Florida Daze... Raw and Smackdown Thoughts...

Got word to be in Tampa late last week. Nice surprise. Good to be a part of the celebration.

Lots of announcer speculation re: moving brands, etc but that would be news to me. Wrestling, like many entities, can be over analyzed. In my view the WWE has bigger fish to fry (creating new stars) than playing musical chairs with the announcers..

But at the end of the day only one man knows for sure what he wants for his company.

I’ve learned that predicting those matters can not be in my best interests.

Really surprised that the Undertaker wasn’t more heavily promoted going into the Tampa Raw.

The tag team scene in the WWE needs lots of work unless it is simply positioned to be where it is....mid card fodder.

John Cena returning, but likely not before Survivor Series will really help Raw.

Same goes for Smackdown and the return of Edge. When Edge returns is anyone’s guess. Sooner than later I hope.

Flew with HBK from DFW to Tampa Sunday night. For my $$$ Shawn is still the best “big match” wrestler in the biz but one can see the fatigue in his eyes. Strictly guessing, if I was forced to say when HBK would hang ‘em up I would “guess” sometime around WM 26. Hope I’m wrong.

Amazing to see so many wanna be stars contribute literally nothing intellectually to their in ring personas. Nothing. Many spend more time in catering or talking to one of seeming two dozen Divas than getting with those that can help them develop their presentation and in ring personas. Amazing.

The Undertaker’s new submission is now officially known as the “Devil’s Triangle.” You heard it here first.

I wasn’t surprised Miz and Morrison lost Monday night to DX, seems like some pundits were, but the WWE has high hopes for the duo. Go ahead and roll your eyes but that’s my observation.

I love Divas, in a harmless, happily married man sort of way, but a 16 Diva tag that includes the ageless Mae Young pushes the envelope. Mae wrestling worries me.

It might be interesting in Boston to see how the live audience reacts to John Cena and to Chris Jericho. Will Cena have a decided home field advantage? What do you think?

Where does all the week’s calamity leave Batista? PO’ed?

Might just be me but 3 hours feels like an eternity for a wrestling TV show. I did enjoy many of the old clips and think the 1st hour could have easily been those in a quick presentation from episode 1 thru 799.

Gosh,  JBL has dropped about 60 lbs or so using his products and of course doing plenty of cardio. JBL looks to be near his Texas high school playing weight.

Perhaps some of you read a recent blog here where I described the little, spoiled brat, akin to some internet feedback providers who “hate” me, and how he disrespected my wife because we didn’t have Kit Kat bars at Halloween. I mentioned that the kid’s mommy was driving him from house to house in our neighborhood in a ‘Benz. From that these defiant young ‘net fans, who hate me, deducted from all that info that we live in the hoity toity section of Norman. We live in a nice section of town but certainly not a gated community loaded w/ mansions. Wish we did, but sorry to disappoint the handful of “fans” that the Ross’ live a very normal existence. These are the same idiots who can’t figure out why a BBQ website mentions BBQ so often. Perhaps their acne cream is adversely affecting their still developing judgment.

Jim Neidhart was in Tampa and he looked good. Might have done a photo shoot with talented daughter Natalya. Nattie is one of my favorite Divas. Nattie can wrestle, which still seems like a prerequsite.

Also saw Hart cousin Harry Smith in Florida and he really stood out. Harry’s “time” has to be drawing near being “called up” at least in my opinion.

Having hired both Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, it isn’t hard for me to put Jack Swagger in their class. Swagger likely won’t be as high maintenance as the other two, but he has the chance to be special.

I wish the WWE would do more 2-3 segment bouts. Better stories are told when there is more time allotted to tell them.

Santino is one of the brighter spots on Raw and I am surprised he’s still being booed, at least partially.

Being a “tweener” is the kiss of death by the way.

Got taken to task by a fan after I compared Miz and Morrison’s attitude to Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect. I actually knew Rude and Perfect, unlike the person that took  exception to my remarks. FTW, I also think M&M have some Midnight Express qualities inside the ring...sans Jim Cornette.

I wonder where Cornette is on his photo heavy book? I’m buying one I assure you.

Yours truly is leaving for Manchester Sunday from Chicago but not before I fly down to College Station, Texas with friends for the OU-Texas A/M game on Saturday.

We are taping 2 Friday Night Smackdowns while in the UK so the Manchester fans get a little bonus on Tuesday.

Tazz will be in a particularly narly mood and please UK fans don’t ask for any autographs from the “Angry Man.” :)

Our store is open. Get to shoppin’! It’s greatly appreciated and we will ship your order within hours of receiving it. Many thanks.

Boomer Sooner!

