Flair, Scott Hall, JR's BBQ In France, RAW in Tulsa, New Tex-Mex Jerky Coming, Cowboy & the Russian, SAUCE IT!

Here's hoping everyone had a great weekend. Nice road trip to Tulsa for Monday Night Raw at the BOK Center. Tickets are still available for which should be a fun night. Let's start the grill.... 

I started my career in Tulsa in 1974 working for local promoters Lee Roy McGuirk and Cowboy Bill Watts so it's always good to be a part of an event in Tulsa. Let's hope the live crowd is loud and rowdy during WWE's flagship broadcast as the countdown to Night of Champions on PPV continues. 

The only other WWE event in the state of Oklahoma this year is October 10 when MNR plays Oklahoma City. For those keeping score at home this is the Monday after the OU-Texas football weekend in Dallas. 

Get well wishes to Rey Mysterio who had knee surgery in San Diego this past Friday. Rey had ACL and MCL issues addressed and will be out of action for several months. This is the same knee that Rey has had multiple surgeries so his rehabilitation work will be even more magnified and important. 

Many have asked me via Twitter @JRsBBQ and in the Q&A Section of this site to comment on the ESPN/Grantland article regarding Ric Flair's personal finances and other personal issues. Ric has been a friend for well over three decades and I was uncomfortable reading the piece. Ric has always enjoyed life to its fullest, and beyond, which, last I looked, wasn't a crime. 

Lots of famous athletes and entertainers have had financial hurdles to overcome. If Ric has the issues that Grantland outlined, I wish Naitch well and he has my support.

That's what friends do. 

Several people have asked me about Samoa Joe. I personally like Joe's work and feel that his best days lie ahead. I do not know Joe. I've never conversed with him that I can recall. Bottom line is 1. he has a contract where he now works and 2. I am not involved in talent acquisition for WWE. 

Could Scott Hall fit in the announce booth as a color commentator? It's not an easy transition for many former wrestlers to make the move from the ring to the announce table so it wouldn't be automatic. However, Scott is a bright guy who is glib and he knows the genre well. If he put in the work that it would take to be an asset who's to say that Scott Hall wouldn't be a good broadcaster? I do know that it takes great focus, commitment and study to be as good as one needs to be in today's world. I don't know if Scott has an interest in this matter but it was a question from a Twitter follower. 

Thanks to the fans in Paris, France for the kind words regarding JR's products. We appreciate your business at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

What did I think of fellow Oklahoman Brent Albright? I thought he was a solid wrestler. Not sure where he is today but he was fundamentally sound. I never saw Brent compete that many times in person but it seemed like he had potential.

Twitter....Do I cheer for Oklahoma State in football? Yes, every week but one....Bedlam.

Emailer...Do I like the 'escape the cage' rule or stipulation for cage matches? Personally, no.  

We're getting several cool names from Twitter followers for our new Tex Mex beef jerky that we will be distributing via WWEShop in about 30 days or so. We expect to add 3-4 new flavors of jerky.. Our Jerky business has really exploded in a good way.

If you're in Tulsa on Monday morning, be listening to local radio as the Miz is doing media there to promote Raw. 

Congrats to the USA for winning the Little League World Series 2-1 over a talented Japanese team. Volunteering at the Little League World Series in some capacity is on my 'Bucket List.'

Got an email from @steveaustin that a fan send him of a You Tube match from Kuwait in the mid 90's where @BretHart wrestled Austin in the prestigious Kuwait tournament. O.K., perhaps it wasn't so prestigious but the match was great and what really worked for me was that I did play by play with the legendary Gorilla Monsoon who was one helluva superb analyst. 

WWE's Raw team sold out Jackson, Mississippi Friday night. When I think of Jackson, I think of Cowboy Bill Watts beating up a 'Russian' one night there before a huge crowd and the 'Russian' hitting the exit and never coming back. I forgot the guys name and don't know if he even stayed in the wrestling business. This was the match that followed the incident where Eddie Gilbert and company 'buried' Watts in the Russian flag on Mid South TV. That's probably on You Tube as well.

