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Interesting morning as Oklahoma experienced an earthquake that apparently rated a 4.3. Unique experience for us Okie or at least for this one. The center of the Earthquake was 6 miles east of our home in Norman.   

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Here's some thoughts on many random questions and comments from emailers and Twitter followers @JRsBBQ..

I don't know just how committed Bobby Lashley is or isn't to his MMA career. Perhaps we can all ascertain that matter when we next see Bobby fight. There is no excuse to not be in tip top, cardio vascular condition and if one is injured then speak up and postpone one's fight. I personally like and respect Bobby but often times wonder what sort of leadership and direction that he is getting in his MMA career. 

I'm still looking for a locale near Kansas City's KCI Airport to watch the Lesnar-Velásquez fight on Oct 23 after the Oklahoma vs. Missouri Big 12 game in Columbia. 

TV pro wrestling, in general, needs to be produced in a more simple, straight forward fashion and is, arguably and in my personal opinion, over thought.  Why many feel compelled to essentially change the core product is beyond my ability to comprehend. Like a great film or episodically produced, successful TV franchise, it is still, essentially, identifiable protagonist vs.  clearly defined antagonist whose conflicts are built around personal issues. 

What mid card level wrestlers are best suited to be main eventers? I'm not prepared to answer that question specifically but many, more than one might imagine, individuals are potentially main event level talents. However, in order for that to happen they need 'quality, TV minutes' and an extended opportunity. Then when they receive such, then the individuals need to raise their game and covet each minute of time they are afforded. The process of elevating potential main eventers is basically a calculated risk more often than not.  

Paul Heyman's latest, creative work for EA Sports is both clever and simplistic. Nice formula. 

Yes I do believe that if the XFL had been given a reprieve and a second season that the on field product would have been greatly improved with an off season to prepare for all the teams. It's too bad that the NFL seemingly did all they could to make sure that the XFL went away quickly when the XFL could have been used as an economical feeder program for the National Football League.

Speaking of football, yes I would obviously love to live my dream of being the voice of Oklahoma Football on radio but I realistically feel that it's a long shot at best but I do appreciate everyone's support via their emails and Tweets. I haven't turned off the broadcasting switch and would love to represent our State and our University in this manner. My life has been so blessed but sitting in bob Barry, Sr.'s old chair would be a huge honor.

Yes emailer...I think AJ Styles is a great in ring talent, perhaps even underutilized, but he is not better at this time than was HBK in Shawn's prime. That's not a knock on Styles even though some will take it as such. To even compare AJ to HBK should be looked upon as high praise. Some have even blasted me for having the 'audacity' to express this particular opinion.

Yes, more Legends Roundtables are going to be taped. I don't know when, if I will be included on the panel, the taping dates or the subjects. The next Roundtable, 'Underachievers and Overachievers' will air in mid December on WWE On Demand. 

Any one who doesn't think that the eradication of the viable, wrestling territories hasn't adversely affected today's pro wrestling product simply isn't paying attention or refuse to become students of the game. What if colleges ceased playing football. How would the NFL fare in the future? Basic same ball game.  

I will be on today in Houston at approximately 6:10 pm central time on the powerhouse Sean and John radio show. Tune in via the 'net or if you're in the Houston area give us a listen. 

The 'who is the Raw GM' question is getting worn. As I've said, I do not know but I do know that it's not me. The subject of who is going to be the Raw GM or the position in general doesn't occupy a great deal of my time to be honest with you. It's not in my wheelhouse or my area of responsibility. When it comes on Raw, I watch it. End of story.  

No...I did not watch NXT on my computer Tuesday night but kept up with many of the proceedings with some highly entertaining Tweets from Joey Styles who was in Portland. Joey Styles aka Stocky Balboa verbally punched with Michael Cole during the broadcast.   

My wife and I watched 'Blind Side' last night and it is a fantastic film. What an amazingly, simple yet emotional and memorable story. Sandra Bullock was off the page. I strongly urge anyone who hasn't seen the film to check it out and it doesn't matter if you're a football fan or not. This is a wonderful story that I made a big time emotional investment in early in the movie and didn't want it to end.  

