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It's a rainy Friday here in Norman, Oklahoma and we appreciate you visiting our website. Please let your friends know of our blogs and of the site in general. If you've never taken the time to browse through our photo gallery you should. There are some classics there. Also, the ONLY retail outlets at this time for JR's products are the four, Norman Homeland Grocery Stores. There are new specials just made available this week on our page at

WWE invades Oklahoma next week with Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City and the Smackdown TV taping in Tulsa on Tuesday. I am unaware of any more Oklahoma dates in 2012 by WWE so I hope that fans from this area take advantage of two, fun nights just 100 miles a part. Tickets are still available starting at only $15. 

We're getting a fair amount of Twitter questions @JRsBBQ if I'm going to be on RAW from OKC. I do plan on making the short, 25 minute drive up to OKC to visit friends Monday but know of no plans at this time for me to appear on the TV show. BTW, the last time Raw was in OKC, the Raw GM abruptly fired me as I have been frequently reminded the past few days.  

I will be on Tulsa radio station 1430 The Buzz on The Big Show today in the 4 pm central time hour talking WWE, OU football and more. Follow them on Twitter @1430theBUZZ.

We confirmed today that WWE AXXESS will feature JR's Products at the WWE Merchandise area and I'm going to be at AXXESS promoting our brand but the exact days and times have yet to be finalized. Will keep you posted.  

One more time...we are happy to sign items for fans but ONLY if the items to be signed are included along with a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and sent to JR's Family BBQ, PO Box 721294, Norman, Oklahoma 73070. You must include the item to be signed and please include a SASE or it won't get done. 

Twitter followers have sent us some interesting reality show ideas @JRsBBQ and I hope they keep rolling in as there are some opportunities floating around that might prove worthy in time. 

If someone has a business opportunity regarding JR's products or want to inquire about personal appearances one should email us at info or drop us a line at the address we provided above for signed items. 

Loved the TV bouts Monday on Raw featuring Orton vs Ziggler and Punk vs Bryan. Both were right in the wheel house of any broadcaster and one that any commentator could easily emotionally invest. Four, very talented men bringing it on free TV. Impressive. 

For the record, informed fans who feel that Daniel Bryan is inadequate as World Champion in WWE have more than likely never had their ass whipped by a smaller guy. I can say this, on college campuses around the country and where amateur wrestling exists, the football players usually want nothing to do with the wrestlers especially the smaller wrestlers who carry enhanced chips on their shoulders.

Been asked dozens of times if I'm broadcasting at WrestleMania 28. The honest answer is that I don't know. I don't find it newsworthy that I 'want' to broadcast WrestleMania because anyone in WWE who does any job in connection with the event and who doesn't want to be a part of WrestleMania should be future endeavored. That would be the equivalent of a NFL player NOT wanting to play in the Super Bowl. WrestleMania remains very special to me and I will be in Miami for WrestleMania week and will enjoy every minute of the experience no matter what I do.   

I guarantee you that every WWE athlete wants to be on the WM28 card, too, and those that don't make the cut will carry a certain degree of emptiness around with them for a good while. I used to recruit kids who I thought wanted to not just make the card but, in my view, had a fighting chance to headline WrestleMania. My theory was to always set one's goals high and those that reach them can establish their legacies and financial futures, unless they're a irresponsible and/or self destructive, for years to come. To appear at multiple WrestleMania events is an amazing accomplishment in my view. I have great memories of every WrestleMania I ever worked and could likely devote a book simply on that topic.  

"Was Kharma pregnent when she competed at the Royal Rumble?" Had to guess this question came from a male youngster. Answer: NO...her son was born on New Year's Eve. I am anxiously awaiting Kharma's full time return which I assume will be in time to prep for a hopeful WM28. However, let's let the lady enjoy her baby and get 100% ready before everyone soils the sheets on why Kharma isn't back on TV full time just yet. 

"Will Hulk Hogan ever return to WWE?" Considering that I am NOT in any phase of this decision making loop, officially I don't know. However, would it shock the wrestling world if Hogan was associated with WWE within the next few years in some manner...BROTHER!?

"Did someone in WWE help UFC's Chael Sonnen learn to promo?" Not that I'm aware of but Chael seemingly channels former WWE stars in some of the Oregon native's promos. cHAEL is a helluva talker and would likely be a star in WWE if he ever enters that world. 

"Why did Undertaker look in the rafters Monday night searching for Sting?" WTH?! I thought Taker was looking at the WrestleMania banner hanging from the rafters and not searching for 'Sting' as some Twitter followers have suggested. Come on, man! Does any one else find it somewhat insane that some fans actually think that Sting will face Undertaker at WM28 when Sting, a future WWE HOFer IMO, is under contract to another company? What is it about contracts and obligations that some just don't get?

I've got Nick Diaz over Carlos Condit Saturday night on yet another UFC extravaganza....this one on PPV.  Diaz is a combustible fighter with amazing intensity, conditioning and overall skills but Condit should not be overlooked. Many MMA fans are already looking forward to Diaz vs. St. Pierre which really disses Condit. Condit is a tough fighter with great knee strikes however in a five round contest the edge in conditioning goes to Diaz. I think this fight will be emotionally charged and physical and will be a better presentation that was UFC's last effort on Fox.   

