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It's nice to be home if only for a couple of days as I plan on flying to Seattle Friday to attend the Oklahoma-Washington college football game on Saturday evening that will be broadcast on ESPN HD. Until then here's some random thoughts:

First of all, please make sure you understand that there is no one in the business that I have had more fun with or that I respect more for being the greatest in-ring performer of all time than I do Ric Flair. Someone asked me recently if I had to name just one match that I consider really special it would have to be around 1989 when Ricky Steamboat came back into the TBS wrestling picture and began another chapter in his storied rivalry with Ric Flair. Their match in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion was one of the most amazing bouts I can ever remember broadcasting and their chemistry was virtually seamless and oh so physical.  

Some of my most fun and memorable moments outside the wrestling ring have come with "Naitch" as well. My stories and experiences with him are damn near endless. For many years when I lived in Dallas and Atlanta, I was single and when Flair came to town it was "on" without question. 

I have never nor will I ever judge if Ric was right or wrong leaving  the WWE recently but I can understand him wanting to strike while the iron is hot and make as much money as he can as quickly as he can. Ric's personal obligations not to mention the fact that he has to prepare for his financial future like all of us can't go unaddressed. 

Blackjack Mulligan who probably knows Flair as well as anyone told noted wrestling writer Mike Mooneyham that Jack was worried about what would become of Ric once he retired.  Many of us were happy that the WWE hired Ric to be a "Good Will Ambassador" for a healthy amount of money. Some thought that perhaps this would keep the charismatic individual with the seemingly unscratchable itch for excitement and living on the edge content. 

It didn't.

Then "The Champ" signed with an agency to handle his bookings. This should be a good thing. However, what Ric Flair needs is full time management on a on going basis and not just some one to negotiate a fee and book Ric to go somewhere and sign his name. 

Ric needs some one to help protect Ric from Ric. 

The incidents of the past few days have troubled me. Seeing my dear friend with a nasty, black eye as a result of a still somewhat unexplained incident involving his youngest daughter and. allegedly.  her boyfriend.  Bad publicity soon followed the incident that included Ric's own daughter get tasered by the police.  

This is not a good deal any way one slice's it.  Yeah, it might be great cannon fodder for a reality show but is that a good thing? 

Perhaps "Naitch" should ask "The Hulkster" about that one. 

I desperately want Ric Flair to be happy and successful.  He deserves as much.  Ric Flair is loved by many of us and revered in the world of sports and entertainment by some of the most prominent personalities alive.  

I wanted to call "Naitch" when I heard of the ordeal he went through this week but I realized that for the first time in years and years that I did not have his cell number.  I can't remember the last time I did not have Ric Flair's phone number and how much I looked forward to his text messages during college football season or the hilarious texts I would sometimes receive at 4 in the morning. Some of Ric's other friends have said they have called but have been unable to reach him. 

At least they have his number. 

I just want the Nature Boy story to have a happy ending. The legacy of Ric Flair will endure long after many of us are gone and just as any other larger than life personality the legend of "The Naitch" will grow. 

Let's all think positive thoughts that there will be a happy ending to the amazing life of Nature Boy Ric Flair.

How can one not be impressed with young Evan "Air" Bourne? The tag bout on Monday Night Raw featuring Rey and Bourne against John Morrison and Miz was arguably the best bout on Raw Monday night. I think the WWE can "win" with talents like these four.

Wise ass, Internet, wrestling scribes making light of Justin Credible working at an Olive Garden Restaurant should be ashamed of themselves. There is damn sure nothing wrong with earning an honest day's work no matter what any one chooses to do for a living. I heard this same crap from friends and relatives when I first got in the wrestling business.

Jack Swagger, 6'6"-270 pounder, who debuted on ECW this week is another keeper. When he was known as Jake Hager this young man was a division one scholarship athlete at Oklahoma and played for Bob Stoops' football team as a defensive tackle before leaving the football team to concentrate full time on wrestling where he was an All American for the Sooners as a heavyweight. This young, college educated kid grew up in Perry, Oklahoma which is the home of arguably the greatest wrestler alive today,  Danny Hodge. Perry, Oklahoma  is to amateur wrestling as Williamsport, Pa. is to Little League Baseball. 

I love the "Honk-A- Meter and would love to see some interaction down the road between the Honky Tonk Man and Mr. Unibrow himself Santino Marella who's damn near too entertaining to dislike as an antagonist. 

So Jamie Noble was going to take Layla to the Olive Garden, huh? Why couldn't it have been J.R.'s Family BBQ Restaurant.  Seems like JBL's Mamajuana gets plenty of love so what about spreading the wealth with a little BBQ media stretch?

Happy Birthday to WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham who is one of the most amazing artists around and one that I would suggest you check out and consider buying some of his original artwork. My wife and I are going to invest in some of Superstar's art. 

Expect to see ABC exploit Road Warrior Animal during this Saturday's much anticipated Ohio State vs. Southern Cal game telecast. Animal's son James is the middle linebacker and  wears #33 for the Buckeyes and will play an integral part of this huge college football game. USC's speed concerns me but I am not declaring a Trojan victory just yet.

I generally enjoy sports talk radio and ESPN's Colin Cowherd is a talented guy with a natural gift of gab but his "knuckle dragging" remarks about wrestling fans among other unflattering things he has said makes him seem so out of touch with today's marketplace as he is generalizing an outdated stereotype. Plus, he did a nice job of riling the Sooner faithful when he talks about "Chokelahoma" when referencing OU's BCS Bowl shortcomings. Hey, perhaps it makes good radio in the eyes of some but I'm not so amused by Cowherd's attempt to become sports talk's version of Howard Stern. 

