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Emailer...we're not going to Pittsburgh this weekend for the Steelers-Jets game but will be glued to the TV Sunday for a NFL fan's dream day. I enjoyed following the Jets via HBO's Hard Knocks series but I have to step off the wagon this weekend and pull for the men in black and gold. J.D. and Lizzie Ross didn't raise a fool and with my lovely, Italian wife being a Pittsburgh native I have no issue cheering for the Steelers this Sunday evening. I hope the Steelers win so that we can make the easy drive to Arlington, Texas and watch them win a 7th Super Bowl.  

I apologize to the Fink, Michael Cole and Taz, among others, in advance as I know they are devout Jets fans but they don't prepare gourmet, home cooked meals for me....among other perks.

If the Jets do beat Manning, Brady, and Big Ben in consecutive weeks, then the J-E-T-S deserve all the credit the gridiron world can heap upon them. If native Oklahoman Rex Ryan's boys make it to the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, I'll take my seat back on their wagon.

Chicago playing as the home underdog versus long time rival Green Bay has to grade on the Bears players and fans. The Monsters of the Midway will play pissed off but will that be enough to slow down arguably the hottest team in the NFC? This is a 'return' from the two teams first playoff game against each other in 1941.  

Both conference championship games will come down to all the usual issues including eliminating turnovers and untimely penalties. More specifically it will be whose QB has the most vertical 4 quarters. 

I think that the NFL Conference Championship Games are examples of great booking because there are strong, personal issues involved and the outcomes are not predictable. 

Speaking of Taz, have you checked out Taz' new website My former broadcast partner launched his new 'finishing school' for wrestlers with professional experience Thursday. I heard the first day went well which doesn't surprise me. Taz will prepare well and be dedicated to his venture and, as I have said before, is a natural born coach. 

An emailer to this site asked me if I thought Batista would be back for the Royal Rumble and my guess is no. Dave has been filming a movie out of the country plus preparing to launch a long awaited, much anticipated MMA career with Strikeforce sometime in 2011 as I understand it. With that said, would it be a shocker to see Batista be of the 40 men in the Rumble match....perhaps....a mild one. Any thing's possible these days and the biz is short on star power. 

A Twitter follower @JRsBBQ asked the obligatory Randy Savage questions that we get inundated with at this time of the year. There's a video of Macho Man on line with him talking about the WWE's Wrestling All Stars video game which is due to be released on March 29 but Savage going into the WWE HOF this year would surprise me. HBK is this year's headliner and even though Savage had a distinguished, HOF level career he would also be a headliner and not a supporting role player IMO. Look at it any way you choose but each year there is only one headliner at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The year that I was inducted in 2007 Dusty Rhodes was the headliner. 

An emailer hoped that Jerry Lawler would win the Royal Rumble match and I'm not aware that King is going to even be in the Rumble. One thing that I can say is that Jerry is as popular as virtually any wrestler in WWE right now due to recent events which speaks to two points. One, Jerry is extremely talented and, two, it speaks to the issue of the lack of main event depth currently in the wrestling biz in general. 

Emailer...why do I like personal issues in wrestling? Because if they are properly presented they represent real life issues and situations and take the fan in me right into the moment. Personal issues position a clearly defined protagonist vs. a definitive antagonist. However, I do not enjoy watching pro wrestling storylines that involve religion or politics, or, more often than not, legit interpersonal relationships but that's the old school in me.

We encourage all fans to check out the CAC website at for info on their annual, April gathering in Las Vegas. This year CAC will be honoring Mick Foley, Honky Tonk Man, Rick Martel, and Sgt. Slaughter who will all receive awards. Yours truly received the Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 which Mick is getting this year. Several other wrestlers from multiple generations will be in attendance and fans are encouraged to attend as well. I hope to see you there and also invite you to join CAC just as I have. 

Twitter....who would I have enjoyed seeing the Undertaker compete with at a Wrestlemania in all the participants absolute prime? With "The Streak" on the line, it would have been huge PPV business to see Taker face Andre the Giant. I also would have loved to see Undertaker face a young, healthy Bruiser Brody.  That would have pitted two, amazingly athletic big men pounding each other.  Another opponent that popped in my mind as a fantasy opponent versus the Undertaker with "The Streak" on the line would have been Abdullah the Butcher, again in the prime of the Butcher's wild and unpredictable career. Perhaps Gary Hart could have been Abby's manager in this fantasy bout that would also have been far, far from being PG friendly with what I suspect would have been a Slobber Knocker level brawl.  

