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Friday's blog consists of random thoughts and the answers to many of your questions sent to our Q&A here on the site and via Twitter @JRsBBQ.

WM29...MetLifeStadium..potentially a HUGE spectacular for WWE dumping tons of new money into New Jersey and making a massive, media splash in New York City.

Re: WM29 weather concerns because MetLife Stadium is an open air facility...hey, I live in Oklahoma where the weather is as unpredictable as...the weather. I'm not going to not worry about the weather for April 7, 2013 as I can't affect it one way or another and can only suggest to fans attending to have a jacket on stand by.

When will WM29 tickets go on sale? Usually in the fall but...I'm going out on a limb here...everyone who is interested will know. It won't be kept a secret, trust me. 

Will WrestleMania ever emanate from Japan? Officially, I don't know but I'd guess not too likely. I think WrestleMania will originate from major stadiums, probably in North America, for the foreseeable future. Remember, the key issue that must always be considered is that WrestleMania must air LIVE as it happens at 7 pm eastern time. Doing a tape delayed broadcast of a WWE PPV is a long shot that I'd suggest fans not bet on.

So, now the emails and Tweets start again from fans wanting WrestleMania or another WWE PPV to emanate from London's Wembley Stadium of which could happen I assume but for the reasons I touched on regarding starting time and airing LIVE in North America I'd say the odds are long that will occur. 

Again, only one man's opinion and certainly could be far from what informed WWE officials might say regarding this subject. 

WWE talent schedule? Usually it's four days on and three days off. Unless unforeseen travel issues occur, international tours are scheduled or talents are asked to utilize their off days to do media appearances, etc. With no off season, and because of television obligations the concept of an off season isn't likely to ever occur, the travel schedule is daunting but much better than today's talents predecessors had it. If one makes good decisions on the road, the travel schedule is doable.

When will Tough Enough winner Andy be on a WWE roster? Training for WWE is a major challenge and no one has a guarantee that they will ever be called up. It's all about making consistent progress in training and doing all one can to take the next step. Hopefully, Andy will earn the opportunity to move up but, at the end of the day, that's largely up to him.

Why doesn't WWE own all old, wrestling television libraries? Because many cost conscious, behind the times wrestling promoters actually taped over their master tapes in order to simply save a few bucks and to re-utilize the tape itself. Another illustration of wrestling promoter insanity that helped bring on the demise of many wrestling territories.

Best use of JR's products on fish? Examples would be to use our amazing, All Purpose Seasoning just as you might use more traditional seasonings, our Chipotle Ketchup makes a great base for cocktail sauce, and I've had good luck using JR's Main Event Mustard by simply drizzling it on baked or grilled fish especially on salmon before serving and at the end of the cooking process.

Worst thing about Twitter? I love Twitter and we are over 350,000 followers and growing daily. We hope to be at half a million followers soon on our way to one million! It does get old, however, when angry Tweeters or "hate" Tweeters hammer us because they have not gotten a response from us. For the record, some folks will likely never get a response simply because of volume and because they ask repetitive questions. Bottom line is that we have MANY more great followers than the minority of tools who reek of insecurity and entitlement. 

Will you be at Wrestlemania 28? Absolutely and I am looking forward to meeting the fans at WM28 AXXESS where we will be featuring JR's products. I hope to see you there and will keep you abreast of when I'm scheduled to appear. We are looking forward to traveling to Miami.  

Will Goldust wrestle his brother Cody Rhodes any time soon? Beats me but I'd say unlikely. Not saying that it wouldn't be an interesting bout but I don't see it occurring any time soon. 

Best JR's Product for a first time customer? I'd suggest JR's Original BBQ Sauce which is basically my late Mama's rendtion of what she made in her kitchen when I was a boy. It's sweet, smoky and uses no vinegar. It's also a very 'kid and grandma friendly' sauce. 

Favorite reality show? Swamp People with Storage Wars a close second. I'd love to have gotten a shot at the narrator gig for the Oklahoma produced Mudcats which airs on the History Channel and is taped in Oklahoma and is about hand fishing for large catfish. 

