FREE JR's Cap w/ Every Order Received Thru Sunday Night! FREE SHIPPING, too!

This is a good offer for those that place any order this weekend. I think I'm delerious but....

These caps came out of our store and we have a limited number of them. Many of them sold for around $20. This offer is applicable for any order placed Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

BTW saw Jerry Brisco in Tampa and he looked great...about 190 pounds. Jerry's had a heck of a tough year having had three strokes and losing his legendary brother and best friend Jack Brisco.

Many of you know that follow my Tweets @JRsBBQ that RickySteamboat is out of the hospital and is convalescing at a relative's home in Florida. Rickey is slated to return to FCW and continue training prospects in a month or so.

DVR'ing Smackdown but to be honest w/ you after this week and being in travel hell, I'm just about 'wrestled out.' I'll watch the SD over the weekend.

Get a FREE cap w/ every order this weekend, while they last, and if we run out of caps we'll replace the cap deal w/ a free T shirt. Thanks!

Boomer Sooner!


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Nice to hear Jerry is doing good :)!! Hope there are some breakout rookies in there that will break the mold along with some great 3rd and 2nd generationers!!! FerretJohn, I have to disagree. If you spend time with a stop watch timing match times, you aren't invseting you focus in the product. This weeks Raw happened to be the best one of 2010. That is backed up by sites like prowrestlingtorch and agreeing with the same sentiment. It isn't all wrestling, if you want that, watch ROH and Dragon Gate USA, which are two fine promotions that make amazing stars. Also, with TNA, sorry to say but there product is horrible. Don't get me wrong, I used to watch it when Curry Man, Kong, ODB (they made that a great Women's Division) LAX MEM. But when that all went away, I was done. PLus, it's a horrible business decision to put PPV quality matches on TV every week. Plus, great in-ring work isn't that prelevent on TNA, especially when most shows have at least one, if not two gimmick matches per show. PLus, they are really putting aside there storyline process, which are known to be extremely bad, aside for this 1997 flashback? Past ECW superstars (Lance Storm, Dreamer, etc) have said that One Night Stand 2005 was the proper farewell. Hardcore Homecoming was cool, but that was the farewell for the stars that werne't hired by WWE. I don't like Tommy Dreamer now, once he bashed WWE --and they blatantly broke copyright laws showing WWE things on there show -- he cemented that he will sellout to any company (Just Like Flair) that signs his paycheck. BTW, that HOF Ring angle with Hogan disgusted me, how dare you disrespect something like the WWE HOF??? It shows that Hogan hs no respect for the company that made him. This WCW and ECW stuff is just horrible, it shows me they don't have any new ideas for there lagging storylines. And brining in old WCW writers and higher ups is the worst thing they can do to there anlready lagging storylines.

You are exerting a great deal of energy over a pro wrestling show. At the end of the day does it actually matter what airs on a fictional TV show?

WWF/WWE made Hogan??? PLEASE!!!!! Without HOGAN there would never have been a Rock or Stone Cold.

Sounds like you need sleep. Hogan was made in WWE as their top star that established him as a worldwide attraction. Where else would Hulk have been made, AWA on essentially regional TV? Hogan getting on NBC put him way over the top. W/O Sammartino and Backlund there would have been no Hulk using your logic.  

My point was that Hogan helped WWF and McMahon just as much as McMahon helped Hogan. Hogan took wrestling itself to a whole higher level than Backlund or Bruno could have ever imagined. To say otherwise would just show a blind hatred of Hogan.

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