A twitter follower asked me who was the better offensive lineman, Vader aka Leon White or Steve 'Dr. Death' Williams. Doc played in 4 bowl games at Oklahoma but Leon, who was a Colorado Bufalo, had more individual success and was drafted in the NFL (LA Rams) while Doc played in the USFL (New Jersey). Slight nod to Vader. However, the best lineman I ever worked with in wrestling was Ron Simmons who finished in the top ten in the Heisman Trophy voting and was a three time all America nose tackle at Florida State. 

The scheduler couldn't have made it any tougher than having OU @ FSU in Tallahassee the night before WWE's Night of Champions in Buffalo, New York on September 18. I'm going to both if I'm needed in Buffalo. There's another travel challenge in November where OU hosts Texas A&M on Saturday night and Raw that Monday is in Liverpool, England. 

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Boomer Sooner!


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Mr. Ross, you asked about Brent Albright.  He's been out of the business for a couple of years, but is set to reenter on September 17 at the Danny Hodge Tag Team Invitational tournament which will be put on by Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, OK.  IZW runs weekly shows there, has TV and is doing iPPVs. 

Great memories from Jackson Ms.   Jim Duggan getting a fireball from Skandar..............Jake Roberts needing 3 DDTs to put away Lord Humoungus...Ted Dibiase and Dick Murdoch getting blood on my camera as I was taking pictures. Awesome stuff !!!  Jim Coronette calling my friend a plump and ugly twerp was great.

Yeah I read the article on the Natch boy.. Just amazing his financal ruin and marriages. You think after being divorced just 1 time he would know never again without a pre-nup agreement. And he thinks he can just blow off paying off the I.R.S. for 4 years!!!!!  He deserves to do some time in prison.

I am the natch boy I don't have to pay taxes like the little people do...  

CMBurnham is right about Albright being at the Danny Hodge Invitational on September 17 in Lawton, OK, on September 17. He rode with me to IZW in Lawton last weekend (8-29-11).

Also, the Russian that Bill Watts faced and ran out of UWF and Hot Stuff, International, was Kortsia Korchenko.

 Korchenko was hands down the worst "Russian" of all time. Don't believe me, check out this video of him which is from the Memphis territory.


You guys are talking about Lawton and Impact Zone Wrestling. I was stationed at Ft. Sill and there was a little bar on post called the Imapct Zone. 

Sad about Ric Flair but I don't feel sorry for him. He "was" my all time favorite wrestler. I'm not here to judge him but he really needs to get his life in order. He made his own bed and now has to sleep in it. He he screwed over way too many people over the last 3 decades and it's come back on him, but you know what the say about karma. Why is he still giving his grown children allowances, especially such large sums of money, and why is he renting a house for 5K/month? Mind-boggling. Before it's all said and done, he will lose everything: family, friends, titles, gifts, the robes made by II's wife, etc.....unless he changes right now and I don't see that happening. 


I am a fan from Cape Town, South Africa and I love the blog. Keep it up.

I got one gripe with a lot of wrestlers today and it's that so many of them seem to have such a limited move set that in every match they pull exactly the same stuff. It makes some matches so boring that I can't be bothered to watch the actual wrestling.

Do you have an opinion on this and don't you think these guys can just learn some more moves (and maybe someone can tell them about technical and chain wrestling)?

Take it easy and look after your health


 Hey, J.R.!! Was that "Russian's" name Korsita Korchenko? If so, he retired from the business until the early 90's. He then started a group (Colorado Championship Wrestling) and hired me to do commentary for TV. He supposedly had a deal worked out for TV broadcasts. We brought in the best talent that his money mark could afford: Kevin Sullivan w/ Woman, Eric Embry, Al Perez, Abdullah, the late great Sir Oliver Humperdink, Dean Malenko, Pat Tanaka, Toddf Champion, and the State Patrol. To make a long story short, there was no TV deal. He stiffed alot of the talent (including me) for the 2 shows we filmed. Then he disappeared. Dave Strawn was not a good man....

Tough loss for the sooners in their opener , they will bounce back keep the faith tough guy

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