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JR, you know what I miss? Main eventers wrestling non-main eventers more often in 1-on-1 bouts, where the mid-card guy gets in his fair share of offense and comes out the match better for it, in addition to the main event talent. Think of all the memorable TV matches like Kurt Angle vs. John Cena (debut), HHH vs. TAKA Michinoku, The Kid vs. Razor Ramon... there's a great underdog story to these matches, and when they're not squashes, they are among the most entertaining type of match to watch. Let's see more HHH vs. The Brian Kendrick (no squash), more Jericho vs. Jamie Noble, more Jeff Hardy vs. Jimmy Wang Yang, more HBK vs. CM Punk or Kofi Kingston.

These are matches I feel WWE should be doing more of. It helps keep the main event talent "fresh" (new opponents is always a welcomed thing) and it can really mark a momentum boost for the mid (or low) carder as long as it's not a squash. Your thoughts?

total agreement here

the best match technically and the work put into that one match was awesome.

this match being shelton benjamin vs shawn micheals in the number 1 contenders tournament just after the batista and HHH three month ride.

i was truly hoping that they would push a fued between shawn and shelton and we would have been treated to a spectacular that could measure up to flair vs steamboat to kurt vs brock to flair vs briscoe

alas the road not taken

Hi J.R

Shawn Michaels vs The undertaker happened match At WrestleMania 25?

Shawn Michaels  end The Streak of  The undertaker At WrestleMania 25?



Hi J.R

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker happened match At WrestleMania 25?

Shawn Michaels  end The Streak of The Undertaker At  WrestleMania 25?



 You are quite the unintelligent one, Tom.


Hi JR!! Can't wait for the WWE to come to the UK next week, do you enjoy coming on tour at all or is it all a bit too much?

Anyway my main question was that do you think that Raw's ratings will recover soon? Especially now that the US election is finally over. It's a shame that not even 3 million people have been watching WWE's flagship show considering the huge amount of talent on the roster

By the way, hats off to the Smackdown writer's it's improved miles lately, not to mention quality announcers ;)

Actually, Raw gets over 4 million viewers each week, not under 3.

yeh but for the live show its been getting under 3 million look:

- September 1: 2.9
- September 8: 3.0
- September 15: 2.6
- September 22: 3.1
- September 29: 3.1
- October 6: 3.0
- October 13: 3.1
- October 20: 2.9
- October 27: 2.9
- November 3: 3.0

taken from www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/wwe-ratings/

All of those numbers translate to over 4 million viewers.  A 1.0 cable rating is equal to approx. 1.45-1.50 million viewers.

 Yeah, a rating is just that: a rating. It is not a number of million... It is simply the percentage of total American households that are watching that show. So 1.0 = 1.0%.

Right now, a show that gets a 1.0 on cable has around 1.5 million viewers watching.  10 years ago, when less people had cable, a 1.0 meant around 1.15 million viewers were watching.  It will probably continue to be adjusted in the future as more people get cable.

ok thanks, sorry didnt know about how it's structured in the US, i believe it's slighly different in the UK

Can we get your reaction to Super Crazy's release, which has just been announced?

Hi J.R

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker happened match At WrestleMania 25?

Shawn Michaels end The Streak of The Undertaker At  WrestleMania 25?



Taker's streak should never be broken. I feel because of all he has done for WWE, he deserves that unique accomplishment

i second this motion

the undertakers streak should not be broken although knowing the undertaker and what he is willing to do for the company if he is told and the person beating him is good enough he may drop the streak not to a veteran rather a younger wrestler in line for major push

but hey it all goes through vince and he will make the final call

Shawn is still one of the best big match wrestlers in the business, but I agree with you that the fatigue is starting to grow on him, I hope that he can last a few more years so that some of the younger guys can grow, but I believe that Shawn will know when his time is up, and the Undertaker will probably follow him soon after to retirement. I would hope that even after he hangs up his boots, HBK will consider being a manager, as the character of charismatic manager is strongly lacking in the WWE these days and the younger guys could learn more if they were forced to work with a manager.

Hi JR It was good to see you on monday night RAW with the black hat on. I also noticed that HBK looked very tired, hopefully he will take some time off to rest and then come back. I know as you grow older it takes longer to recoupe after weeks and weeks of traveling acrost the county, I did my traveling in the drivers seat of an 18 wheeler for 41 years. A Massive heart attack stoped me in my tracks at 62.5 years of age. Now I just sit and think about my travels. I know you push a tight schedule, and I don't know how you do it, but you are looking pretty healthy. One way to loose a lot of weight is to have your heart stop for 8 minutes, I was 225 and not fat when I had my heart attack last Feburary, now i weigh 175, no real appite. Will be watching friday for smackdown. Longtime fan. Ron

why all the 'big match' stuff, hbk is the best wrestler on the face of the planet. period. btw taker v hbk would be awesome

JR , I will be attending Survivor Series and, as a life-long Bostonian, I can tell you I will not be cheering for John Cena. I cheered like hell when Edge beat him at Summer Slam '06 and I will cheer like hell when Jericho beats him later this month.