What's the one trait that I feel most younger wrestlers need to work on to elevate their games? It's hard to pin it down to just one but if I could suggest a couple it would be listening to/understanding the audience and raising their physical aggression.

The WWE is filled with highly intelligent people which is another reason that I don't feel that the Undertaker will ever lose at a Wrestlemania event. When I say never, I mean never. What a magnificent card one can keep in one's pocket to play at the biggest event of the year where so much is measured and defined. The Undertaker's 'streak' at Wrestlemania is like a franchise unto itself.  

Mentioned that I thought one of the keys to the upcoming Lesnar-Velásquez UFC PPV for the Heavyweight Title would be Brock's ability to initiate a great stand up, striking defense. Cain is ultra quick and will no doubt be able to land some meaningful strikes. Another key point in this pivotal showdown is Brock's ability to take Cain down and then to be able to impose Lesnar's will via his brute strength and size advantage plus utilize the former NCAA Wrestling Champion's mat skills. 

Even though Velásquez brings an undefeated record into Cain's biggest MMA fight of his life and is seemingly carrying the Hispanic fan base on his broad shoulders, I'm still a 'Lesnar guy' and feel that Brock can retain his title in what should be a classic on October 23 in Anaheim. I only wish my schedule would allow for me to attend in person. 

Oklahoma begins it's self described stretch run this Saturday evening in Norman against visiting Big 12 foe Iowa State. OU should win easily and thinking that is OK for fans like me but not for the players. The Sooners, post Texas 'hangover' that included a bye week should be subsided and hopefully the team will be anxious to play before 85,000 fans at home. There is so much to the season left to play and I don't think that any of us fans of the college game fully realize just how things are likely to change in the college football world before January. Every week is an adventure and with the BCS system that's in place, every weekend is essentially a must win Saturday.

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Boomer Sooner!


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Jim , 

You may want to try the sports bar at Ameristar  Casino. The one they have in Council Bluffs, Ia carrys all sports including PPV's. Its been 2 years since been to KC, but hope it helps.


In my opinion, the XFL would have been more successful if Vince McMahon had of stepped back and worked behind the scenes to build the product. Unfortunately, mainstream media couldn't get past the "Rasslin' Guy" trying to be "legit."  I also believe that the marketing techniques hurt the game too. It never seemed serious to the "average" fan. I had people even ask me if I thought that the games were fixed.

Furthermore, the NFL trying to rid itself of the XFL brings me to my point of the state of wrestling today: Competition. If the XFL is successful, then the NFL has to be prepared to work harder. The reason the WWF won the Monday Night Wars was Vince McMahon stepped up his game when WCW was dropping the ball. When he bought WCW, he literally killed his own product. He should be begging TNA to turn the page because it will put him back on his A game instead of the F+ game he's been playing for years.



Hello Mr. Ross

I've been watching some videos of Jason Sensation on YouTube and was wondering why you guys never made him an announcer? Seems like he had a lot of charisma and talent and fit right into to that attitude era at the time. Maybe you guys just saw him as an impressionist but I don't know, I really liked him back then.

I agree that Styles isn't anywhere near HBK, but it would be nice if you list the exact reasons why.

The Blind Side - so true - everything you said, JR.  Sandra Bullock gave a performance of a life-time.  She owned that character, she owned that screen every moment she was on it.  The story was wonderful.  There wasn't a bad acting job.  It's just a tremendous movie all the way around.

I'm looking forward to future Legends Round-tables.  Those are always fun to watch, and help make WWE Classics a real worthwile deal.  I really enjoyed the MSG Live with you and Cornette on commentary together - 2 of my very favorite wrestling broadcasters in tandem.  Plus you get to see some other elements of the history that you only previously knew from having seen the main events.

Hey J.R.

remember the old UWF days when Hyatt and Hotstuff was top heel team their I give the freebirds credit too but Hyatt and Hotstuff had a lot of the top stars like Eddie Gilbert, Sting,Rick and Scott,John Tatum,Jack Victory,Missy Hyatt I guess you wonder why I bring this up because it someone B-day let see if you can find out how B-day it is.

Let see if you can guess who out of Hyatt and Hotstuff International Birthday it is their seven guess out their only one is right I know do you?