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While dodging more Oklahoma tornados than we'd like to count the past several hours, it was good of Mother Nature to be so kind to allow us to watch WWE Extreme Rules Sunday night and even get in a little grilling Sunday evening. Hope you will support our efforts to build our JR's family brand of products via http://www.wweshop.com and in the UK at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. Here's a quick grill.... Two tornados came dangerously close to our Norman home Sunday evening just prior to Extreme Rules kicking off. Too close for comfort but we had no property damage unlike so many others who lost every thing that they had including some that lost their life. Tragic day weather wise in our state and I'm told that more is in route.  Thought Extreme Rules was a solid and overall entertaining, physical presentation that demonstrated outstanding work ethic and the dawning of a new day in many respects within WWE. Big night for The Shield as they left St. Louis with Championship Gold and not on fluke victories. WWE obviously has confidence in the three, young men whose best days lie ahead of them if they continue to evolve. Evolution takes effort and hard work and being ready for additional responsibilities. I've seen some young talents get a taste of success and then fold like a cheap lawn chair. I don't see that happening to Ambrose, Rollins or Reigns. Nonetheless we will now see how hungry The Shield remain and if they are willing to continue to learn the ropes, prove themselves daily and become locker room leaders that WWE is constantly looking to discover. I know that there are many people involved with WWE Talent Development and at NXT that are keenly interested in their journey.     I'm curious to see how or if TheShield can add additional luster to the United States title and the Tag Titles in the coming days. I'd rather see no titles than cold one's. Anxious to see the fallout of WWE utilizing the instant replay ala the NBA officials in restarting the Swagger-Del Rio bout. I've got mixed feelings about it but lean toward NOT using instant replay. I like the referee's decision will be final concept but I'm old school, perhaps too much. Feels like Randy Orton is about to embark on a renewed career resurgence but that's merely my instincts talking and with no "inside knowledge." That theory can be confirmed once we all see the direction that leads WWE to Summer Slam with Orton and others. Enjoyed the innovative upgrades in the Leather Strap match using red and green lights to signify when a competitor touched a turnbuckle. Made a comment on Twitter last night, @JRsBBQ, that the arguable king of the leather strap matches was former #Sooner Wahoo McDaniel who could whip and take getting whipped with a leather strap better than anyone I've ever seen. Wahoo was to leather straps what Professor Boris Malenko was to the Chain Match. I had predicted Mark Henry to win this one at Extreme Rules but Sheamus' innovative way of squeezing out a victory was a nice twist.  Love the concept of the pre and post game shows for the WWE PPV's as they make the event feel bigger and more important. The efforts being put forth in developing the WWE App fits perfectly with these two shows that debuted at WM29. It's a good role for a talent to have and I felt like Renee Young did well in the host role in a concept that will certainly evolve and, I feel, can become a viable part of the PPV process. Having a Hall of Famer with no agenda such as Mick Foley is also a plus as those types of individuals aren't trying to get themselves spotlighted which active talents have a hard time not doing.      Ryback and Cena beat each other up and their bodies were certainly put to the test throughout the Last Man Standing match. One has to hold their breath when action leaves the ring of which, as a former administrator, I am still uncomfortable for the record. Wrestlers are trained to perform inside the ring and when they go beyond the squared circle and aggressively engage as Cena and Ryback did Sunday night it becomes a high stakes crap shoot. This LMS car wreck was a classic $2 Steak tough affair. I tip my hat to both Cena & Ryback for laying it on the line and visibly showing no apprehension in doing so in St. Louis.    How that bout ended was controversial and I'm anxious to hear more info and discussion about the conclusion of the Cena-Ryback Last Man Standing contest tonight on RAW live from Kansas City at 7/8 eastern. Extremely Impressed with the Steel Cage match,  it's overall physicality and the easy to follow story that was told in the ring. Very compelling match and one that an announcer, a fan or anyone else can easily emotionally invest. Lesnar becoming vulnerable with his knee issues was memorable. I felt that HHH was an even bigger star upon leaving the cage at the end of the night than he was entering it. Any one who watched Extreme Rules cannot intelligently dispute that the PPV wasn't physical and loaded with effort. Talents did their best and that's all we can ever ask. As usual, I have been hammered on Twitter by some experts who would attempt to reinvent my Mom's homemade apple pie if they tasted it. For a broadcaster, eliminating so many normal, near falls from so many matches poses some unique challenges and that was the norm at Extreme Rules which I am happy only comes once a year for many reasons (injuries) including the absence of near fall scenarios.  Busy week for me with stops in Washington, DC, Orlando and Salt Lake City.  Lots of new irons in the fire with exciting times on the horizon.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.      
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Hard to comment on wrestling with the horrible events coming to pass this TUESDAY MORNING. Send these parents your prayers !   Ortons new push is because of his movie, let's not fool ourselves. Still, Randy is way over and talented so it's not a bad thing.....unlike The Miz who is not talented and has NO RING AWARENESS. So tired of seeing him give his move set right to the cameras. Don't understand how someone hasn't snatched a knot in his arse ! Ending to Ryback/ Cena was lame......Rybacks promo on RAW was not. Very good for Skip. Fear the Shield and WE THE PEOPLE.  Prayers to Oklahoma.
     Hey, Mr. Ross.  I want to agree with you about Extreme Rules.  It was the best PPV I have seen in a long time!  I felt is was better than Wrestlemania 29!        I apologize for sounding selfish, however, because Sunday, May 19th, is my birthday.  I enjoyed my birthday present from the WWE.      I also want to add my thoughts and prayers to the devastation in OK.  I know God will prevail in the help with the restoration that is ahead. Sincerely,  Melissa, WV
I love The Shield, best since DX, if not better (with the indy background), if they were to improve in any way, i'd love to see them more ruthless, Lesnar Level & stop at nothing. not very keen on those who play safe for the sake of the PG (Cena excluded) & love to see more like these guys & Lesnar, school rules are to be challenged sometimes. re Del Rio/Swagger, i agree with you on that one, i too am old school & can't see a basis for this, although i'm leaning toward Swagger/Coulter.....would be nice if Swagger was challenged more though. Thoughts are with Oklahoma, it's all over the news in uk. stay safe!  K