Foley/JR in OKC Tonight, @FoxSports Feature, Sting on RAW??, Angle Podcast Part 2 Drops Tuesday, KENTA isn't Muta, BASH DVD, WWEShop has JR's in Stock

Big day here in Oklahoma as Mick Foley will be performing tonight in OKC and he's invited me to join him of which I've accepted. It's at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and tickets are limited. Visit for info. Show stats at 7 :30 pm. Let's grill.....

Beginning to do some research on a Fox Sports feature on all the pro wrestling greats that came out of the then West Texas State University and hope to talk to several of the talents who played football there in Canyon, Texas and then went on to extraordinary, pro wrestling careers.

Interesting RAW tonight with 6 of their biggest stars in one main event match within the three hour show. Let's hope that what's left on the show is mostly in the ring and the talent's involved will rise to the occasion and have productive nights.

We will begin doing serious work on my autobiography this week. No time table for completion and we don't have a publishing deal but once a publisher reads it that matter will be a formality. We're looking at a natural stopping place for the first book so that the second book will have an impact.

The questions that I get regarding the @Sting Tweet of 7-14-14 are often times comical. Some fans feel compelled that they MUST know what is going to occur tonight on RAW. Yes, I know but I'm not in the Don Jardine business so my suggestion is to simply watch RAW and find out for yourself. No matter what occurs, many will bitch tomorrow that it wasn't what they wanted.

The first step of whatever Sting may or may not do with WWE begins tonight on RAW and where it ends is anyone's guess. For me, it's a no brainer but I'm arguably biased. Sting will be on the Ross Report podcast on Tuesday July 29.

Part two of my conversation with @RealKurtAngle drops tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 pm eastern time on and we delve into Kurt's run in WWE and how he would ideally like to end his career once he signs one, last contract plus what he wants to do after his wrestling days have concluded. 

Tuesday night I'm visiting with Tony Schiavone for a podcast that airs on August 19. You can send me questions for Tony @JRsBBQ.

In ROH, I like the idea of a Champ Michael Elgin vs. Matt Hardy series. Elgin is underrated and Matt won't allow the match to be performed at a breakneck pace.

As I've said many times, I am all for ROH to get over the hump and produce more stars for WWE, or Impact, while providing others a viable place to work that keeps their presence on TV alive for other indie dates.

RAW is in Richmond tonight which was the first market that Ii ever did Jim Crockett Promotions TV after JCP bought out Bill Watts' UWF. It was Bob Caudle and me on the 'B' Show, NWA Pro Wrestling while Tony Schiavone and David Crockett did the 'a' Show, Worldwide Wrestling.

Got an interesting feeler on a reality show concept. It's in my agent's hands. It won't happen during Oklahoma football season.

Happy to see that @WWENXT talents are working multiple spot shows throughout Florida. This is the best way to learn how to perform, understand crowd psychology, and to become talented enough to earn a living in the wrestling biz.

Don't see the logic that some utilize comparing KENTA  with the Great Muta other than they are both Japanese wrestlers. Muta got over because he was young, a high flier, had trendy face paint and, most importantly, he had Gary Hart speaking for him. KENTA can get over if he speaks English or gets someone to be his mouthpiece specifically if KENTA is going to be a villain. I expect him to be in NXT for a good while and could even do some teaching while he's there which I think would benefit all involved. Plus, Muta had some of the top stars in the business to work with while he was in WCW.

See where the Great American Bash DVD is being released in many areas tomorrow. Those were some great events to be a part of and I think I did some of my best work on them even though I have never watched a single replay of any of the shows. I'm my own worst critic and I often times cringe on hearing my own play by play because I know that I can always do better. is fully stocked on ALL JR's products so jump on it here at the grilling season. Quick, courteous customer service and delivery await. @WWEShop

Exited to be headed to Waterloo, Iowa this week for the Tragos-Thesz Museum National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions. Best value for wrestling fans out there and some of the biggest stars in the game descend upon Waterloo this weekend.

In discussions about doing some MMA play by play which I hope will be finalized in the next few days. My request for my broadcast partner might be a jaw dropper for some.

Still looking for pics of folks in JR's tees from Buy any JR's design and get a FREE RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross event shirt free while they last.

Working on updating the Q&A's here at Ask JR but some idiot loaded it up with useless spam and I'm having to deal with deleting tons of horse manure.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ       


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As always, JR will bitch and moan about fans. Grow up, JR.
OK.. JR is both intelligent and articulate enough to defend himself, but I am compelled to help here. I challenge you to find ANY other significant talent with a significant fan base that spends the time and interacts with fans the way JR does. I also challenge you to find ANYONE with 40 years experience in the business who is willing to share his thoughts so freely. Until you do, I wouldn't criticize what the man is doing? The other thing... if you really don't like it.. is you are free not to read it.

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