I don't have a genuine hatred for him (I reserve that for Batista) but I feel he lacks any real character. He tries to hard to be the Rock in his promos and fails miserably. He’s an out-of-the-box body builder face. Nothing to exciting about that. It’s a shame he can’t go back to being white rapper who would freestyle on his way to the ring. At least that was original.

"FTW, I also think M&M have some Midnight Express qualities inside the ring...sans Jim Cornette."

Heh, I'm guessing that you meant 'for the record' JR - rather than 'F the World'? Looks like the world's angriest announcer is rubbing off on you! Thoroughly enjoying the blog as always - once the weathers' more appropriate in england I promise I'll buy some 'Q' in return :)


What was up with HHH's comment about Lilian Garcia on Raw? It seemed really childish and uncalled for to me and a few friends...

Hey Ladies And Gentlemen, don't forget the one major factor in in all of  WWE, TNA,NWA  and all the rest. It is Scripted !!!  writers say who  wins and who loses, each and everytime. Are the wrestlers injured? YES. Are they Great athletes? YES. Do they know who is going to win or lose? Is J.Rs comentary prewritten ? Probably Not , But the king can't say puppys anymore, so who knows!!!

So after the replies to some great comments heres my 2 cents well in my case its two pennies seeing as im in england.

I have to admit a guilt of mine i have never been to a live showing of any WWE show number 1 I could not get their and number 2 SCHOOL but the sky sports coverage is always observed.

As for Shawn retiring he was in the first RAW and 800 programs later he is still their. I feel Shawn as did Ric Flair and and as should the Undertaker leave this business at the height of the WWE year that being Wrestlemania.

I may well be the only person in the entire world who actually likes the tag team of The Miz and Morrison they have a arrogance that does remind of the outsiders actually (your probably pissing your pants from laughter right about now), but yeah i really do like how they carry themselves and we should all "Be Jealous".

Im gonna end this on a high note i can not wait to see Kozlov vs HHH and im praying they have a nice long match i can not express enough my displeasure of seeing a 15 minute main event and with the ring specialst and storyteller like Hunter (i mean he tried with khali :P:P) and the talent that Kozlov does have they should be going 25 minutes atleast if not do a marathon like Cena and shawn that was awesome.

Great blog sir can not wait to see more

The Problem with WWE's tag tam scene is they split up tag teams as soon as they are staring to get successful. Deuce & Domino had a decent run and They got split up. Johnny Nitro/Morrison and Joey Mercury were having a decent run and the same thing happened.

If WWE was booked back in the day like it is now I think classic teams like The Steiner Bros. and The Legion of Doom/Roadwarriors would never have gotten their chance.

Great blog as usual JR. I love reading them. I just have a question, who's idea was it to have john cena come back to wwe programming and automatically  be granted a world title shot? How fair is that? He wasnt champion when he left, heck he got injured in a match that had nothing to do with the world title. Now i understand he is a major draw and its great that he is comming back to action in his hometown, but man there is alot of talent in the wwe roster that should get a shot. They are pretty much getting slapped in the face and being told, your great now and can make me money now, but not good enough when cena returns. Its actually sad to see that happen. And dont get me started on the tribute videos of cena, its as if it was the second comming of Christ. But in any event, JR keep doing what your doing. I look foward to hearing you call the matches on friday!

I thought that the three hour RAW went by fast. Maybe all of the entertaining clips made it feel that way. It was great re-living all of the moments from Raw's past. I can't believe that it has only been on for 16 years. I was confused about the record that it broke though. It was said that Raw is now the longest running episodic show in the history of television, but what about "60 Minutes?" Does that not count since it is a news program? I was just wondering. If it doesn't count - then congrats to RAW for outlasting them all!! I look forward to another 800 + Monday nights.

I also agree with your feelings towards the kid that disrespected your wife on Halloween. It doesn't matter what area you live in; he should have been thankful to get anything at all. It is a priviledge to find people that open their doors and participate in the Halloween trick-or-treating tradition. Many do not care to have strangers showing up for freebies anymore. When I was a kid, if I didn't like some of the candy I received, I would just trade with other kids. There wasn't a guideline in your neighborhood saying what type of candy was required, right? It's unacceptable that so many kids are spoiled and rude these days. I think you should have body slammed him!

See you on Smackdown!