Did you see any prospects at the OU vs. Oklahoma State wrestling duel Thursday night? Absolutely. Certainly the OSU heavyweight who is from Russia is an interesting athlete but I know nothing about his personality or desire to explore sports entertainment. Physically he's in the hunt. 

Saturday morning at 10:30 central time, I will be making my weekly visit with @SeanCablinasian on You can listen online worldwide or on a local radio station of they are a Yahoo Sports Radio affiliate. Sean and I visit for about 30 minutes and cover several topics including WWE.

Predictions for Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV? I think that Cena beats Kane but past that I'm waffling especially on the two, Chamber bouts. I can say, with all certainty, that most talents do not enjoy the Elimination Chamber due to the nature of the beast and being surrounded by steel and other non caring, inanimate objects. Even the most skilled and seasoned talents find the Elimination Chamber tough to navigate. I do see the WWE stars being movitaved and looking to turn it up Sunday in hopes of building momentum for the drive home to WM28.   

Three man announce booths? As I've said before they're not my favorite thing to work within as it can easily be one voice too many. ESPN Monday Night Football apparently thought the same thing by making their's a two man team for this fall. Nonetheless, every broadcast booth, no matter the genre, must have announce talents in place that know their role, have the game's objectives in mind and do not have a personal agenda. Enhancing the basic 'game' that is 'played' and specifically making the participants bigger stars via the spoken word is the money. 

Any closer to getting JR's in retail stores? Honestly, no. It's a battle but we will continue to attempt to grow outside the Norman, Oklahoma Homeland stores.

Why does refuse to ship JR's products to some countries? That's not the case. We want to sell our family of products to as many folks as possible but there are local laws in certain countries that preclude us from doing business in those regions and especially as it relates to JR's Beef Jerky as the importing of meat products isn't universally acceptable according to some local authorities. 

Next Wednesday night I will join my friend and the voice of the Boston Celtics, @SeanGrandePBP, in OKC when the Celts play the @okcthunder in NBA action. I will likely do a quarter of color commentary for the game and will keep you informed as to how you can hear it on the Boston Celtics Radio Network. 

Art Donovan's commentary skills? I've always thought that Mr. Donovan's work helped quicken my return to WWE in 1994. I remember that Gorilla Monsoon and Randy Savage told me that working with Mr. Donovan was a nightmare. The former Baltimore Colt was a great personality but doing a broadcast in a genre one isn't versed in is challenging.  

Favorite Tag Team? A hard one to pin down, see what I did there, but I always start with the masked Assassins, Joe Hamilton and Tom Renesto, as they really had an impact on me as a fan when I was a kid. The Assassins, who took their name after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 as I have been told, were seamless in the ring and did amazing, impromptu promos without yelling from start to finish. 

Is JR's Cookbook easy to utilize for a novice cook? Without question and that was how it was intentionally written. It's a cookbook filled with our family's recipes that we have simplified. Plus, many fans don't realize that the book is packed full of wrestling stories, tales from the road, wrestling top ten lists along with BBQ and Grilling tips. I personally sign each book sold at

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the Elimination Chamber on PPV on Sunday. Boomer Sooner!



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Hello JR.Great Blog.I posted a question on here earlier this week.Not sure if you had read it.It was about Ole Anderson and the Horsemen.If you heard the question before and already commented on it.I sincerley appologize.Keep writing great blogs.You are one of the great announcers.Dave Basque.

 Project 2010 is versatile enough to help bring order to a novice project manager's

I also don't ever see Mania happening outside of North America as no way would a non live Mania be successful. As for the Chamber well i think Cena will beat Kane and the Chamber matches are between Punk and Jericho on the Raw brand and SD i'd say Daniel Bryan wins unless a surprise entrant like say Alberto Del Rio takes out Santino Marella and replaces him like Edge did in 2009 to Kofi Kingston.