Going with the New York Giants and the points thanks to their defense, the team's overall momentum, and the hot hand of Eli Manning vs the New England Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl. If Tom Brady can stay vertical, then the Pats have a much better chance but with TE Rob Gronkowski not at 100%, the Giants and the points seem to be the better option. I have no dog in the fight so watching Sunday will be stress free unless the damned phone starts ringing. 

WWEShop has placed two really nice orders this month with us meaning that 'Business Has Picked Up!' at There are several new packages, many which are ideas from fans, that were just made available this week. For us, grilling season is the year round but truth be known our products are just as good on food cooked in one's kitchen like baked chicken, broiled seafood, in veggies, etc. 

If you're looking for a dry rub style, all purpose seasoning then please try ours. Customers asked for it for years and we finally created what we wanted and it's simply awesome. It makes any dish better. My wife seasoned the steaks I grilled last night with it AND the green beans and potato combo that we had and both were excellent.

Remember to tune in Saturday morning on or one of their many affiliates at 10:30 central time as I join the talented Sean Pendergast for our weekly 30 minute journey. We have a blast talking WWE as Sean is a great, long time WWE fan and we will likely delve into the Super Bowl, too. 

Hope that you will follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ as we are approaching 350,000 followers. I actually interact with many followers as best that I can.

Finally, I will be on the highly rated, TV show 'The Sports Blitz' Sunday night in OKC and Tulsa following their late, local news on their respective CBS affiliates. The web address to see the show is @deanblevins is the host.

Thanks for stopping by and come back and see us. 

Boomer Sooner!



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Spot on on most of this.... I think the disbelief in Daniel Bryan as Champion does not come because of a lack of physical talent. And I'm sure a professional such as yourself may hold opinions that you may not choose to voice. It comes down to persona or lack there of, and promotion and development or lack there of. Daniel Bryan is a tremendously talented athlete any one denying that is ignorant or simply not watching the product. Who is Daniel Bryan? Why do we care? What has he accomplished that sets him apart from the pack? What latter did he climb? where are his credentials? At one point I believe you held the opinion that there were too many titles in the WWE/WWF and it cheapened the meaning of what made a champion. You were accurate on that judgement if it was yours, but now it seems to have come full circle and talent is being rewarded and pushed via championships without having the development needed. As time moves forward Mr. Byan will appearantly have the opportinuty and the platform to prove his merit as a world champion, but you can hardly blame the WWE universe for their lack of enthusiasm in supporting someone who last week(seemingly) was a mid card rookie with a semi lame gimmick leaning on the bella twins for curb appeal. Randy Orton, and perhap CM Punk were some of the last yong talent that were appropriately developed, put through the paces, and earned their street credit, I hope that those who call the shots see the contrast, and we see a change in that direction.

I love Daniel Bryan's character.  I think he is genious when doing promos, and he is about as solid in the ring as you are going to find.  I hope he keeps the belt for a LONG time. 

The match between him and Punk on RAW was great.  I really hope we see them go at it again in the future.

I have to agree with dragonwagon.  If the price was right, you never know what can happen.  Maybe a one time deal?

JR get Tiquan Underwood signed with the WWE on the night before Super Bowl XLVI, Underwood was released by New England Patriots he was last week take a look.

Underwood is known for his distinctive hi-top fade hairstyle

I hop Tiquan get signed with WWE one day


Chris Grant


I just got done watching the New Stone Cold dvd and Stone Cold said that he would change the shanking of McMahon hand at the end of no Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. The Rock
WrestleMania 17 I wound not change any thing about how that went down it meant more because the shock of him even coming out to help Stone Cold was shocking enff to carry into the months to come out of it.I like his heel turn at WM17 with McMahon era but that IMO.

Dear J.R.,

I personally would hate to see Hogan or Flair back in the WWE. I hope they both enjoy their limelight in TNA while it last because they will only take away from the younger talent in WWE.

I love the possible idea of Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania but not WM28!! It's obvious the Undertaker will take on Triple H yet again for the third time. I don't, for one second, think they can't put on a brilliant match but there will definitely be a spark missing. I could be eating my words soon after WM28 though. It would be amazing if for WM30 the Undertaker and Sting finally have their controntation but with both wrestlers would be in 50s it seems like a stretch of the imagination.

How did you rate Royal Rumble? I personally felt somewhat let down but utterly surprised Sheamus won the Rumble match. I think it was a good angle for the WWE to go which would have shocked many. I think the WWE should focus on rejuvenating the Big Four PPVs - although I think WM is always an attraction. But the WWE should focus on magnifying Summerslam and Survivor Series both prominent and historic WWE events. I would always prefer to see the Deadman's final match finish where it all began - Survivor Series.

Hope you are well J.R. and have recovered well from the car accident. Cheers

Taker looking for Sting in the rafters? LOL. I think the seeds were planted for a Taker-HHH rematch at last years Mania. With HHH's career on the line, Michaels as special referee and Taker seeking Vengeance it should be interesting. RIP Triple H.

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