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 JR the other night I put some of your Main Event Mustard in a pot of chili I was cooking. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it.

 Sure, you offer this the day after I put in a big order lol It even included a three pack of the new mustard! I am excited to try it, I have loved everything you have put out so far, I have no doubts I will like this too.

I do agree with the HOF headlinig bit, however...they double headlined before.  Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart-the same year/ceremony.  Even though I love both, I think Hulk should have headlined/accepted last but Bret Hart was 'pushed' to seem more of the headlilner.  I think this irritates Hogan as, (who can argue this-), Him and Vince made wrestling.   Hogan doesn't look happy at all while Bret's doing his speech.  Hart should have been saved for another year with all focus on  him.  Just like Hogan should of had all the focus on him during their ceremony.   But back to my point, yes Savage would be headline material and millions would love it, but in my book 'double headlining' was done the Hogan/Hart year.  

I also love HBK, but think a year less then his retirment is a bit short.  If wrestlers 'never say never', he could get a wild hair up his ass and wrestle again.  I think there should be a waiting period after retiring.  Especially with so many deserving individuals (Abdullah, Lance Russell, Kamala, Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, Greg Gagne)

I stand by my Kamala decision, for a 25+career as the Ugandan Giant, he is very  memoroable and did a hell of a job with his gimmick.  Also he has slammed Andre.

bigpunkdrummer, you must have missed something during that HOF ceremony. Hogan was inducting Mean Gene the same year that Hart was inducted. Hogan didn't look amused by some of Brets stories, but he wasn't getting his spotlight stolen. He was there to induct a friend and probably wasn't expecting his name to come up in Brets speech. Hogan was inducted in 2005, Hart in 2006.

Hi JR-I took the plunge and ordered a sampler package, and I'm looking forward to trying all your products.  I've been a long time fan, from the early WCW and I'm glad you are enjoying your life without being burdened with all the travel wrestling involves. By the way, on the old school Raw show recently, you were the highlight of the show for me-and I'm happy you slapped Cole with your hat!  Best of luck to you always.

Thanks for the business and let me know how you feel about the products we send you. I had a blast at the Old School Raw even though I was a little rusty. Announcing is seemingly in my DNA and I will always enjoy the opportunities I receive to call a match.

 Saw your tweet from 4 hours ago about AJ Styles. Your opinion is that he is a "sound hand". That's IT? lol You obviously haven't watched him wrestle very much. One of the top 5 wrestlers in the industry easily.

'Sound hand' is good in my view as there isn't an over abundance of sound hands in the biz today. AJ is a main eventer in a world of very few main eventers. How good a performer is or isn't is a subjective question and we all have our opinions. He's probably in a group of one or two guys in TNA that should be individually featured.  

No JR, make no mistake about it.  The HEADLINER of that HoF was two people.  YOU and KING.  Not Dusty.  Not by a long shot.

 Good points on AJ but you've worked with McMahon all these years. You know he wouldn't  highly feature AJ bc he's not huge height wise and worst of all, has a Southern accent. Same kinda thing goes with Samoa Joe. He's 'fat' so that would work against him. Some would point to Husky Harris but with him 1)his dad worked for wwe for a long time 2)he's been part of a group that beats up people when it's 5 on 1 but hasn't been pushed heavily single wise. Now that I think about it, was that a Southern accent Heath Slater had last night?

You overplay the Southern accent matter. I did OK with mine. Austin did OK with his. As for smaller guys, AJ and HBK aren't that far a part. AJ has significant skills but they will never be truly realized in TNA especially with him buried in a group. I like Joe but he likely knows that he need to address his physique to some degree. He's another one that TNA had a chance to run with and failed. I'd give Joe a shot if in that position.  

 There's quite a difference in your Oklahoma accent and AJ's Georgia accent but ok. Either way, if I was a wrestler I'd choose WWE's creative over TNA's. While I'm on tna wrestlers and how they'd do in wwe, to your knowledge is Mr.McMahon aware of Robert Roode? That guy has money written all over him.

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