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Thoroughly enjoy the women's fight Wednesday night on #TUF18 on @FoxSports1. Fox Sports 1 had some innovative productions elements ala the 'boxing' of the corners during the commercial breaks and the effective use of graphics to provide a variety of info on the fighters including betting odds. The women had the best fight of the season on TUF, in my opinion, that required an extra round to determine a winner. Loved the passion, intensity and the true emotions of athletes looking to better their lives and to accomplish their goals. It's hard not to invest in such when it's real or perceived as real.

Which leads me to reconfirm my belief that overly scripted, poorly delivered, pro wrestling promos which equate to bad theater, IE impotent acting, and encourage fans to tune out, literally or figuratively, with what it being said.

Updated the Q&A's here on my site that you can check out and leave your questions as well if you'd like. I read them all but don't answer the repetitive ones or the ones that  I perceive to be lame.

I was asked about being 'drafted' to Smackdown in 2008 and my reaction to such. Obviously, if you were watching I wasn't enthralled about that creative move which I think was an inside joke that someone in creative sold upper management on just to see my reaction. Of course, I could be wrong but I did not, and still do not, see any reason for breaking Jerry Lawler and me up.

That's simply how i feel and it may well be my ego talking so take those comments with a grain of salt.

That was a turning point for me as it relates to truly having fun on the road doing TV. At that point, it came more like a job which is how many broadcasters today perceive their work. Until then, I had never approached that role in that manner.

I had been told the night before the Draft in San Antonio that I wasn't going any where and that why would WWE break up "Madden and Summerall?"

I'll save the rest of that story for a book some day.

Nothing in WWE is more important than what goes on in the WWE Performance Center. Nothing. I expect that procedures there to continue to evolve in every way including the personnel who are depended upon to coach up the prospects. Over time, I'm thinking that WWE must continue to invest in that process as it relates to teaching methods and overall approach. Every great system has to be continually re-evaluated and refined.

The future of WWE rests in Orlando at the Performance Center. 

 I'm heading to NYC soon to discuss some 2014 projects. 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for yours truly. I like being able to steer my own ship.

I hope that those in the IWC will always use the link to this site when using material from these blogs and my Q&A's. Some do...others don't.

I'm curious to see how many creative developments that occur on the next  PPV's in WWE directly affect what is presented at WM30 in New Orleans. If the frame work of a WM30 card isn't virtually completed by now, and especially before HIAC, I'd find that perplexing.

On the WWE HOF topic that so many ask me about, for Dan Hodge not to be in the WWE HOF is another name that can be added to the list of 'head scratchers.'  Hodge is in every Hall of Fame in the sport, both amateur and pro, except WWE, if I'm not mistaken. Dan was a legend in the days before cable TV, etc and of all the Oklahomans who are in the WWE HOF Danny Hodge is the most deserving. Plus, Hodge was a star in the Louisiana territory aka Mid South Wrestling that made New Orleans it's top market. Dan is in his 80's and can likely still beat a large percentage of pro wrestlers in the biz or at least those that play the role of a  pro wrestler on television.

Very excited to be heading to Dallas soon for Saturday's Oklahoma vs. Texas Red River Rivalry game at the historic, Cotton Bowl. One year at that game , Cowboy Bill Watts took Dick Murdoch as his guest and both got plastered on state fair beer, became combative, and both ended up knocking out unruly fans from the rival schools after the game ended. I travel with Oklahoma State Troopers so I don't expect to experience any thing like the "good, old days" when guys like Watts and Murdoch were bigger than life and enjoyed KO'ing mouthy fans who heckled them. With the Big Cowboy and Captain Redneck, these were one punch knockouts for the record.

I expect OU to beat Texas but by less than the Vegas odds indicate which are at -14 as I write this.

My "Wife of the Year" Jan, who wins that distinction annually, and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this Saturday while I'm at the 108th meeting of the Sooner vs. the Steers. In wrestling parlance, being married 20 years roughly equates to 140, grappling years. My success within the WWE Talent Relations department had as much to do with my wife as it did with any thing else that I brought to the table. Dealing with my insane schedule, calls at all hours of the night, the never ending travel and responsibilities that went with one wearing multiple, corporate hats, and I'm not referring to the black one that I wore on TV, allowed me to do my best administrative work during a pivotal time within the WWE's tumultuous history. Any success that I achieved could not have occurred without a strong partner and I was blessed to have my wife at my side through all the trials and tribulations that the business presented us personally and professionally.  

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