehards and fans of wrestling for years THE WWE JUST SHAT ALL OVER CHRISTIAN, This is a travisty of mass proportion, THIS MAN WHO HAS EARNED THIS, finally wins the title ONLY TO SEE RANDY MFIN ORTON come in and win it 2 days later, WHAT IS THE WWE DOING, is this a shot at him for leaving and going to TNA, what HE CAME BACK AND WAS A BOTTOM FEEDER IN  ECW WHO stayed until it ended, then he gets going, he has fans, maybe not as many as Orton BUT HE IS OVER is one of the best in the business, one of the best mic workers ever, and he lays it all out their in that ring, AND WHAT DOES VINCE DO, HE SCREWS HIM, what does he have against candians huh, this aint like the Bret deal but its up their. IF YOU DIDNT WANT HIM TO BE CHAMP SHOULD HAVE HAD DEL RIO WIN IT, then have to defend it since hes on raw and lose it to Orton, THATS A PROPER BOOKING, del rio is still young in the wwe so it wouldnt have been as bad, BUT DAMN IT CHRISTIAN HAS WORKED HIS ASS OFF FOR THIS SHIT, IM SUPRISED EDGE HASNT COMMENTED ON THIS CRAP, if im Christian im quitting now. I HAVE REALLY question my fan hood over these last few months ALOT OF CRAP HAS HAPPENED THAT ISNT RIGHT, CENA has no business winning that title now, because we all know he wont hold it for a year, the WWE dont do that these days,  Too much talent to keep down, and the fact is the match at WM with the rock cant be for the WWE title, well it could but then you know the Rock wont win, cause hes not returing full time, THEREFORE, he wont win the title. SO THE WWE IS REALLY CRAPPING ON PEOPLE AND THE FANS, we fans need to unite now and stop watching till WRESTLING RETURNS TO ITS GLORY DAYS, if we boycot wwe and increase tnas rating then maybe Vince will look at himself hard in the mirror.

I know JR said he wasn't responding to angry fans, the ones upset over Christian losing the title. That's exactly the WWE's attitude, isn't it? Ignore what the fans have to say and go with what you think they should want. I mean, Orton didn't need the title, he is already established enough, but people like Christian could really make a go with a nice title run. He could actually make it mean something to be champion again.

I am tired of the attitude that it's okay because people like Christian or Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan can't 'draw' like an Orton. That's such a bs answer. Those guys have never been given a real shot to shine. It's all about who the higher ups like best.

And I know there are those who say that maybe it's leading to something better for Christian. I don't need to have a crystal ball to tell you that ain't true. That's what they've said for years about so many up and comers, and yet we are still stuck with the same handful of big names. Christian may be used for another few weeks in the title picture, and I stress may, but then he will be buried again.

Maybe I am taking it too seriously, but hey, I have loved wrestling for years, taking it seriously just kinda goes with that. But it's not just me, there are countless fans who have expressed their anger, only to be ignored. WWE has ignored it's fans and apparently so has JR. Guess he's just trying to be a 'company guy',

One last thing, isn't it funny that WWE takes certain signs from fans at live events now? Isn't that the same thing Vince McMahon used to make fun of WCW for.? And WWE doesn't just take offensive signs, they actually took some Zack Ryder signs. I guess they figured Ryder's signs wouldn't 'draw'.

 Couldnt have said it better about Bin Laden

The Rocks birthday show was great, Cole taken out early, enjoyed a good show. Unfortuantely it couldnt last and just watched the segment with Cole and Lawler and it was in such poor taste I shut it off. I know I may miss some good things but to me its no longer worth watching to see that crap and listen to Cole.

I'm enjoying Kharma. She's one of the reasons I watched the other company and I hope she is allowed to show what she can do.

Was disappointed Christian didnt get a decent run as champion. He has the ability and the fan base. Just hope he doesnt slip to mid card and gets another chance somewhere down the road.