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Great weekend on hand for yours truly that will be centered around basketball. Going to the OKC #NCAAW regional in  Sunday to watch @OUWomensHoops vs. Tennessee and Baylor vs Louisville. Should be a fun Sunday afternoon for a sports fan. Here a wide variety of  random thoughts and opinion... These come largely from Twitter feedback from @JRsBBQ: I disliked announcing from the ramp area back in the day. The job is more fun and one can better, emotionally engage at ringside. I never knew why the King and I were placed there near the pyro to begin with but luckily we avoided being BBQ'ed. Nothing is better than being surrounded by fans who have emotionally invested in the product as it is infectious. WWE has never discussed doing a JR DVD featuring my favorite matches and updated interviews with many of the stars involved but that's not to say that it won't or can't happen some day. Might be a nice idea for visitors and fans to vote an select their choices.  Yes I am gong to WrestleMania and will be appearing at the WWEShop Super Store Friday afternoon from 1-3 signing and taking photos, as I understand it. The Super Store which is located just inside the MetLife gate at the Stadium is going to be a big hit and they will be stocking all JR's products Thursday-Saturday and everything but the Beef Jerky on Sunday but I'm hoping that we well out of Jerky by Sunday.  I have one AXXESS appearance. It is Saturday morning 8-10 at the Legends booth. Autographs and photos as usual there and I hope we have a big crowd. Bring your JR's products Saturday morning and I will be happy to sign them.  Arguably my favorite time of the WM week is the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony Saturday night at MSG of which my wife and I will attend this year as usual. We both love the event and this year is especially gratifying for me professionally and personally considering who all are being enshrined. It seems like years ago, when in 2007,  I was inducted into the WWE HOF by Steve Austin and we were first up right out of the box which I loved. The Fox Theater in Detroit was a perfect location for the event. So much history.  Love this question...not. "Who do you prefer, Cena or Rock?" Really? That's it? Favorite match I've ever called? I guess I should include this in my still to be finalized book concept but I'm going to need ample help trying to determine which one match out of the thousands that I've called stands out above all the rest. It might not be doable. Who's my favorite all time wrestler? Same quandary. Larry Matysik just wrote another book entitled 'Greatest Professional Wrestlers of all Time' which is a fun read by the way from ECW Press where he gives his take on the matter. It's a subjective topic much like asking a baseball fan who is the greatest left handed pitcher of all time. Which WrestleMania match did I call that had the most fan reaction? That likely would have been one in a non, open air stadium or perhaps one not even in a dome simply because of acoustics. Obviously, The Rock vs. Hogan was the most unique match,yes I remember that it was in a dome,  I think that I've called at WrestleMania because the crowd reaction wasn't what we perceived that it would be going in and we had to listen and react to the fans. To  have steered the course with Rock as the fan favorite and Hulk as the villain would have been silly. There were matches at MSG at WM20 that also rocked the noise meter. Most emotional WrestleMania might have been WM19 because of the fact that I knew going in that it was @steveaustinBSR last match for the foreseeable future and likely forever. I say emotional because I had to hold that info in as it wasn't a part of the storyline. Plus, spending the night at the hospital with Steve the night before had my emotions frayed to say the least. Challenging weekend at the office.     Is there a match that I wish I could have a 'do over' at a WrestleMania? Probably lots of them looking back in hindsight but one that sticks out is WM24, Ric flair's retirement match vs. @shawnmichaels. That match deserved perfection and I always felt that I could have done better in a match featuring two of my all time favorite people and wrestlers. That's on me and no one else. How do I think Fandango will do at WM29? I honestly feel that he will do well & have a surprisingly good match with the great Chris Jericho, @IAmJericho. I know that Fandango can wrestle because I've seen him pre-Fandango in NXT and it is unfortunate that some fans have already indicted this young man before they've see the new persona in action. Just because one doesn't like the gift wrapping doesn't mean that the package inside, inside the ropes in this case, won't be a pleasant surprise.  Do I think that Sting or Kurt Angle will ever be inducted into the WWE HOF? Absolutely, is my best educated guess. When? I have no idea but I hope I'm around to see both inductions. What match am I looking forward to the most at WM29? Several have my interest and ALL are important for those involved on a variety of levels.  I certainly look forward to the Shield's 6 man tag in their debut at the 'Big Event.' Very curious to see how @TripleH and Brock Lesnar engage. I love these physical, hellbent for leather type of matches. The Streak is a WM highlight and no element in WrestleMania history has been more significant than the Undertaker going 20-0 at the Super Bowl of WWE. As one who had a hand in signing both @JohnCena and @TheRock I am proud that they are going to close the show, again, but also am nervously anxious to see how they follow all that precedes them. Big time players step up and play when the game's on the line and closing a WrestleMania event is akin to the game being on the line.   it is a major responsibility to deliver and engage the massive crowd at MetLife Stadium early. So many fans don't realize how important kicking off a PPV with some star power and impact is for the overall feel of the presentation.Of course those participants have to deliver...there can be no gray area.   Can't thank everyone enough for the support this week at as business has picked up there big time! Fans are  going to tailgate and party with JR's products for WM29 and we GREATLY appreciate it. The $4.99 , three item Chipotle Ketchup package is rocking! Take a look at all the packages there and don't forget our All Purpose Seasoning which is great for the grill or the kitchen. Our Beef Jerky, 5 flavors, is old school, hickory smoked and is the best Jerky around. Not mass produced and is 97% Fat Free.  Yes, I have the app on both my IPad and IPhone and rely on it for all my news on a multitude of levels. @JCLayfield and @MichaelCole are entertain informative and make mundane news interesting. Neither ride the fence but they do need to give away some JR's products some of these days and help a brother out. Their broadcasts together on their radio show are how I envision a great, PPV broadcast being...entertaining, honest and passionate about the topic/match at hand. I highly recommend that you check out the app as I think that you will love it.  If you live in the UK, Ireland or Europe you can conveniently order JR's products from in Manchester. They are on Twitter @americansoda and can answer your shipping questions there plus they have our products in many of their American Candy stores.  Q&A's are  undated here as of Friday midday. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. There are several blogs here that I've written this week that I think that you will like. Check them out. Boomer Sooner! J.R.  @JRsBBQ            
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I wanna express my deepest sympathy to Ric Flair and his family on the death of his son.
Hello JR, yes I remember Rock vs Hogan rather fondly too, in fact I was remarking on it elsewhere just a bit earlier.  I never thought bringing back the NWO in the WWE then was a good idea, that was a horse that already got run into the ground back in WCW, it didn't help that Nash couldn't stay healthy, Hall couldn't stay sober, and in a WWE ring Hulk Hogan couldn't get booed if he beat orphans over the head with puppies. Concerning Fandango, you know as well as anyone that a bad gimmick can break even the most talented wrestler, and Fandango is a bad gimmick.  This isn't Dancing with the Stars, even if it were while Johnny Curtis may be a great wrestler but he can't do a decent tango to save his life, the endless promos and the false-debuts because nobody could say the stupid name right did nothing but annoy us, and now he's officially debuting at Wrestlemania.  A Wrestlemania match against someone like Chris Jericho is something that should be earned and Fandangler hasn't earned it.  My deepest condolences to Ric Flair and his family.  I'd heard that Reid had his problems, it's always a tragedy when those problems lead to the ultimate price.  I only hope that Reid is now at peace.