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 Flying now from Tampa to DFW and into OKC so here's a quick blog to snack on before...or after supper.

The atmosphere Thursday night at the last FCW TV taping was intimate and exciting from the sell out, turn away crowd. 

As much as the crowd delivered the kids delivered more. I'm amazed at the teamwork and team spirit these young talents possess. It's refreshing and motivating even for an old veteran like me.

Lots of kids stood out. Rollins, Steamboat, Cesaro, Ohno, Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, Brad Maddox, Ascension, Big E Langston, Jason Jordan, Paige, and several others who I'm sure that I'm inadvertently omitting while doing this on the fly from 35,000 feet. 

I like the team of  Jake Carter and Cory Graves. Their match w/ CJ Parker and Mike Dalton was really nice. 

Loved the @thedeanambrose vs @realkingregal bout that had a shockingly, real, physical conclusion.  That match was on hour three and will likely air in July but I'm not sure of any of the air dates. When FCW's TV show runs its course on the Brighthouse Network in Florida, FCW will be replaced by NXT. I'm unaware if the rebranded NXT will air on ( doubtful) but will air outside the USA where NXT is currently airing. 

I had a blast blast broadcasting  w/ WWE HOFer Dusty Rhodes as you will hear if you are able to assess the show which many watch on You Tube. 

With FCW in the rear view mirror we turn our attention to the next, NXT taping at Full Sail University in Orlando next Thursday June 14. 

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I imagine there were some "talents" a little worried watching the Ambrose/Regal match. It's this kind of entertaining great match first...pain second mentality that keeps the business alive. It looked real because it was real ! Only a handful of guys out there ready for the new "attitude". It's gonna hurt and were gonna love it ! Thank you Dean Ambrose.

Tune in this Sunday night as TNA welcomes back for one night only the one and only Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a must see Pay per view. Also remember there new time slot every Thursday night on Spike tv starting an hour earlier at 8pm. While the mindless sheep are chanting yes, yes, yes and woo, woo, woo, true fans of professional wrestling will be enthralled with the athletic talents of AJ STYLES, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, SAMOA JOE, and so many more. TNA WRESTLING: WATCH IT, BREATHE IT, CONSUME IT!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S The okc thunder will lose to the celtics in the nba finals 4 games to 3 when in game 7 Kevin Durant turns heel and refuses the ball and walks out of the arena!!!

So then what's to become of all the FCW titles?

JR, I read last night that the Universal Wrestling website will no longer be selling Mid-South/UWF footage because WWE has finally bought the library and will officially take ownership as of this Monday, June 11.  Do you know if this is true?  Thanks in advance for any info.

That ok you don't have to answer my questions

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