With Edge away for now it seems as if another native Canadian has taken over where the R Rated Superstar left off and that's being the most controversial performer in the WWE. Chris Jericho is on a roll and had never been better in my view.  Jericho's recent work rivals some of the greats of the business that I have seen. Not only is Jericho intelligent but never...EVER...underestimate the toughness of this man.  

That's it for now...new Q&A's are up now as well. Remember all our items in our store for $9.99 or less. I hope you will give us some consideration for your holiday shopping needs.  

Boomer Sooner! 


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J.R. Just made my first order for some Jerky and your cookbook. I do have a couple of questions if you dont mind. It may sound stupid, but why does  it ask for my phone number in the billing info? Some people are very protective of their phone numbers. I know we are putting in address information and all that but I think that may be a bit too far. It did not stop me from placing an order but it did make me think twice. Maybe others have not made an order because of it. Onto  a wrestling related question. Do you like "bad guy"  vs "bad guy" matches? I know they are rare but if done right they can be very entertaining. I like seeing the the 1-upmanship of who can do the worst to the other. For my money a Jericho vs Edge match would be Ideal. And it would be awesome if they both kept the "bad guy" image. Your thoughts and thanks in advance for your time.

Ric Flair is having some trying times right now, it is so.  But here's the thing, nobody is dead.  Let's just take that one and be thankful for it.

I've been a Jerichoholic for some years now and am thrilled at where he is at.  I'd rather he was a face than a heel, but to parahprase Milton, better to be World Champ as a heel than to be buried in the midcard as a babyface.  That said, I hope Jericho gets a proper run as a babyface World or WWE champ someday.  But for now I'm going to take this title reign and enjoy it.

There will always be smart mouth internet wrestling journalists.  Thing is, sometimes they're right.  There will also always be company employees who defend someone.  Thing is, sometimes they're wrong.   Even if they are otherwise awesome on many fronts.

Hey JR, glad to see that you didn't give my Buckeyes a loss already. We had a bit of a scare last week but I think it was because everyone was looking ahead to USC already. It is without a doubt the biggest game of our season and after coming so close the last three years, the expectations of OSU fans are really high this year. You and Tazz are starting to gel on Smackdown, but the show that is lacking on the commentater side is ECW, I am so happy Matt Hardy is the champ but I can't stand to listen to Todd Grisham and Matt Striker for a full hour straight!!! Any wau to mute their microphones but leave the portable ones on?

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the Flair family and to The Hogan family also.Sometimes us fans forget that you guys are only human and are going to make mistakes.I pray it does not get any worse for anyone in the biz.By the way...have you picked up a copy of Blackjack Mulligan's book entitled True Lies and Alibis?One last thing.....I remember when you first started off this website you mentioned that you were planning on making a book for a lot of stories that you have been a part of in the wrestling circuit.Are you still planning that?I hope so.Take care and thank you so much for your time.

Andre Boyd

I was really impressed by Swagger, he's the powerful guy that I like, I'm not too excited by Evan Bourne, his style is just not my thing.

JR, you are 100% right when it comes to Justin Credible. There's a difference between Ed Leslie having his bag of cocaine mistaken for anthrax in the Boston subway system and Justin Credible working at Target and Olive Garden. Peter Polaco has a wife and a son and is working to support his family. I felt disgusted when I saw those reports online. There's nothing newsworthy about it, and thank you for calling out the irresponsible "journalists".

Flair has a chance to leave a tremendous legacy in this business and I'd hate to see that ruined. Hulk Hogan was a hero of mine when I was a kid and to see what's transpired with him just sucks.

I hope some of the young guys in the business understand this, and realize that you have to plan for a normal life outside of the ring when you're done performing. I think Blackjack may be on to something...

Hello JR,

I was just doing a little research into Danny Hodge and I came across this 1957 issue of Sports Illustrated with none other than Mr. Hodge on the cover:


He was touted as the "Best US Wrestler"

Just something I wanted to share since you're such a big fan.

Keep up the great work and God Bless.


 just wondering, are you going to be doing any signings or anything while you're up in seattle? 

too bad you're not still on raw. i got seats right behind the announce table when raw comes to seattle in october.

Don't even worry about it J.R. There are plenty of people who will make light of any man who earn's an honest day's pay if they find the work repugnant, but if "Dirty Jobs" has shown me anything it's (1.) Mike Rowe is a cool dude and (2.) there's no such thing as a job not worth doing and doing well. Just remember that there are responsible journalists out there too - those of us who will report fact not fiction and eschew rumor and innuendo at all turns. Not many, but a few. And in truth let's give a hand to guys like PJ Polaco and Troy Martin who make an honest day's wage without taking bumps and bruises 330 days a year or never getting to see their families because of it. I say more power to them. Anybody who would look down on them for not pursuing a live of fame and stardom doesn't know that being a TV celebrity will never take the place of being a father and a husband.

Hello JR. I was exposed to wrestling by Verne Gagne's AWA and Dick "the bruiser’s WWA. Later, I was exposed to NWA ( Mid Atlantic) and World Class Championship Wrestling . The WWF came on television much later.

Hello JR. I was exposed to wrestling by Verne Gagne's AWA and Dick "the bruiser’s WWA. Later, I was exposed to NWA ( Mid Atlantic) and World Class Championship Wrestling . The WWF came on television much later.

Hello JR. I was exposed to wrestling by Verne Gagne's AWA and Dick "the bruiser’s WWA. Later, I was exposed to NWA ( Mid Atlantic) and World Class Championship Wrestling . The WWF came on television much later.

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